1. effbee584

    CLS W219 Symmetric dipped beam

    I need to set my Halogen (Non-Xenon) dipped beam to symmetric for a foray into Europe. The W219 handbook explains the need to set them to symmetrical but no instructions as to how to, anywhere in the handbook. Have looked into the back of the lights with dust cover off, but nothing obvious. Have...
  2. T

    Both Dipped Beam Faults (following replacement bulbs)

    Hi, Hope someone can help... I have a 54 reg c230k c class saloon. One of the xenon bulbs needed replaced so I changed both myself. They worked fine for a week or so and now I have the "dipped beam" fault on the command screen. The dipped lights will not come on at all. Ive checked both...
  3. M

    Slk320 r170 main beam problem

    I hope you guys can help, The problem is that the main beam lamps work when the light stalk is pulled to flash, however when pushed nothing. I have read in another forum that it could be a relay, the main light switch or the stalk. Has anyone had any experience of this as any input would help...
  4. SAFC

    M-B Headlight Beam Blockers - Have a Guess ...

    ... how much they cost from the M-B dealership. Go on try, with a realistic figure. I'm talking about two small pieces of sticky-backed silver foil to stick onto the lenses of your W203 (C Class) - so you can drive on continental roads and not blind oncoming traffic. The price stunned me ...
  5. C

    xenon beam pattern and mot

    ok the s class passed its mot yesterday but the tester said " i coukld of failed it as you have them silly blue lights (xenon)" but they are factory fit and genuine he said they take 5 minutes to warm up and he cannot get a beam pattern. now my question is should i retro fit the latter clear...
  6. BobbyHowie

    Dipped beam problem

    Hello all, Got a funny which hope someone can help please? The SL got a warning that the RH dipped beam was not working so switched bulbs to confirm it was the bulb. (They're only 5 months old) The LH dipped beam works OK and the RH doesn't so looks like the bulbs are OK, however I now...
  7. M

    High Beam Assist and Lane Assist Not Available

    I always have the lights in the car on auto and High Beam Assist turned on. A couple of weeks before Christmas I turned the engine on and the high beam came on with the lights and the cluster showed the message "High Beam Assist Not Available" (or words to that effect). Turned engine off and...
  8. B

    Main Beam - Does anyone else do this ?

    Driving at night, I always dip my full beam before the car coming the other way is visible. If the car coming the other way doesn't do the same before I see them, and there is nothing behind them, then I switch my full beam on just as I pass them.
  9. P

    dipped beam high

    Had my car for 2 years now, and no probs with headlights, however driving home the other night cars were flashing me all the way home. Anyway took it to the dealer, he checked the beam and said the drivers side headlamp was aiming up towards the sky, but the passenger side was ok, question is...
  10. A

    Dip and main beam not working

    As per the title. Side lights, fog lights[front and rear] are all ok. Head light flash on the column switch is also ok. Car is W168 A class, any ideas?? Thanks
  11. Dave Richardson

    Beam Benders for holiday travel

    I've bought a pair of Saxon "beam benders" to deflect the dip beam to the right whilst touring France. The fitting instructions aren't up to much & neither is the web site, can sometime give me an idea as to wher they should be fitted on my W203 coupe headlights please Dave:confused:
  12. E

    W 220 low beam failure r

    Hi every one. That is my first message in your wonderful forum. I have found the forum informative nd indispensible for a mercedes benz owner. My car had the usual issues like CAT rattle and airmatic pump failure which I was able to rectify with the help of your forum. However yesterday I had a...
  13. babz

    Headlight beam

    Hi guys ive got a problem with my headlights, the aim is a little bit out since i have just installed some HID's, but the problem i am having is that the beam seams to be slightly scatterd. ive attached a photo onto this post (i dont know if you can see it, 1st time ive done this :)) any...
  14. bigsy

    Main beam flasher not working..

    Hi, hope this is in the right section. I bought my 1999 C200 W202 a week ago and have just relised the main beam flasher is not working, at night when I have the head lights on I can flick from dip to main by pushing the stalk forward but no main when pulling the stalk back, could this be...
  15. B

    500SL Dipped Beam Fault

    Ladies and Gents, Not a new problem it seems however, I recently bought my 52 plated 500SL (hard top, think it was one of the first 2003 cars - do you call it R230?) which developed a fault with the Left side dipped beam. An independent MB garage diagnosed the problem as being the Control...
  16. airportstar

    Where to buy xenon dipped beam replacement?

    One of my xenons stopped working this morning. Is it best just to get a replacement from the dealer, or are there any good aftermarket replacements? Someone please point me in the right direction. :thumb: For a W211
  17. J

    300SL 1992 main beam dip switch problem

    Hello all - I bought a 300SL 1992 with a non-functioning main beam on the dip stalk (the dipped lights work fine). The bulbs and relay work because the main beam will flash when you use the flasher on the stalk - it's just in the main beam position itself that it has failed. Questions: 1...
  18. K

    full beam randomly flashing

    Hi can anyone help or advise me on my problem, I have a 2002 ML 270 CDI and at random intervals when the lights are on the full beam just starts flashing by itself.As you can imagine this is really frustrating not to mention embarassing when it starts flashing when another car is in front of me...
  19. 230K

    Aftermarket HID for the main beam.??

    Hi What is the panels thoughts on aftermarket HID bulbs fitted to the main beam only??? Thanks, 230K
  20. M

    URGENT HELP Required please W124 loss of Main beam from stalk

    Hi All, I have an issue where I have lost the constant main beam (by pushing the indicator stalk away form the driver) I can still flash people by pulling the stalk towards the driver. Can this just be a dirty contact, if so how can I clean this. I have got hold of another stalk in case but it...
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