1. AngryDog

    Any Bucks / Herts / Beds / Berks meets?

    Any meets happening in these areas? Would be good to meet up at some point if so?
  2. M

    Good auto electrian in/near Reading Berks?

    Hi, I have some electrical issues on a w202 C280 sport and would like to know if there are any auto electricians that come recommended in/near Reading, Berkshire. (Siren fuse keeps blowing, so possible siren/disconnection/replacement SAM/heated rear window relay. Can see a few local specialist...
  3. C

    Looking for Recommendations: Bucks / Berks area

    Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for an independent MB servicing specialist in the Buckinghamshire / Berkshire area (preferably near High Wycombe or Reading). Need to have access to MB online service book. Thanks Cliff
  4. dazzagt

    Hello from Berks !

    Hi All, Just thought I would pop along and introduce myself .. I joined in Dec 14, but only just remembered I had !! lol, been mainly over on MBWorld and the PL. Had the car two years in June, so thought I would wait to see if its a keeper before joining up and on forums, come out of a 997.1...
  5. R

    AMG Servicing Berks / Surrey

    Where is recommended for C63 servicing from a main dealer around the Surrey / Berks area? There is Slough, Beaconsfield, Brentford and Brooklands. I imagine they're all similarly priced.... is there haggling room generally as I'm new to Mercedes? Cheers
  6. cobra7

    Best wheel refurbishment firm in Berks area?

    I'm now looking to have my monoblocks (18's) refurbed which, apart from the front bumper, is the last bit to get car looking virually mint :cool: Can anyone recommend a reliable local firm please? Thinking of having centres coloured, gun metal grey perhaps :dk: with a polished rim (ooer mrs...
  7. N

    MB Quality Towbar Fitting - Berks, Bucks, Oxon

    Can anyone recommend a towbar fitter for Mercedes in Berks, Bucks or Oxon. Our local dealer uses a general ICE outlet in town but they have blotted their copy book with my Wife's car; not MB, or towbar related but now I am wary of trusting them to do the electrics correctly :(. Don't mind...
  8. R

    Body work repairs near Reading, Berks

    Hi, I have a W208 CLK Convertible which is starting to rust around several of the wheel arches. Does anyone have any recommendations for body work shops near Reading in Berkshire? I did have a quote from a local shop for £800, about 25% of what I was quoted by the MB dealer. Thanks Rob
  9. K

    New member, West Berks

    Good afternoon all - Am hoping to collect a '95 E300 D estate tomorrow so thought I should join this august body in anticipation of needing moral and technical support from time to time. If I stick with MB ownership long enough, you never know; I might actually be of use to others here! My...
  10. simplestu

    Good garage recommendation - Bracknell, Berks

    I've got a 2000 CLK 123k miles AMG that needed its basic service and found that this garage did a fantastic job. Ryan Garage Services Ltd, Bracknell, Berkshire. 01344 862000 [email protected] I'm recommending them because: the service manager & receptionist seemed...
  11. Aeroman

    Newbie from Berks...

    Hi Guys, I'm afraid I'm not an owner yet and have not owned a Mercedes since we sold our CLK430, but am seriously looking at buying a C63 AMG as a daily driver and re-joining the family. Some very interesting threads on this excellent site about them and I look forward to gaining from your...
  12. T

    Merc specialists in Wiltshire or West Berks

    Anyone used any Mercedes specialists in Wiltshire or West Berkshire that they could recommend (I'm in Ramsbury nr Swindon). Just want a couple of minor things - fit a steering damper and sort out spongy brakes, so shouldn't be big jobs but I don't want to send the car to any old grease monkey...
  13. P

    Independent Service West Berks / North Hampshire

    Hi, Apologies if this is old news but there's an independent started up near me called Pro-tech. It's run by an ex-merc dealership trained guy with "10 years experience". A friend of mine had some work done there and was very pleased - especially with the labour rate (under £40 per hour I...
  14. C

    MB Specialist in Berks?

    Can anyone reccomend a Specialist in Berks, I have been using Greenoaks in Reading, but I would prefer to use a specialist (because they are cheaper) for a few niggles I have with my CLK! Cheers
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