1. Jim55

    Led bulbs

    Anybody fitted these?these look a good upgrade without the faff of hid
  2. clk320x

    Bulbs needed

    Hi just ordered some w5w bulbs for parking lamps and c5w for number plate. However in the owners manual there is no record for which bulbs I need to make the interior led? Does anyone know which bulb types I'll need to buy for interior? It's a w209 thanks
  3. A

    H7 led fog light bulbs

    Hi guys Can anyone recommend correct H7 cree led fog light bulbs please bought some but getting error message, car is cls55 if it make any difference :cool:
  4. thedruid

    L.E.D. bulbs.

    Good day everyone. If I'm posting this in the wrong section please feel free to have a tantrum and call me names. As well as my MB I also have a 2006 ZX10R ( its a motorbike in case you didn't know ). I have just changed the running lights to led from ten year old dull yellow things. 10X 501...
  5. John

    Replacement HID bulbs.

    So a chap at work bought bulbs similar to the following from a different seller from eBay. They were supposed to fit a 2008 CLS 320CDI but he reckoned his ones were not the same. Just from looking at them - what kind of Mercs are these likely to fit? Or is he wrong and would they fit the...
  6. M

    Philips X-treme Vision 130%+ H7 Bulbs Amazon Deal

    Hi all Amazon got a deal expiring in an hour or so on the above bulbs https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00NMEEV9W/?tag=amazon0e9db-21 £12.45 for 2x bulbs is a cracking deal if you are a prime member.
  7. bob6600

    LED Headlight bulbs

    I know these were discussed a while back, but have just seen a set on Amazon's Prime day that may be worth a punt. Deal goes live at 7.00PM tonight for prime members https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01DVSHYUG/?tag=amazon0e9db-21
  8. Palfrem

    LED indicator bulbs

    581 BAU15s PY21 Amber/Yellow/orange 24LED indicator bulbs PAIR | eBay 2x 1156 BA15S P21W 9 LED 2W Orange/Amber Car Tail Turn Indicator Back Bulb Light | eBay 4x Amber Yellow 50 LED 1206 Bulbs BAU15S Front Indicator 581 PY21W Turn Signal | eBay I know they are only a few quid but I'm a bit...
  9. Bigdrew


    hi hopefully someone can help I bought some new LEd side / park light bulbs Cambus error but when I put them on it came on the dash that it needed a bulb but the bulb was working so I took it out and turned it the other way But the same message was still on the dash so I just decided to put the...
  10. Mr Kripling

    Dead Licence Plate Bulbs

    So, I decided to replace the licence plate bulbs on my CL since they'd become pretty dim. After replacing both of them, neither will illuminate and I've got warnings on the dash whenever the lights come on. I've tried different bulbs with no luck and, since the fuse for them is apparently...
  11. Piff

    LED light bulbs

    In our bathroom we have a ceiling mounted fitting with a frosted glass bowl obscuring the light bulb. The bulbs are 11w CFL and are mounted horizontally in the fitting. The room was never the brightest in the first place. (Also have a further 7 of these fittings elsewhere in the house and all...
  12. RichardF

    Bulbs for R129 Instrument cluster

    I know the little 1.2w bulb is an R509T. But what number is the bigger bulb for the background illumination? It has a black base 2w and a bit longer (27mm) with a slightly broader base.
  13. T

    door handle led bulbs, have i just been unlucky ?

    The nearside rear door handle illumination LED died within 3-4 weeks of me taking the car. Was replaced when the car went in for some other work. The front passenger door one died a couple of months later. Isn't one of the selling points of LEDs supposed to be enhanced longevity over...
  14. D

    Replacement footwell bulbs

    Wondering if anyone can help me find replacement footwell bulbs for my w210? Not sure if they're different because it's a European import but can't say I recognise them as a familiar bulb. Thanks in advance! Front footwell; Rear footwell - Wired into the seat? Sent from my LG-H815 using...
  15. drwizz

    W203 Led Bulbs

    Hi All I know the subject has been covered in detail for some but after searching an reading 27 posts i have given up. Im looking for some confirmed working Led bulbs for my 2005 C320 Cdi I have trawled ebay and other websites and i know Canbus is the error free option but even sites...
  16. optimusprime

    W124 fastoon bulbs x20

    Hi just had 20 of these little fastoon bulbs deliverd for £2.45 post free from Ebay item number -270984893772 good deal original fitting fastoon bulbs .Main use is reg number plate lights. Thought it might help older car owners..:D
  17. Robbo Cop

    W212 Reversing Bulbs

    Hi, I'm about to fit LED reversing bulbs an my W212 (saloon). Is there anyone out there who can advise with the correct procedure? I've looked on the web but can't seem to find any instructions etc. Many thanks in advance, Rob ...
  18. Robbo Cop

    W212 led reversing bulbs

    Hi, Has anyone successfully replaced the standard reversing bulb with an error-free led? Any advice greatly appreciated. Rob ..
  19. babyblueCE

    W210 speedo LED bulbs

    Hello all. Does anyone know what bulbs I need to turn the speedo bulbs into LED please?
  20. ioweddie

    Indoor Energy Saving Light Bulbs Like the Dark Ages

    These bulbs are expensive, a pain to dispose of, and worst of all bloody useless. Its like living in the Dark Ages, 240 volt 9 watt small screw golf ball cost about £7 each don't last 10.000 hours as claimed and are about as bright as a 25watt conventional bulb. Am I the only one who thinks we...
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