1. c_200k

    Does anyone else feel their car comes alive in damp/wet conditions

    I don't know how to describe it but I feel like the car comes alive when it's damp/wet. It's much more enjoyable to drive.:devil:
  2. T

    She is alive

    I have just came back from northants and I have just fitted the new ECU,EIS switch,and the steering lock and my wee CLK is now up and running. I have thank everyone for there help and advice It was really helpfull and I appeciate it, thankyou
  3. Palfrem

    Double standards alive and well

    Yes, I know it's the Daily Mail but bear with me.... Disgraced, millionaire criminal, Mr Huhne buys an iPad on expenses and it's not worth taking him to court to get it back after quitting as an Mp Fury at Huhne who bought £600 iPad on expenses before quitting as MP with Clegg demanding...
  4. Godot

    In the Depot.... Elvis is alive and well in Wales

  5. D

    It's alive!!!

    For a short while anyway... Got the C36 back up and running this afternoon and took it for a little run. :D The result? When the Vanos kicks in, it flies!!!! :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: Pulled up to check that everything was ok, turned the engine off. Popped the bonnet and everything...
  6. davethemus

    Alive and well in the Police Force

    Disgusting but not very surprising if I'm honest. BBC News - Man demands justice after 'racial abuse' from police Also highlights how crocked the IPCS in my opinion. I heard somewhere that in total there has been over 3000 deaths in police custody with not one prosecution.
  7. ringway

    Stayin' Alive!

    Copied from an article on Yahoo! Members of the public are being urged not to give the kiss of life during CPR but to concentrate instead on chest compressions. People should skip giving breath and pump the chest instead to the tune of the Bee Gees hit Stayin' Alive, according to the...
  8. markjay

    ELIZA is alive and well

    Try this: Great fun! ;)
  9. Godot

    Etna showing that it is still alive 12 01.2011

  10. bigyank

    New arrival - wife not happy, but I am alive to tell the tale..

    Ok folks - for those of you who have been following my previous threads: the deed has been done and I am the proud/ecstatic/penniless/bruised/frightened owner of my very own...
  11. glojo

    Lucky to be alive?

    I hope this link works, otherwise the title is meaningless. Regards John
  12. blassberg

    Lucky to be alive! (not really but...)

    This morning I travelled 24 miles from my house. After 10 of them I counted 9 speed cameras and 2 traffic light cameras and two pairs of cables across the road. That's 9 cameras alone in my direction in 14 miles. I can only assume that I drove on the most frigg*ng dangerous road in the world...
  13. C

    Ml55 Is Alive

    Apparently only in the US, europe will see no more until new model is released, maff, what did you want to compare with ED,s new motor, I drove both. so could probably answer.
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