1. Mike Walker

    W124 300TE Estate - Headlamp bulbs

    Interested to know if anyone has upgraded the exisitng "candles" and if so what with please? Is there any impact upon the headlamp glass at all? Thanks in advance for advice :thumb:
  2. C

    Changing light bulbs on a w211

    Does the front bumper need to be removed In order to change the bulbs? Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  3. S

    W211 Footwell bulbs - replace while lit?

    Hi I have a 2008 W211 with ambient lighting, I've purchased some Canbus LED's to replace the floor footwell lighting with as original bulbs are too dim while driving, cannot tell they are on. I've had a look at the lens, it looks like I can probably prise off using a screwdriver (unless anyone...

    W210 change bulbs

    I'm trying to figur out how to change the nubs on my W210, i can see the bog plastic cover off and i can get them off but i can't get the plastic covers out the way to get access to the bulbs, i saw a video on youtube and the guy cleverly cuts out the part where he removes the piece of plastic...
  5. lofty

    W169 Changing bulbs front & rear

    For those interested I have just added to pages to my site W169 section . "Replacing Front light bulbs on W169 A Class Classic 2009" Replacing light Rear bulbs on W169 A Class Classic 2009 W169 Changing Bulbs , Being Seen . with alternative method for front headlamp bulbs saving you...
  6. CowleyStJames

    No wire clips holding high beam h7 bulbs in

    I have a 60 plate C200 Executive SE Cdi and had to replace a high beam H7 bulb today. There wasn't a sprung wire clip to hold the bulb in place just seems to push in. Both low beam bulbs have a spring clip but neither of my highs. Is that correct or have mine gone missing? Nothing mentioned...
  7. M

    front fog light bulbs

    i want to upgrade the front fog light bulbs on my wdb211estate, i have bought lucas 12v 55watt h11 bulbs. is it easy to change the bulbs?
  8. M

    W203 Headlight Bulbs?

    Hi i want to replace headlights bulbs of my w203 2005cdi car bulbs are not bright (bit yellowish and no beam pattern i want something white bright with good beam pattern? Don't want xenon just looking to replace bulbs only. any one use one of these Philips Headlight Bulb (Xtreme Vision PLUS...
  9. Alex225

    CLs Interior Bulbs

    Hi guys, Sorry if this is a daft question, is there a list anywhere which confirms details of all the different interior bulbs that are required? I'd love to upgrade my interior bulbs to LEDs, purely as it's brighter and sharper. Plus it goes in hand with the Xenons which are white. Been...
  10. P

    Worst problem to date.. Need some help

    H7 car is w221 s320 cdi wirhout xenon, dipped beam h7 High beam h9 My h7 socket was Melted and damaged, and i Saw it has 1 Yellow wire and 2 Brown wires, unable to find the correct part number i purchased The socket for w210 h7, This has 1 Brown 1 Yellow wire. The Melted socket was causing...
  11. M

    Xenon bulbs

    Just replaced my xenon bulbs today with new osram zenarc bulbs but the drivers side goes pink after about 5-seconds, would this be a faulty bulb?
  12. cazyp

    c43 w202 Front Fog Light Bulbs

    Hi Can anyone confirm if the front fog/driving lights on the C43 are H1 type bulbs? Cheers
  13. reflexboy

    W212 LED interior bulbs

    Hi all-I'm thinking of changing out all the interior bulbs in my E class to white LEDs. Has anyone done this and can you recommend a decent supplier. I see there are many sellers on eBay selling these as a set and I understand they must be Canbus compatible/error free. Some advertise them as...
  14. G

    R230 led number plate bulbs

    Can someone recommend some quality led bulbs for my 2003 Sl55 , seems like there's so many choice's don't want any error messages
  15. S

    Anyone replaced footwell bulbs in W211?

    Hi All Was just wondering if anyone has replaced their footwell lighting bulbs with LED's on their W211? My 2008 W211 has ambient lighting, the footwell does stay on but its very dim, it looks like the LED's are much brigher hence want to go for them. I've seen bulbs on their own which are...
  16. M

    CLS headlight/tail light bulbs

    Hello everybody, I am going for a long trip (2400 miles) in two weeks time. It means that a set of spare bulbs would be recommended in case if any of the current ones have gone on my way. Could you tell me please, what type of bulbs are fitted in the tail lights and the front ones...
  17. bob6600

    H1 H4 H7 bulbs from 99p delivered

    Found on HUKD Good to keep as a spare if nothing else, sold by ECP. Osram available for £1.99 items in Euro Car Parts Store Spares Replacement Brake Battery Clutch store on eBay!
  18. P

    upgrading xenon bulbs

    I find the standard hid bulbs on the w211 really poor How easy is it to upgrade them to get a decent amount of light Thanks
  19. Spinal

    LED Headlamp Bulbs

    I feel this post needs a disclaimer first. As a member of the "HID police", I'm fully aware of the legality (or not) of fitting aftermarket, non-filament, bulbs to a car. These bulbs will not be used on UK roads (or EU roads, and probably not on ANY roads...). I need some bulbs for the...
  20. A

    W204 C63 AMG coupe registration bulbs / light change

    Hi guys new to the forum. Wanting to freshen up the outside of my car with some LED lights (under mirrors & regi plate) to go with the xenons and to smarten it up a bit. On inspecting the registration bulbs it's definitely not what I thought it would've been. Can you change these? *please...
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