1. M

    Micro bubbles on boot lid

    Hi - I just gave my new 2011 c220 cdi red saloon a wash and noticed hundreds of small bubbles in the paintwork - is this common and can I take it to merc as car is only 4.5 years old? - I bought the car second hand from a dealer - bubbles are all over the boot lid
  2. ioweddie

    Do you like bubbles

  3. J

    w202 c250 bubbles in the fuel line

    i know this subject has been covered quite a bit, can someone tell me what the pipe numbered 74 comes from and too as this seems to be the one with the most bubbles,thanks
  4. nutrunner

    wheel arch rust bubbles

    hi all ive noticed that my clk 320 has started to get a few rust marks on my rear wheel arches whats the best way to prevent this i regularly clean under the grooves :crazy:
  5. R

    w211 panoramic roof problem - bubbles

    Hello everyone, i have small issue, with bubbles on both sides near winscreen. Any ideas how to fix it?
  6. M

    Alloys with rust bubbles

    So washed and waxed my car this morning then washed the wheels. Got to the 4th 1 and found that it is starting to bubble on the insider of the rim. No other damage anywhere near it just starting to bubble!! Not very happy. Always washed them with just water and triplewax shampoo. Wheels are...
  7. M

    Bubbles and rust

    Hi everyone, got a 2002 w210 model black mercedes. The bottom of the drivers door, the drivers side front wheel arch and around the boot button are becoming rusty and bubbly....is it possible to repair and what kind of costs would it be I know without looking at it it may be difficult to give a...
  8. S

    c220 Old Posts, air bubbles and leaks.

    Hi, I`ve been trawling through some old posts in order to find the reasons/salutions to a problem with air bubbles in my 1996 c220 auto diesel. The best that I found, with pictures, was by BrianA in 2007, and as I would like to do similar I was wondering, what happened? I`ve bought the fuel...
  9. paulsimms

    more bubbles than an aero

    Hi guys Ive got a c220 diesel and for the life of me I cant stop air coming up from the fuel warmer into filter and running like a bag of ****e please for any solutions that dont involve a gallon of bp's finest and a match ? yours in desperation paul:wallbash:
  10. N

    S211 rust bubbles on tailgate

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have any experience of this or know if it's a common problem? My car is a 53 plate and i've noticed this weekend that there are a few rust bubbles popping up on the tailgate. One of them is quite big at about 5mm in diameter. We've only had the car for two weeks...
  11. F

    Bubbles appearing on three wheels

    As stated on my last post, I have noticed some bubbles on my new Approved Used Mercedes C180K, that I only bought last month from Mercedes Benz UK. I am now in the process of claiming these to be fixed by Mercedes Benz Cyprus. Hope that there are not any safety issues involved, just cosmetic...
  12. Spinal

    Air bubbles in cement/concrete

    Howdy! A TOTALLY off-topic one here; I'm trying to make some "fake" rocks, but I need the make them light and porous. I've tried just about everything I can think of; sand, coarse salt, pasta, rice, etc. My mix is: -3 parts crushed oyster shell -1 part portland cement To which I add...
  13. S

    2001 CLK430 Rust Bubbles

    Hi all. Having just test driven a CLK430 for the first time I'm awes by the V8 engine. However on closer inspection of the paintowrk found numerous rust bubbles and spider cracks around chips. The boot lock also has a large area of rust around it despite the surface paint being intsact. If you...
  14. W

    w202 Diesel Tank (Air Bubbles part3)

    W202 with 604.910 engine. I've tracked down an air leak to the INSIDE of the fuel tank. (Clear pipe now fitted to tank outlet, shows regular trail of 2-3mm bubbles coming out with the fuel!) I would very much like to hear from anyone who either knows what the layout is inside these tanks, or...
  15. D


    No, not the gorgeous woman at the health spa (Little Britain) :) but the effects of corrosion on my alloys. Mainly around the centre of the wheels leading onto the spokes. (Car is 2.9 years old) The Merc dealer took photos a week ago and said would email to MB and get back to me. Is it...
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