1. thebig1

    C63 Definitive Oil Answers?

    Hi Guys, Depending which forum, who you speak to, the answer seems to differ. I have a C63, late 2013. I would like to do an oil and filter change, just becuse I like too even though its also serviced by MB. What oil and quantity do I use. I have seen so many different types, ratings etc, the...
  2. c180081c

    w203 c180 bouncing lock - Some Answers please

    Hi Guys, My passenger door lock is bouncing. I have read all threads on this and some info is very contradictory. I now have the correct spring for the internal repair and im happy with this part. Removing the lock however is confusing. -Am I correct in saying that there is an...
  3. mykaitch

    iPods, the REAL answers

    I'll try to keep this short (it isn't). Bought new C180 in April, said it must work an ipod with all functions. It didn't.:( Told I needed a media interface. Okay I said.:o Ah, you need a 6CD changer Audio 20 for that because the media inteface does not work with the standard Audio 20.:fail Ok I...
  4. markjay

    How much do councils pay their staff? And some amusing answers...

    Councils admit: 'we can't reveal our top earners, it's too costly' - Telegraph
  5. Spinal

    Priceless Interview Answers

    So, following on from another topic... There are some standard interview questions... so standard, it's a surprise that they still use them (to me at least). Examples are "Can you please walk us through an example of a time you faced a challenge?" or "made a mistake?" or "showed innovation?"...
  6. npuk

    Brilliant exam answers
  7. A

    2010 National GTG questions and answers thread

    We'll do our best to answer any questions and update you as we get more details. Let's make this a great event
  8. D

    MP wants answers over 'sinking' A14

    This is what happened several tons of trucks used it everyday.
  9. masqueraid

    More Exam Answers!

    Was emailed a whole collection of these today, nearly sprayed the computer monitor with coffee while laughing :p . Hope they brighten your Friday too. Hope most of them got awarded points for entertainment value :) 1) Describe the graph 2) Expand your answer 3) Why won't this work? 4)...
  10. O

    Synthetic oils are better but why? Some answers

    I thought this would be of interest as It's probably the question I get asked the most. Shame the answer isn't simple though! The basic benefits are as follows: Extended oil drain periods Better wear protection and therefore extended engine life Most synthetics give better MPG They...
  11. C

    Do these wheels/tyres fit?? Read this first! Offset/fitment answers within..

    The link below is to a pdf chart of all the wheel and tyre combinations as fitted by Mercedes, AMG, Brabus and Carlsson. If you are wondering if a particular tyre size is suitable, or if a certain rim size/offset will fit, then...
  12. Jukie

    Quiz answers

    It's hard to believe people like this exist. Some of them are determined not to be helped. They must have been born & raised in a deep mineshaft and only brought out for these shows! _____________________________________________________________________ UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE Bamber...
  13. mmerc

    need answers please,please.

    i am waiting for some answers to my alloy and tyre package where best to go and what size of alloy and tyres to get for my c200 saloon 1999 on a v plate ,thanks
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