1. azaman

    BMW 530d GT - 2010

    My own car for sale if anyone is interested. 2010 SE, 54K miles, FSH, Good spec car, £14k ONO BMW 5 SERIES GRAN TURISMO 3.0 530d SE 5dr
  2. Ash Bhp

    BMW F10 2014 530D Custom Remap= 313hp

    One we did yesterday. After custom Remap she made 313hp 530lbs (Factory 258hp)
  3. G

    E350 Estate vs BMW 530d SETouring

    Good Morning all Newbie here looking at a car change! I currently own an E61 530D SE and it has for me, been the very best car I have ever owned. She is at 54k Miles now but I have been looking at a change to an E-Class Estate 2010-2012 model. Reason to look past my current charge, is that...
  4. T

    E350 CDI 125 Ed Sport or 530d M Sport

    Hi all , I'm torn between the 2. Both are 2012 cars but I'm not sure what to go for. Has anybody had both the E350 & 530d ? The E350 has the 19" alloys & looks very nice, both are main dealer cars.
  5. flango

    BMW F11 530d M Sport review

    Well i've been in Germany a few days and had the above as a rental car. Well I never thought I would say this about a BMW but I was glad to give it back. Firstly the I6 3 litre engine is still as good as ever and the ZF 8 speed auto box with steering wheel paddles is good but its still an...
  6. D

    older MB E320 or BMW 530D

    Rover bargain is pissing me off and is getting sold for as little loss as I can make. Useless piss of metal that should never have been built. More thinked, it's never run right (does not start at all now), and even if I get it sorted I don't think I'll ever trust it. On that basis it has...
  7. big_amg

    2002 E39 530d Sport Auto

    I need to sell my lovely 5 series to help find an extortionate holiday for my family! Here goes... Grey with black sports leather Tiptronic auto box 140k miles with lots of history MOT till March and Tax till October Parking distance control (PDC) Cruise control Auto wipers and...
  8. Alscoob

    BMW 530d

    On behalf of a very good friend. He is selling his 2001 reg 530 diesel BMW high milage circa 210,000 miles but good car. Taxed & MOT, Very high spec with all electrics & leather & many new parts. If anyone is interested PM me for further details & contact. Price circa £1900. Car is located...
  9. azaman

    530d gone, time to come home perhaps...

    So my car was stolen little over a week ago, it was BMW E60 530d MSport. Loved the car mostly for its engine and grunt and it has been a horrible experience losing it like this. Now I need to replace it I am either thinking of buying another 530d or maybe a C350 CDI, around 2008 age/price. Is...
  10. T

    BMW Engine oil change (E60 530D), quick question.

    Sorry it's not a Merc, but i know there is a lot of clever knowledge on here... Can anyone tell me which of these had the oil filter behind / under it? Am guessing it is the GREEN arrow. Car is a 2003 530D, E60 generation. Thanks in advance.
  11. S

    High Spec 2005 E61 530d Sport Tourer AC Schnitzer + more

    2005 E61 BMW 530d M Sport Tourer Titanium Silver with Black Leather 83,350 miles. Full BMW Main Dealer Service History Taxed until 30/09/2011 MOT until October 2011. Last serviced at Cooper Croydon in December 2010 - next one due in 7000 miles. This high spec...
  12. dougal74

    BMW E60 530d SE Auto 54 plate 81k

    Due to the imminent arrival of the Alpina D10 Biturbo If anyone is tempted by the dark side please see my eBay ad and save me from the what would you take for cash mob!: - 530d SE
  13. A

    C220/C270 v BMW 530D

    Hi... wonder if I can ask for some advice and a little tec from some of you please... Im looking to buy a C220 or C270 (2000/07 shape) auto diesel. From my budget of £4k/5k I should "just" about be able to find one. I have never owned a MB before and have always had older shape 5Series BMW's...
  14. kkrazykool

    Thoughts and questions on new c250 vs 530d

    I am a newbie to the site so don't be too harsh if I've raised this on the wrong forum category but... I finally got my new w204 delivered last Friday :) and although I had a C class about 7 years ago have forgotten what MB is all about. Having been driving a 530d for the past 4 years I've had...
  15. KillerHERTZ

    BMW E60 530d - Large clouds of black smoke when flooring it

    My brothers 2005 E60 530d has started producing large clouds of black smoke when its floored, the oil level is fine and it was serviced about 6months ago. The smoke only lasts a second or so and I know all diesels produce some black smoke, but this looks like a Victorian steamroller. I...
  16. Donza

    E39 BMW 530D M-Sport

    The old man is after a BMW Diesel. He has a budget of around 10-12k. I have looked into these models and they look very tempting. Fully loaded, prisitine examples with only 60-80k on the clock. Thats barely run-in.. I'll be honest and maybe Contreversial (When am i never). But i prefer the...
  17. Doodle

    530d Aegean Spec

    Here's a couple of pics of the 530d, looking not so clean! Just enough time to put it in for a remap and fit some black grilles before the trip to Italy at the end of the month. Unfortunately the CS alcantara wheel will have to wait until after - the SMG conversion on the donor car has...
  18. A

    Test Drive 530d vs 320CDI

    Test drove the 530dSE today new shape 218BHP ..500Nm torque 0-60 7.1s. It was an automatic 6 speed w/o sports susp. The car felt very stable at speed. The route include 5 miles of motorway and basically straight roads and some corners. I had already tested 520i on bends and...
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