1. G

    Whats this??? CLK 430 w208 1999

    I have attached a picture of my engine... First of all the yellow circle... what goes here? Am i missing something? Seen other w208 430s with something there?? Second... red circle... What is it? The plastic housing is cracked and it moves about... Part numbers if possible... if not just...
  2. G

    W208 430 vs 320 throttle body and injectors

    Any idea if they are compatible??? Need a new s/h TB and hard to find a 430 one that isnt stupid price... but easy to find a 320 one around £30 Also are the injectors the same??? Im doubtful that they are the same... but you guys seem to know what i dont so thought i would ask! Suns...
  3. I

    430 Estate

    The only way I can possibly sell my W208 430 (which has sat on the drive for the last 6 months unused as im driving a V70 estate at the minute) is to get another Mercedes but it HAS to be another 430. Even better if someone is looking for a W208 430 and has a 430 estate they want to move on...
  4. G

    Clk 430 revving problems.

    Just cleaned up my air intake manifold, throttle body and replaced all my vac lines as was having a lumpy tick over/lack of acceleration. Now its the opposite. First it ran fine, took it for a quick slow drive down the road parked up turned off then back on and in park the revs were going up...
  5. G

    Clk 430 1999

    Hi guys I have a CLK 430 1999... It has a few problems... Lumpy idle when warm... car basically rocks? Lack of power between 2k and 4k revs feels like it's bogging... foot to the floor and no acceleration? Not really sure what's going on.. Anyone enlighten me in any way??? Thanks...
  6. R

    Need to sell my CLK 430, how much to ask?

    I have a good condition CLK 430 Avantgarde with around 83k miles (Sept 2000) It´s parked at my in-laws house (Berwick upon Tweed) as I´m in New Zealand and won´t be returning to the UK for a long time. I´ve had the car for nearly 3 years and its done around 8000 miles in that time...
  7. A

    Mercedes clk 430 Underbody

    Hello guys My Mercedes CLK430 has some rust underneath as the thick rubbery coating (maybe mastick) peeled off in some places causing moisture and salt to get in a start corroding the metal. as a preventative measure for the future i was thinking to remove that sticky rubbery factory...
  8. R


    Wanted CLK 430 Soft top. south of England but will travel for the right car. Below 100k loads of history.
  9. Lenny63

    CLK 430 Rear caliper

    Hi All Do these have sliding pins? I noticed today through the tiny hole between rear of disc and backing plate that my rear face of the disc on one side is corroded and clearly the car is not breaking properly on this side. Could it be a seized caliper? is this common and can they been...
  10. D

    Clk 430 command TV not working

    My 2001 208 clk430 has command and lingtronic but the TV inst working. It says NO TV. Any views on why this is the case or what I need to do to resolve? Scott
  11. I

    W208 430 throttle response

    Thought this might be the best place to ask (in as much as I believe it to be working as designed). I know the throttle on the 208 CLKs go from mechanical to electrical, but as much as I love the car the 'pedal in a pillow' effect somewhat dulls the experience, most notably whilst moving away...
  12. D

    Mercedes 430 or 55 Clk

    As my 300ce has gone back into storage for another couple of years and as the bettle is unlikely to get finished anytime soon, I fancy another wee toy to muck about with. So, I'm interested in a cheap clk. Needs to be big engined, ideally silver upto £1000. I'm not fussed if it's tatty, it...
  13. B

    First time Mercedes owner (w208 clk 430)

    Hello folks, 1st time Benz owner here, I've always loved the look of the w208 clk since I was a teen and decided to get a well looked after 430 elegance (with the staggered amg mono blocks, gotta keep it a little street!) I would love to tart her up a little, any suggestions of good...
  14. Charles Morgan

    W208 430 CLK hood issue

    My neighbour's son in law, Lawrence, has a 430 CLK. After lending it to a friend the hood is now stuck closed and he asked me if I knew how to get it working again. Obviously I don't but any inspiration or clues to help- it's a 51 reg so I would have thought prime age for lots of things to...
  15. Lenny63

    CLK 430 v C43 acceleration

    Evening all The beast AKA C43 is now out for the summer I notice a huge difference in acceleration between it shd the CLK430 I know the CLK is fly be wire , and the 43' good old fashioned cable , but should there be such a noticeable edge in pick up? The 43 just seems to want to go...
  16. Lenny63

    CLK 430 Front lower arms

    Are these different to the rest of the range and the clk 55 ? SKS can't match them and the listings that GSF & Euro have are the same part number which seems to fit everything but the CLK 430? Can anyone check the MB parts system for me ?
  17. LudoCLS

    W208 430 convertible on ebay, anybody knows this particular car?

  18. Lenny63

    CLK 430 Coupe

    What have we got ? No cabs please As high spec as possible Regards Lenny
  19. M

    CLK 430 AC fan issue

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help with a slight issue im having, recently the AC fans located between the bumper and radiator starts running once engine has started. I have also found a fault code show as E61 - 422, if anyone could help me out with some information would be...
  20. D

    1999 CLK 430 conv indicator problem

    my indicators have started to stop working until I trickle charge the battery , this solves the problem for a day or two. No other poor battery performance issues ... Starts ok and everything else works... Battery only 18 months old - are the two connected? (Battery & indicator failure..)
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