1. A

    Brabus D6 CDi box on flea bay No mine or anything to do with me, but could be good buy?
  2. A

    SL65 on fle bay

    Have to say one of these turned up in out office car park and honestly thought it was a badge stuck on. I had to look it up...SL500, SL55, SL600 then the SL65 Begs the question why? my dads SL500 pretty sorted. Strange colour choice also...
  3. A

    Help send the Spice Girls to Guantanamo Bay

    Picked this up from another forum and it was too good not to share Let's Send the Spice Girls To Guantanamo Bay! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Spice Girls are running a competition to choose a city where they will play a special...
  4. V

    Smoke from engine bay

    I have a Mercedes C200, Petrol, Auto , R -Reg I I made the grave mistake of forgetting to put back the oil filler cap after adding some oil. After driving around 8-9 miles I noticed white smoke from the engine bay. I opened it up to find the filler cap sitting on top of the block. There was...
  5. S

    Best all purpose wipes for engine bay

    Hey, Sorry about posting after my "armour all question" Rather than using spray and hosing down my engine. Im looking for safe and reliable wipes for my engine. It will take longer, but its worth the time. Please give me some advice, havent cleaned the engine bay for a long long long time, and...
  6. Darrell

    ce on e bay

    Nice ce on e-bay up to 1420 notes.Silver with leather. Has got 4 hours to go.What do the people think?
  7. G-A-R-Y

    Before and after cleaning the engine bay.

    I used traffic film remover and a carefull pressure wash. quick spray with WD40 and silicone, I'm pleased with the results. Before After
  8. R

    pulsing sound from cylindrical unit in engine bay

    Hi all Does anyone have a pulsing throbbing sound that starts and stops now and again from a white cylindrical object near the ABS unit of my w202 sport c180 1997spec it starts about 5 mins after i start up and then goes away then restarts, i took it to MB north west and they said every model...
  9. Benzowner

    Rusty bits in the engine bay

    Driving up the M5 on Sunday, low coolant warning light came on. Checked the temperature gauge, no significant movement, so carried on. A few more miles, and I notice "smoke" coming from the back of the car, pulled off at the next junction, opened the bonet lots of steam, though the car gad not...
  10. benny

    I am Chroming my engine bay

    I dont know any of your thoughts on engine Chroming but ive started to do mine, not very good pic's but will get some more soon as ive cleaned the ass out of it. The bits so far...
  11. kjgood

    Not On E Bay

    but saw this Evo 1 on ad trader nice!
  12. PeterG

    E bay song

    Found this item quite funny if you turn your speakers on p:D
  13. Benzowner

    Not on E Bay, but what a lovely motor
  14. shazAMG

    Nice w211 on bay!
  15. MercedesBent

    How to clean engine bay?

    Haven't got a jey washer or steam cleaner! What's the best way to give the engine bay a spring clean?
  16. V

    Silver engine bay firewall, sound deadening stuff

    I'm doing up an old Merc at the moment and as I have the engine out, I was wondering where I can get that aluminium sound deadening material that sticks to the back of the engine bay from?....the existing stuff is pretty shabby and could do with being replaced Any idea who stocks this sort of...
  17. J

    Can't get into the engine bay - handle snapped!

    Can anyone give me any advice on a way into the bonnet of a 1998 E320. I've just pulled the orange handle and the ball on the end of the steel wire has snapped the plastic retainer behind the handle. I've tried pulling the wire with pliers but all that seems to do is pull the trim down with it...
  18. R

    e bay pictures

    Is any one having trouble up loading pictures on ebay ???
  19. R

    Any tips on cleaning the engine bay

    Anyone got any tips of what they use to clean inside the engine. I have a cover thingy thats ort of plastic, what is safe to use on that? I heard that jetspraying the engine can lead to all kinds of bother? Thanks for the advise. Cheers Ian
  20. PeterG

    E bay alloys

    Have a look at these alloys
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