1. The _Don

    Mercedes benz clk63 amg for sale.
  2. S

    Original Mercedes Benz Audio 20

    New original MB part. Original number B67823670 Original Mercedes Benz Audio 20 B67823670 | eBay maybe discount....:thumb:
  3. mac999

    Mercedes benz dvd comand sat nav satellite navigation discs ntg 2.5

    I have the following discs for sale: COMAND SAT NAV SATELLITE NAVIGATION DISC 2012/2013 EUROPE Part No: A219 827 30 59 Version 9.0 £50 ono COMAND SAT NAV SATELLITE NAVIGATION DISC 2014 EUROPE Part No: A219 827 37 59 Version 12.0 £85 ono COMAND SAT NAV SATELLITE NAVIGATION DISC 2015/2016...
  4. A

    w202 c240 Mercedes Benz 1999

    Anyone know how I can get a schematic diagram of the cpu for the engin management with a 112910 v6 2400cc motor
  5. uumode

    Mercedes Benz insurance courtesy car

    The Mercedes Benz provided insurance "Section 12 Courtesy Car After an accident covered by your policy, and if your car is repaired by an approved repairer, a small 1.0L 3-door car will be provided whilst your car is repaired." I don't you can find a lower spec courtesy car if you...
  6. merc_w202

    Mercedes Benz Guard

    Came across this interesting video showcasing the history of old and new Mercedes Benz Guard Vehicles!
  7. W

    2002 Mercedes Benz clk 240 avantgarde

    Here is my much loved clk 240 for sale, just passed mot with no advisers and only 102k. Fsh, fully black leather and your usual standard features. Bad points Srs light is on, relating to passenger seat I few chips here and there, due to idiots that can't park. Any questions etc please...
  8. W124ali

    1994 Mercedes Benz E200 AUTO W124 - ONLY 65k MILES

    My 1994 W124 E200 up for sale: 1994 Mercedes Benz E200 AUTO W124 - ONLY 65k MILES | eBay
  9. M

    1995 Mercedes Benz 500sl

    I also have a 95 500sl I replaced the starter on it but the car still wont start, it lights up and all but wont crank please help.
  10. M

    1990 Mercedez Benz 300sl

    I have a 1990 300sl ive changed alot of stuff already but the darn motor keeps flooding some one please help me.
  11. The _Don

    Mercedes benz cls 320cdi for sale 59reg fmbsh 57k miles
  12. W

    Mercedes Benz 229.51 low saps oil

    Who actually makes the MB oil as supplied by the dealers, I'm assuming its one of the major oil companies and that it's quality stuff?
  13. Grovsie31

    2004 Mercedes Benz C55 AMG

    Car is now for sale. First things first, the reason its for sale is the engine appears to be burning more oil than it should be. Burning about 2 litres every 1000miles, so its basically double what MB allows. Doesn't seem to throw as much smoke out as you'd expect, but it is there, especially...
  14. I

    Mercedes Benz World experiences

    Hi All, My company is having our Christmas party at Mercedes Benz world and as part of that we have the option of doing a track experience (We still have to pay for it though!) Has anyone given these a go? I was thinking of doing the 30 mins in a car 30 mins in a 4x4. Cheers Ivan
  15. A

    New member first time Benz owner

    Evening All, Thought I would say HI!:thumb: Just bought my first Mercedes and chuffed to bits with it so far apart from a little niggle but I will post about that in the correct area! Cheers AJ
  16. Howard

    Genuine Mercedes Benz Child Seat

    Hi all The Griz has outgrown her child seat so it's time to sell it on. Genuine Mercedes / Britax seat with built in transponder for disabling the airbag when needed. In good condition. £150 Ono Prefer collection , but I could probably ship it , it would cost around £15 I expect.
  17. C

    official mercedes benz club worth it?

    Hi just a quick question is joining the official mercedes benz club worth joining?
  18. H

    Merc Benz 230 SLK Kompressor 1999 Model

    Good evening all. I have owned the above model of car for the last 5 years and have been delighted with it. Of late ,over the last 3 weeks, the car has refused to start on 3 occasions,1 at home after overnight standing,2 following journeys of 15 miles. After 5 minutes of attempting,the car...
  19. Alfie

    Songs with Mercedes Benz in the lyrics?

    Personally I can think of the following tracks that refer to 'Mercedes Benz' in their lyrics; Hotel California - Eagles Oh Lord wont you... Janis Joplin You get what you give - New Radicals Im sure there are more. Anyone know any others?
  20. K

    Mercedes Benz leather care foam

    Hi I bought myself MB LEATHER CARE FOAM but don't know how am I suppose to use it. There are no instructions on the thing. Am I supposed to rub it in an leave it or wash it off? Has anybody used it?
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