1. D

    Automatic Folding Door Mirrors On Close

    I have a 2009 CLC. The door mirrors do not fold in automatically when the car is locked. Does this mean my car does not have this feature or it needs enabling? I looked in the manual and it couldn't be done using the On-board computer. I'm guessing because of this mine is not able to? Thanks.
  2. S

    R230 Roof will not Close

    I bought this car in January and never used the roof until this beautiful weekend. It opened and tucked away nicely but come the evening it wouldn't go back up again. I tried the roof with the previous owner when I bought it and it worked fine apart from the struts were weak and he said they...
  3. L

    s124 tailgate soft close

    Hi, I have a problem with the soft close failing on the tailgate following a few months of intermitent performance. I also think a problem with the rear cabin lights might be related to this. I have replaced the mechanism with a known good one and still have no operation of the mechanism. I had...
  4. M

    CLK w208 Convertible roof won't close

    My roof has stopped closing. Opens fine using the switch on the console. But when you try to close it nothing happens. The switch lights up to open the roof but doesn't light up the you try to close it. I can close it manually so am not stuck. Could it be a switch or a relay problem? The...
  5. F

    Ferrari 458 Speciale - Close Up Look, Interior
  6. C

    R230 Boot won't power close

    Has anybody had this problem? Hoping it's simple but stumped ATM. The boot opens fine if you pull the handle but neither button will make it close. Pressing the "lock" button locks the car but the boot doesn't power close. The roof opens and closes as normal so thinking there must be a switch...
  7. F

    Ferrari 275 GTB/4 - Interior, Close Up Look
  8. F

    Ferrari Daytona - Close Up Look
  9. F

    Bugatti Chiron Close Up Look & 20 Facts
  10. F

    Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse - Close Up Look
  11. C

    window close on lock

    Hello, Wasn't sure how to word for a search or new thread so here goes. When I lock the car doors Can I make it close open windows? And the same for unlock open windows? Did this all ok on the seat and mazda, but not sure if i need something programming of something is broken! Sorry, should...
  12. M

    Cl500 2001 window auto close

    When I shut the drivers door the two side window don't always fully close, if I get in car fully close them then get out and bag door shut it works ideas please
  13. M

    Close boot separator message

    Like a muppet I managed to crack the right rear light unit on my R230. While I'm waiting for a replacement to arrive, I thought I would investigate how easy the job was going to be, which involved unscrewing a few bits of plastic trim in the boot. I didn't actually get very far as I didn't...
  14. finthedin

    S211 Boot/Tailgate soft close lock

    Hi, I'm looking for a second hand soft close lock for my 2004 E270 estate. Old one has stopped working and I hate having to slam the boot every time. I'm also loathed to pay the £140 for a reconditioned one especially since there's a £50 deposit on top of that price to return the old one...
  15. E240estate

    611 Cylinder head removal - so close

    Taken out 12x head bolts, the head is loose, and I can lift it 1/2 inch or so, but something is holding it at the rear. Seems like a thin steel tube is attached to the head (like a brake or fuel line) at the back, near the exhaust manifold. I need primarily to know how to remove it, and...
  16. Stig2082

    Time with AMG drawing to a close..

    To my huge regret my time with my gorgeous W219 CLS 63 AMG is drawing to close. A change in circumstances is forcing my hand, but feel privileged to have owned one of theses immense machines. Would love it to go to a fellow enthusiast so take a peak if you want. Has a very rare spec, so is a...
  17. V

    Powered boot close R230

    Watching a few videos on you tube I've noticed that the US have a button on the trunk to close the boot electronically. Not seen this on UK videos. Can it be retro fitted? Cheers
  18. H

    MB/AMG Specialists close to Gants Hill, Essex IG2

    Good afternoon all!! Ive made the brave decision of packing my bags from good old Leicestershire to East London- Gants Hill in particular. Ive brought the S55KL with me too but need to establish a reputable Mercedes/AMG Specialist in the vicinity. Appreciate your help with this one- thanks...
  19. J

    SLK roof will not close

    Hi, My roof will not close. The switch does not light up red. The micro switch on the boot cover seems ok and I have tested the relay. Is there a fuse somewhere? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.:wallbash:
  20. B

    SL500 2006. Doors won't open or close with remote

    Oddly the remote won't open or close the doors Drive it for a few miles and the convenience functions come back Is this a battery issue ? Or a gremlin ? Thanks in advance
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