1. smoothcoupe

    W124 ignition barrel

    my 1995 facelift 124 lock has seized. Icant get it in position 1 however the lock spins and the holes line up for the homemade tool to be inserted, there is a metal black shroud covering the barrel and seems to be stopping it coming out. I do have a new barrel which works with my key. If need be...
  2. smoothcoupe

    mercedes w124 ignition barrel

    my 1995 w124 ignition barrel has just seemed to have seized up. the front part just keeps spinning,the steering lock is on and i cant move the car any iseas please.
  3. R

    Ignition barrel failure

    No doubt this has been said before, but if your ignition barrel starts behaving poorly, get it changed immediately. In my W126 I have hesitated and fiddled the key for no more than a very few start-up sessions, but the barrel has now well and truly failed, and the car is stuck outside the garage...
  4. L

    Early 202 Ignition Barrel Change?

    Hi can anyone describe how to change the ignition lock barrel on a early pre electronic C class? Thanks:crazy:
  5. dowtherz

    Oil now lower than $100 a barrel

    That's at least a 30% drop since July. Without wanting to sound like a Daily Express headline, when are we going to see the benefit of this at the pumps? At its peak, a garage near me was selling Diesel at £1.34 per litre, and is now selling it for £1.27 per litre (very different from a 30%...
  6. N

    Help! W201 Ignition barrel won't turn!

    The curse of the key / ignition barrel has struck me today. When I went to turn the car on, after just turning it off 5 minutes before, the key would not turn the barrel at all and the steering lock is on. The key comes out of the ignition & is working all the door locks as before. I tried...
  7. M

    E320CDI Estate 'ignition barrel !!'

    I have a 2001 E320 CDi Estate,in which I have done a lot of miles.Today the car would not start,and I had to call out Green Flag.The ignition key(with brand new batteries installed) failed to release any of the electrics,or operate-for example-the doors.Key IR light operates normally. The...
  8. T

    Wobbly DAS thing - also known as ignition barrel

    Apologies for the cryptic title. My facelift 202 has the infra-red key which plugs into the 'ignition' barrel/switch. However the chrome trim around the key switch fell off the other day. As a result the barrel assembly flopped about under the dash. I managed to get it back together after partly...
  9. B

    W202 Ignition Barrel Removal

    Hi, I need to remove the ignition barrel from my dad's C Class - key does not always work - lots of wiggling. He has purchased a replacement barrel, and the guy in the dealer talked about using a rod in the one or two holes. (I have found many useful hint for other models but not the 202)...
  10. S

    New 300 TE owner ignition key stuck in barrel

    Hi first post as just bought 300TE. Problem: ignition key stuck in lock, turns ok starts and stops car ok, just will not come out. Did a search of this forum and found lots of info on how to remove lock, following instructions was able to remove lock key turned ok and came out of lock when not...
  11. jpskiller

    W124 300e Ignition Barrel

    Hi, I need either a Ignition Barrel with Master key, or The complete lock set with key , if anyone is breaking an old W124, cheers
  12. timmy

    Ignition barrel replacement.

    My ignition barrel recently siezed and had to be smashed by the AA to get my car towed home. Long story really. How much of a job is it to have it all replaced, and most of all, how much?:mad:
  13. C

    w124 ignition barrel

    just gone to put my key in and had a right struggle to get it in and turn it on!how hard is it to take barrel out and is it possible to repair or do i need another one,please take it slow/easy on the technical advice(slow,not dumb) cheers mick
  14. A

    Ignition barrel playing up...

    Hi, my 1997 E320 has recently developed a (seemingly) minor problem in that it doesn't start first time sometimes. The key turns in the barrel but there is no ignition or a slight 'connection' - sounds like the starter turns for about 1/4 of a turn. Pulling the key fob out then re-inserting...
  15. Sp!ke

    ***Urgent Ignition Barrel help required***

    Damn and blast it! With absolutely no warning my ignition barell has given up the ghost. I've sat for two hours wiggling the damn key in the thing to get it to position 1 hoping I can then extract it using the famous tool but no joy whatsoever. I'm getting worried now, the car is parked...
  16. D

    W123 Ignition Barrel Removal

    Hi, My W123 230TE has had the door locks tampered with and it looks like someone has rammed a screwdriver in them. I have a W123 250T which I am dismateling for spares and have changed all the good locks, apart from the ignition lock, over. Is there anyone who can tell me how to remove the...
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