1. Omega

    Washing oil off engine bay ?

    Hi all, Somehow, the oil filler cap came of my engine last week. Oil spilt all over the engine bay, including all over the front end, inc belts/pulley’s/frame etc. The first I knew was a warning came up on the computer read-out, saying: “check oil level at next service”. I stopped to check the...
  2. Mobb

    Engine bay pressure washing / steaming and foaming question

    Right.. I have never done this to any of my cars.. I have always had very mixed views onit.. Its literally a 50/50. Some people tell me its fine if the alternator and other such parts are covered with a plastic bag.. Some tell me its a complete no no.. Some tell me to do it with the...
  3. SilverSaloon

    whats this thing in engine bay that leaks engine oil?

    hi sorry this in on my newly-bought Mitsubishi Pajero, not my Merc, but i hope someone here will know what it is as you are a helpful bunch :thumb: on my 1995 2.8TD diesel Pajero I have what looks like some sort of valve or something leaking oil whilst the engine runs. it appears to then...
  4. M

    cleaned my clk 430 engine bay

    Hi, Just some pictures of my engine bay after spending a few hours cleaning all the black soot of it.. I finally managed to pinpoint an oil leak on my trouble free clk. Looks like the breather cover values need fixing. CLK 430 Engine - a set on Flickr Regards, Imran
  5. R

    pic request - w203 CDi engine bay

    hi looking for a few pics of a W203 engine bay (facelift C200 or C220 CDi) especially around the front (radiators, front engine etc) thanks! :thumb:
  6. trapperjohn

    W124 E200 on the Bay.

    This is near me if any one would like me to go and have a look for them. Mercedes-Benz E200 2.0 auto | eBay UK
  7. M

    W124 - Engine bay wiring loom

    Can you get a separate wiring loom for the engine bay, rather than replacing the whole loom?
  8. trapperjohn

    C36 on the Bay.

    Have we picked this one to bits before. If the price is right I may be interested. Cad D or not. Mercedes C43 AMG Auto Silver Not C36,M5,M3,S3,RS4,R32 on eBay (end time 28-Feb-11 13:57:59 GMT) Edit. Sorry C43.
  9. Silver CL55

    Stunner on pistonheads (not the bay, sorry)

    Mercedes : IMMACULATE Mercedes 300 sl type r107 in solid black
  10. S

    Heater Question 190D Car on the Bay

    Hi Thought about looking at this today, not exactly what I want, but could be a short term solution to my Mercedes need. 1992 MERCEDES 190D DIESEL WHITE on eBay (end time 31-Jan-11 20:03:50 GMT) Question, anybody any idea, how much of a job its' likely to be to get that heater working. Is...
  11. Beardz

    Weird noise coming from the engine bay!!! E320 CDi (V6) Est

    Driving home from work tonight sitting at the lights and could hear an ominous noise coming from what turned out to be from my car!! It is a strange rattling/squealing noise which fades in and out a bit like a belt or something similar. it got gradually worse over the couple of mile it took to...
  12. trapperjohn

    On the Bay. Comments please.

    Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG Estate 1998 S Silver Black lthr. on eBay (end time 30-Dec-10 17:26:47 GMT) So what do you reckon. Over priced? About right. Anybody got any history on it. Anybody know the car. Cheers John
  13. Littledigger

    Is there a recommended procedure for cleaning the engine bay and engine?

    Is there a recommended procedure for cleaning the engine bay and engine?
  14. bigjim

    Cleaned my Engine bay

    I was bored waiting for news at home so I decided to attack my engine bay. I don't think it has ever been cleaned in its whole life...... before: after:
  15. J

    W210 E320cdi Engine bay diesel leak

    Hi, my car has sprung a diesel leak from one of the two connectors that go into the engine near the main fan cowling, it's the top one of the two and looks like the pipe goes back to what I assume is the fuel filter. It looks like the plug isn't holding in anymore and it's spraying diesel...
  16. T

    fuse box map e class w211 engine bay

    any one have a fuse box map for 2003 e class w211 (engine compartment) thanks.
  17. J

    whats not right in my engine bay...!

    ok go easy as i dont have a manual and its my first merc. have a look at the picure of my engine bay and can someone tell me what the long white pipe is that runs from the front of the engine bay to the offside rear. think it goes into the brake vacum thingy...! only ask as i saw another...
  18. AANDYY

    Botany Bay trip OOt!

    Me and few friends went here yesterday :crazy:. Dismal place 4 floors of tat, like a glorified car boot sale :doh:. Normally you have to pay to get in! we only went out of interest because there was a free entry offer on. We saw these dolls, we thought the sale...
  19. T

    LORINSER W202 Tower Bay ???

    Just got this info;and if that will fit 1996 C36? Thanks
  20. BTB 500

    Parking ticket for 'parked beyond the bay markings'

    Mother-in-law got a PCN in Windsor today from a CEO: code 86, "parked beyond the bay markings". She was parked in an arch beneath a railway bridge, which had two spaces marked out side-by-side. Due to the length and width of the car (it's a LHD LWB R Class) she had the wheels on the white...
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