1. Geordiemark1

    CLK Plate on e bay

    Private Plate Cherished Number B20 CLK Mercedes on eBay (end time 23-Jul-09 10:25:28 BST)
  2. M

    £35K W124 cab spotted on the Bay

    Please delete this is a double post. Admins please delete
  3. M

    £35K W124 cab spotted on the Bay

    Link K
  4. Baron_Samedi

    What's the difference between eBay and Pirate Bay?

    Well, eBay can't be held responsible for counterfeit products advertised on their website, but.... Piratebay are being held responsible for links to websites with errr counterfeit goods on them. Figure the logic of that one, because I can't!
  5. A

    W124 Estate Load Bay Metal Guard

    Rear Guard for Mercedes Estate 124 Series NEW on eBay, also, Mercedes-Benz, Car Parts, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 14-May-09 22:14:12 BST) May be of use to somebody. Andy
  6. A

    W124 Engine bay wiring looms

    It seems that a lot of these looms are now reaching the end of their lives - replacement is the easiest (but costly) option. To help soften the blow, I've had a word with my local dealer who previously offered us a 'club discount' of 15%. Not much improvement really but they've agreed to give...
  7. lynall

    E bay W210 service book?

    This for sale on ebay Now what i dont inderstand is how it can be of any use to anyone apart from the original car/owner as surely the car details are logged in the front of the booklet? Or am i...
  8. lynall

    E bay slow anyone else having this problem?

    Very slow sometimes on my home computer, thought it was just my machine but the one at work is the same. Loads the screen fast enough but wont let you scroll up or down for a few seconds, then in fits and starts. Any ideas how to speed it up? Lynall
  9. lynall

    My old TD5 on e bay

    Should have kept it, it was a good car, Lynall
  10. P

    s class Bi Xenons E bay

    Dont know how to do the link thing but heres the Item number: 140295653958
  11. carnut

    body work rust in engine bay

    I have a Nov 2003 SL350 ( galvanised or not...who knows) and last summer I noted that there was rust around the welds in the engine bay and reported this to my local dealer; nothing heard for months and when I asked the person who had dealt with it had left and nothing had been done Its a low...
  12. Ade B

    Bonnet hinges and engine bay access

    One of nice design touches on the CE (and other MBs) is the ability to open the bonnet fully vertical to get access to stuff at the back. The only cars which offered better access are the ones where the whole nose of the car hinges forward (Triumph Herald, and no doubt some more illustrious...
  13. AANDYY

    Rubber steering boot in engine bay

    Not 100% sure of terminology here. In the engine bay on my car there is a rubber steering boot on the steering shaft coming through the bulk head, mines split:crazy: Is this a diy job, I'm fairly confident, I've done wishbones and CV boots before etc.
  14. Crazyjester900

    Underneath of engine bay

    Hey, i don't really know how to describe this properly, but what is the big piece of metal underneath your engine bay called? My car did not come with this.. you can look threw from the top of the engine bay and see the ground underneath. Very helpful for a guy who drops screw all...
  15. lynall

    Heated seat question help with e bay part

    This is on e bay and finishs soon and i am not sure if its the correct part I am not sure if its the cover you actually sit on or the base foam cover which has the leather over the top...
  16. SilverSaloon

    Cable adjustment in engine bay W124 E300D Multivalve

    Hi can anyone explain what each adjustment does here? i know #2 is the accelerator pedal. What are numbers 1 and 3 for? my main reason for asking is because if i am accelerating hard (which i do when pulling the caravan) the gear change from 2nd to 3rd/4th results in a rev as it...
  17. N

    Soundproofing material to engine bay

    The soundproofing 'foam' stuff that is under the bonnet on my car is in a right old state and is crumbling away to dust making the whole engine bay dirty/dusty. Any ideas what it is and where I can get some new stuff? Is it a part in it's own right or do they just have a roll of it? It does seem...
  18. Barryh

    phone cradle on e bay

    Saw a cradle today advertised on e bay stating it was for a sony K800i. Mercedes only do one for a w800i.Does it do both??
  19. Chas

    E BAY Muppet wind up poll

    Please vote for best wind up question on the post below, thanks to BlackC55 I admit I almost fell off my chair laughing at Q. 5 (not mine) :D
  20. R

    Flea bay emails

    Is anyone having trouble recieving emails through ebay regarding Listing/bidding/won items/outbid notices.? :devil:
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