1. addbuyer

    Adaptive Highbeam Assist Left or right?

    Guys please help as the Merc manual is cr@p When driving abroad (on the right hand side of the road) what should the adaptive high beam assist be set on? The manual tells you how to locate and adjust the setting but what is traffic on the right or left? Is it the side your driving on i.e...
  2. G

    Retrofittable Adaptive Brake Light System

    After many months of development, tests, prototypes, trials, etc, I have now completed the task, and am ready to offer to fellow car enthusiasts, an intelligent adaptive brake light system, with essentially the same functionality, as the high-end Mercedes built-in one, but at a fraction of the...
  3. S

    W166 Adaptive Mainbeam Assist

    I have just bought a 2015 ML 250 that has the Intelligent Bi Xenon headlight system but the Adaptive Mainbeam Assist (Option 608) is not selectable. Is it possible to enable this at all? Thanks Shaun
  4. mcshape

    Adaptive Main Beam assist INOPERATIVE! 3 weeks left on warranty!

    Hey everyone!, This is my first post, delighted to be here. Have trwled the threads the last 2 weeks about this error but said i would ask the question see if anyone could advise. I have a 2010 W212 E200 CDI Avantgarde with the Active BiXenon lights. About a month ago the drivers side xenon went...
  5. X

    CLS ACC Adaptive cruise

    Hi, Still looking to buy one, missed out on a nice one at the auction with Drivers Assistant Pack because I was unsure what is what with ACC. question, What is the difference between, Driver Assistant package Collision Prevention Assist Plus, Distronic and plus I assume if I see the...
  6. M

    Led high performance or adaptive?

    Hi there, this is my first post, so my apologies in advance for any rookie queries, posting etc. I'm placing an order for a new GLC AMG line, and am wondering if I should remain with the led high performance lights or upgrade to the adaptive lights. Does anyone know if the led high performance...
  7. dad4geer

    Intelligent Light System

    Yes I am sure this must have been asked many times but I'd appreciate if someone (in simple words) can explain the settings for UK... I have tried to read the manual but it's not clear. Just tonight I went for a quick drive on a quite dark B road (one-way) and I noticed the road got well lit...
  8. C

    C63 Adaptive Headlight question.....

    On my 2010 pre f/l C63 I have the adaptive lights option, when the main lights are on and I turn the steering wheel, the foglight comes on to give me additional lighting on said side. It is great when pulling into my drive at night as it is dark, however, if I am going around a normal corner...
  9. D

    Adaptive Brake Lights

    So, travelling down the M6 towards Manchester last week behind a E63 65plate estate. All of a sudden everyone's brake lights lit up and all cars grind to a holt. The reason was shear volume of traffic and thankfully not an accident. Honestly I'd never had to slam on as hard for many years...
  10. S

    W212 with Adaptive Highbeam Assist

    Hi, my 2010 E320 CDI appers to have the dipped beam set too high. Why do I believe his? The response of say 5% of drivers who flash me when approaching plus my own observations. To my mind the dipped beam appears to be set midway between dipped and what I would consider to be a main beam...
  11. Crustyoldbloke

    W211 E220 CDi 2008 Adaptive Braking

    Hi I wonder if anyone can tell me if my car has adaptive braking? The manual mentions it and from what I've seen on YouTube, it's a very neat idea. I have only "hit the brakes" twice since owning the car and although it stopped very quickly, I wonder if that was me pressing the brake pedal or...
  12. P

    B class adaptive lighting

    When turning left or right I get a display on the dashboard saying left turn light malfunction and when i turn the wheel to the right it says right turn light malfunction. No bulbs are out from what I can see. Any ideas what this could be please?
  13. reflexboy

    Adaptive Main Beam Assist

    Since I bought my car in January, the Adaptive Main Beam Assist doesn't work. It brings up a message in the cluster saying "Adaptive main beam assist currently unavailable. See owner's manual". The screen is spotless and the dipped beams are set to left hand traffic, so it's not that. It went...
  14. alistairgd

    Did I break adaptive suspension?

    I was going a little too fast over a dip in the road in my w204 c class and all four wheels might have left the road and the car came down quite hard :doh: Now I might be totally imagining it, but since then it's like the adaptive suspension is constantly on "hard" ie it corners like it is on...
  15. tromppost

    Adaptive headlights - Fog lights CLS W219

    Dumb question, are the adaptive headlights on a cls w219 the fog lights ? I only ask as I have noticed that mine come on every now and then, and often only one side.
  16. KNU7S

    Getting my KNU7S back on the raod R129 ADS Adaptive Damping System problem?

    We have not used the SL for 5 years it has been mainly stored in a dry garage until 12 months ago when it was moved to our new house where we don't have a garage. I always start it every few months and get it nice and warm and move it about a bit. I have decided to start using it again for...
  17. The _Don

    AMG SLS Gets Adaptive Damping

    RE: AMG SLS Gets Adaptive Damping
  18. K

    Help! C63 AMG Adaptive backrest not working!

    Hi all - Can someone with a 2008 C63 confirm that the car was fitted with the adaptive backrest i.e. buttons to adjust the side bolsters, upper back and lumbar support? I bought my car in Oct last yr, had work done under warranty due to warning lights coming on for issues with the ESP (a...
  19. A

    Spider Adaptive Tuning box for CLS 320CDi engines

    For sale is my Spider Adaptive tuning box for a 320CDi engines. I bought this for my CLS 320, but never got round to fitting it, and probably wont considering I drive it so little. Its brand new, although probably over a year old. Spider tuning also do a scheme where you can return it...
  20. A

    W208 Clk 320 - Adaptive Throttle Reset

    Hi, Can someone please explain to me how the 'Adaptive Throttle Reset' works? I understand that after the reset the car learns your driving style but for how long does it learn before it settles on your style of driving? Or is it a continous procedure that the car is always learning? I've...
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