1. W

    ML270 headlights sticking on full beam

    Hi everyone this is my first thread, I have got a 53 plate ML270 cdi and when you drive at night the lights flicker between dipped and full beam and completely off! I had the lighting stork replaced and the problem persists, it seems to only do it when you drive so could it be a loose connection?
  2. airportstar

    Main beam light turns yellow?

    My car is a 2003 E320cdi avangarde. When I turn on my main beam the drivers side lights turn from a white light to a yellow light after 20-30 seconds. While the passenger side stays white as it should do. What do I need to change/fix? :dk:
  3. 3

    W220 dipped beam pattern question.

    Good Morning Ladies and Gents, as you can see im as new as a new thing here, and as new as a new thing to Mercedes as well! I've bought a late 2002 S-Class which is the facelifted(?) one with wide screen comand and clear headlights etc. Now i'm working my way through one or two niggles but i...
  4. s88

    Dipped beam on 320 cdi W211 - 2004

    Is it difficult to replace the bulb in the dipped beam headlamp of the E 320 cdi? or do I need hands like a gynaecologist. ( Mine are big with fingers like bananas!) is the method to remove the entire lamp unit. it will be a xenon D2S-35w. I noticed yesterday it was purple in comparison to...
  5. Horrgakx

    Do the sidelights HAVE to come on with dip beam?

    The Xenon lights look great, very white and bright. But the side lights inboard of them look very yellow and awful. I know the UK law says I have to have my sidelights switched on independently, but I want to have them switch off when the Xenon's are on. Any way to do this please...
  6. L

    CLS Dipped Beam

    The light output on dipped beam on my late model CLS is very poor. The light from the headlights of an approaching vehicle is enough to drown out my lights forcing me to slow to a crawl. My local main dealer confirms the headlight alignment is correct. My previous E280T was perfectly...
  7. J

    W208 CLK full beam not working (but flasher does)

    My year 2000 CLK (W208) has a problem. When the lights are on and then you push forward on the stalk to try and select 'full beam' nothing happens. The full beam lights do work if you use the flasher by pulling back on the stalk. This has been an intermittent problem. I've managed to...
  8. C

    w202 Dipped Beam Problem

    Hi, I bought two sets of Osram Night Breaker H1 bulbs, fitted these to the Dipped and Main beams. However, the o/s dipped beam does not work. I changed the bulbs around and still no joy, I then put the original bulb back in and the o/s dipped beam works! The n/s dipped beam has no issue with...
  9. ecossebev

    Main Beam Messages...

    Picture the scene.... I'm facing up a slight incline, waiting to turn right off a main(ish) road onto a side street. Handbrake on, van in neutral, indicator on. I left enough room on my nearside to allow cars pass, two or three passed through. A long line of traffic was approaching in the...
  10. P

    W124 Dipped Beam Failure

    I recently had a problem with the regulator on my alternator and since it was fixed, I have lost my dipped beam altogether. I have side lights, rear lights, main beam all working. I have checked and changed the fuses. I have checked the bulbs. Any other ideas please ??
  11. whitenemesis

    Dipped Beam Very Low

    My headlamps are looking at the ground 5feet in front of the car. Xenons did their usual dance at switch on then dropped to their lowest position I'm guessing it a senor gone OOS and giving an impossible value forcing the lights to go failsafe i.e. not to blind anyone! Any suggestions of...
  12. O

    Trico Neoform Beam Blade Wipers Group Buy

    Hi All We have been stocking Trico Neoform wiper blades for a little while now and we have had great feedback from customers as well as most of the staff here, even our families are using them because they are so good. Everyone has reported that they are the best wipers they have ever used...
  13. Baron_Samedi

    Headlight Beam Pattern

    Hi All, Quick question - what does the beam pattern from MB cars (say W209 or similar) look like? I am used to the lazy 'z' look of other cars but my W209 is somewhat different. It looks flat except for pointy peaks presumably where the bulbs are covered... Any clues? Is is an issue I...
  14. X

    How to adjust main beam aim on W210

    I have a 2000 W210 E320 Estate and I want to know how to adjust the aim of the main beam part of the headlights. The dipped beam are set well, but the mains are useful only for aircraft spotting and make night driving a real pain. Can anybody tell me how to do it?
  15. Pietre

    Headlamp Beam Adjusters

    I am off to France at the end of the month. Does anyone know of a stick on beam adjuster for the W210 E Class headlamps. Any advice will be welcome.
  16. columb

    New light bulbs - dipped beam

    Hi! Just lost R dipped beam... Are those any good? Are there any better? Many thanks! Chris
  17. X

    Main beam adjustment

    I have a year 2000 W210 E320 estate. The dipped beam headlamps are aimed rather high for my liking, although this is easily adjusted by the dashboard switch. However the main beams are so high that they are only useful for aircraft spotting, and when the lights are adjusted (by the dashboard...
  18. corned

    Bi-Xenon matching foglamp and main beam bulbs

    I have bi-xenon HID headlamps. Lovely intense blue-white colour. It bugs me that the full beams/sides and the fogs are yellow. Does anyone do a replacement kit so all bulbs look a similar colour? Or is this a standard Halfords/Joe's Car Spares job? Cheers, Corned
  19. V

    A160 High Beam Permantly stuck on

    Hi can anyone assist. My wifes 2000 A160 has a problem with her headlights when the car is started the high beam comes on automatically and at night adjusting the high beam stalk does nothing and remains on all the time. Is this a relay problem or does the stalk need replacing. Thanks
  20. K

    202 Headlight beam adjust switch

    Has anyone changed the headlight beam adjustment wheel before,as I have been told that the pipes on the back are heat shrunk on,is this right.
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