1. P

    Main Beam lost on Combination Switch

    I have a W208 CLK cabrio and when I bought it a couple of months back I discovered that the main beam did not come on when the combination switch was pushed forward - though they would come on pulling it back to the 'flash' position. The supplying garage got a new combination switch from the...
  2. kikkthecat

    beam adjustment

    Can anyone tell me how to adjust the headlights on the Viano for driving in Europe ? I can find nothing in the menu from the steering wheel and all the handbook tells me is the headlamps should be switched to symmetrical dipped beam, information available at a Mercedes service centre.
  3. pammy

    Beam me up Scotty? How fitting.
  4. C

    High beam won't switch off!

    I have this really weird problem with the lights on my 93 E320 Driving back home today, just as I pulled up outside my house I noticed main beam was on and no amount of wiggling the stalk would switch them off. Since I needed to go out later I thought a quick and easy way to fix it would be to...
  5. J

    W220: HELP: 'Low Beam,L, Check Lamp'

    Hi, My 2001 S500(26k) has come up with the above malfunction. I have checked the left headlamp at night and it seems like the blue/white light xenon bulb is not working. (One side shows the blue glow the other side just has a amber dim) I assume I need to get the bulb changes, is this...
  6. uumode

    Does anyone else have a problem with bikes on high beam?

    Bikes that drive around with a constant high beam (pretty intense even in broad daylight) cuts quite sharply into my retinas (figure of speech) and my auto dipped mirror does not work in the daylight. I can understand why they have them on in order to have a high visiblity, but surely it's...
  7. D

    WANTED : W124 Headlamp beam converters for abroad

    Stealership parts department say that these are no longer available for UK cars for W124 . Can anyone help? I'd prefer mercedes parts to anything at Halfords... Cheers Les Extra bit - could I just change the glass lenses at the front for LHD ones or would I need to change the whole...
  8. C

    Main Beam Flash will not work

    Does anybody have any idea what could be wrong with my main beam flash, the main beam headlights work fine but when you pull back on the stork nothing happens, C180 W202 thanks
  9. D

    headlamps: protectors and beam converters

    Dear All I need to source the following for a 1994 300TD (estate)... 1 Beam converter / masks for driving an RHD vehicle on the wrong side of the road. 2 Some sort of protectors for the front headlamps to stop russian stones breaking the glass. These are "holiday" items so need to be...
  10. weebobster

    Main Beam - blown bulb

    Low Beam - blown bulb Hi All My multi-function computer has just thrown up the following diagnostic message: Low Beam: left, check bulb Lo and behold, upon inspection, blown main beam on left side. Clever computer!! Anyway, not wanting to me a "one-eyed monster" (already got...
  11. C

    How to adjust main beam independently of dip beam?

    E-class W210 E320 1997 - separate main beam and dip beam bulbs and glasses, but all in the same housing. Probably not just the e-class. I have adjusted the dip beam both sides of the car using the up/down and L/R adjusters on the top of the units. But now the main beams are all over the...
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