1. D

    Work to be done on frontend S204. Pull airbag fuses?

    Hello everyone, this a 'better safe than sorry' question. The frontend of my S204 is damaged and I'm starting the repair which may include some hammering on the front inner bumperbeam. Knowing the two airbag sensors fitted there, is it sufficient to just undo them or is it wise to pull the...
  2. M.A.94

    W211 SRS airbag fault HELP !!

    Where do i start with the error codes: 9032- front impact sensor driver side 9183- belt tensioner driver side I was told by previous owner that the airbag light was intermittent for a while but has been on continuous for the last month. The car did have light bump on the driver front...
  3. D

    Deactivate passenger airbag Mercedes C class 2014

    Hello. I've just brought a car seat which can use isofix and seat belt. At times I will need to use the car seat in the front. Does anyone know how to deactivate the passenger airbag? I'm sure my old cars had a key operated switch in the dash to flick it on and off. But can't find...
  4. H

    Steering wheel - 190, W124 - non airbag

    I'm after an OE steering wheel for a 190E/124/etc era Merc which is a bit smaller than the original - so from a Cosworth or Sportline. Condition isn't crucial as I don't mind colouring or trimming. If anyone spots one please let me know. Cheers!
  5. G

    W169 Steering Wheel Airbag & Miltifunction Controls

    I have a couple of question, I can't find an answer to: 1. Is the the airbag key for W169 a T30? Part A1265890010 I'm too tight to pay over £15 to MB to get a torx screw bit :crazy: Also, it looks about 80mm in length? Will 100mm one be OK, or is it too long - I have no aft/fore...
  6. C

    Airbag reset

    Anyone in halifax that can reset my airbag light. Lent out my carsoft and its in bolton. Had door panel off on my ml and stupidly turned on ignition. Need it resetting but not getting my carsoft back till next weekend.
  7. R

    W212 w207 w204 c207 steering wheel and airbag flat bottom sport

    Mercedes steering wheel and airbag with paddle shift was removed from my W212 E350 2010 it's the sport version with a flat bottom. In full working order the part numbers are in the pictures.
  8. R

    How to remove electrical contact from steering wheel w124 Whitney airbag ?

    Can anybody help me whit one advise how to remove the electrical contact from the back of steering wheel on Mercedes w124 whit airbag please ? I attached pictures to be more specific! Ps I want transfer from one to the other.
  9. A

    Help. Passenger airbag light on constantly

    Hi Please can anyone help me with this issue I am having with my Mercedes C204 on 62 plate (2012). Around a month ago I noticed the passenger airbag light on in the middle console just under the radio. I done some reading and from what I gather this should only come on for a few seconds then go...
  10. S

    W203 MOT failure - multiple restraint system and airbag DTCs

    Hello - I'm new to the forum and trying to figure out whether it is worth saving my trusty and much loved 2003 Kompressor Long story short I parked near the river near Richmond and came back to find water in my car. I limped home, let the car dry out, replaced a couple of fuses and...
  11. O

    W204 Airbag Malfunction?? Warning light

    A month a go or so it only appeared once , now it comes up and goes of randomly a few times a day. What's the problem people? Any ideas? Bad sensor? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. PaulPJ

    Passenger Airbag Warning

    Hi Chaps, the passenger airbag warning to say it is off is displayed even when my wife is in the car, is there a switch that switches this on or do I have a fault? Many thanks Paul
  13. R

    W209 airbag query

    Hi folks. I purchased a w209 c220cdi which has had an offside impact causing the drivers door and o/s curtain to deploy. Also activated was the n/s rear pax seat belt tensioner. I've replaced the drivers door which had sustained the brunt of the impact, also replaced the curtain airbag, door...
  14. A

    Mercedes W204 Showing Fault Codes B275113,B005213

    fault code on reader B275113 The Squib for the side bag "front passenger" has a malfunction.there is an open circuit Fault code B005213 The belt buckle front passenger has malfunction There is an open circuit Just a bit of background i changed the seats in my w204 ( 2008 c220 cdi) the new...
  15. A

    w204 airbag light on after chaning seats

    hi every1 I was wondering if any1 out there can help me I have a 2008 w204 c220 cdi sport saloon it had the half leather seats in it, I had the usual problem with the seat splitting on the drivers side I brought a full leather seat set out of a 2012(w204) of eBay, after fitting the seats and...
  16. J

    w203 steering wheel airbag - ECU / airbag crash sensor

    Hi All, I hope someone can help. Had a car involved in an accident and unfortunately the driver's airbag deployed. Purchased a new steering wheel airbag and fitted, however, it doesn't seems to work at all (buttons not responding, not even the horn working). The dashboard comes up...
  17. R

    W204 retrofitted interior airbag woes

    Well,most people wouldn't attempt this but I'm a pig headed bugger so I attempted to fit the 2013 black artico/alcantara red stitched interior from a saloon into a 2010 estate!! Obviously the fronts were a doddle but converting a saloon split fold into an estate rear fold was an absolute swine...

    Airbag Recall's

    For any of you chaps that hav'nt seen this info yet this could be interesting. Massive Takata Airbag Recall: Everything You Need to Know ? News ? Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog Alfie
  19. yuriboy

    airbag ecu part number

    hi all . is any one able to get me the part number for the airbag ecu for my car vin number WDB2110262A773472 as i cant get access to my car untill the week end thanks in advance
  20. M

    Genuine Mercedes W204 Steering wheel + Airbag

    Mercedes Benz W204 A B C 2011- Multi Function Leather Steering Wheel + Airbag | eBay
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