1. markjay

    Going cold turkey

    Nearly 24 hours! Bl00dy hell.... :D
  2. S

    bit of a thump when selecting drive from cold

    I have noticed recently when starting in the morning and selecting D there is a bit of a thump when engaging gear. It does not do this when warm. Not noticed this before. The ATF fluid was changed around 7k ago. Should I be concerned? Thanks
  3. Eddy77

    7G Gear "slips" when cold

    Hello, I've got a 2008 CLK 350 with the 7G tronic box fitted. Just recently I have noted that when starting and pulling away from cold, the gear box slips on the first change (and possibly the second) of the journey. By "slips" I mean that it seems to over-rev slightly on the change before...
  4. B

    M157 bi-turbo upd cold air induction kit

    Hi all, Just got rid of my E63 so removed my UPD cold air induction kit and filters and went back to stock. Comes with all screws and bolts - Basically a nearly new complete item. More details can be found on MBWORLD and directly on UPD's website...
  5. Sheffield Col

    Lumpy when cold.

    Car starts fine, but tickover is very lumpy when cold, but as it warms up it evens out again. Can anyone tell me whats going on ? Car is 09 plate C Class 220 Diesel. any help would be appreciated.. thanks in advance.....Colin..Ps. changed fuel and air filter (genuine MB parts) but still same..
  6. J

    B Class Aircon makes a hissy whispy sound through air vents and loss of cold air

    I've had my a/c re-gassed 3 times now in the last 12 months, my local independent garage did it twice (April 2016 and September 2016) and the most recent was 35 days ago at Kwik Fit - none of them could find a leak and now it has lost it's cold air again :( I do hear a strange...
  7. J

    Class a - noise when throttling in cold start

    Hi I am planning to buy a class a (200 cdi 1.8) but i moticed something worrying while doing the test drive When throttling in cold conditions there was a metallic noise. It could be the exhaust imo The dealer agreed to check and fix it Has anybody experienced that noise, or could...
  8. S

    C320 CDI Cold starting troubles

    Hi all, I love my Merc, it's my first and I'm completely smitten. However it's gotten reluctant to start, the colder it the more reluctant to start the car is. For the previous 4-5 weeks the glow-plug light has been staying on for about a minute or so, but was starting beautifully. I do have a...
  9. zoros

    Heater blowing cold

    Had all the fluids changed at my last service: Engine Gearbox Diff Supercharger Brakes Coolant About a week later with roof down, no hot air, anywhere at any setting in any mode. Just cold and very cold. I'm guessing air blockage in coolant system, probbaly because mechanic forgot to bleed...
  10. clk320x

    Odd noise from steering when cold

    Recently in colder mornings I've noticed an odd noise from my steering for the first 1 minute or so of the morning as I pull out of my drive way and turn the wheel when the car is cold there is almost like a creak noise from the steering... When it's warm it's fine. Although the steering is...
  11. M

    E63 vs C63 cold start exhaust.

    Whilst I have the C63 and E63 together I am hoping to take the opportunity of a few comparison videos. First off is the exhaust cold start for anyone who's interested! A little more finesse is needed with the camera.
  12. steve333

    Cold shifts on ml300cdi,7g

    Hi all,had my ml for about a month now and hadn't driven it for a few days until this morning,noticed from cold the low end downshifts(3rd/2nd/1st) we're quite noticeable/harsh,only happened a couple of times and silky smooth when at normal running temp-have read similar threads of other owners...
  13. DelDrew

    M272 E30 (CLK280) Hesitation when cold

    Hi everyone, So I'm a newbie here and been pouring over the various threads picking up loads of really useful information. I've just bought a 2007 CLK280 convertible as a 2nd car. It was a bargain price but it does need a little TLC! So, the first issue that I'd love some advice on, is a...
  14. Markssl

    Cold start issues

    When starting in the morning the glow plug light goes off as normal but it takes an age, maybe 3/4 full key cycles to start if it's very cold outside. Once the car has warmed up a bit it will start as normal all day long.I put a diagnostic reader on it tonight and got 10 errors including one...
  15. S

    W208 Not shifting up When Cold

    Hi all, I already happen to know the trigger / cause of this problem as a specialist resolved it for me previously. This issue is most prevalent when the car is cold. I notice that when the gears do not shift up the orange light around "D" is not illuminated (need lights on to see this...
  16. 9

    Cold engine, loud tapping

    Hi all, This is my first post here - apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but I am having no luck finding any info on this. I've got a loud tapping noise coming from the engine bay of my C280, the engine isn't running and I've been out for a short drive of 5 miles ish tonight, the...
  17. A

    C63 autobox cold ?

    First thing in morning after engaging reverse on my C63 there seems to be a delay before vehicle starts to rhis notmal folks?,dont happen after that ??
  18. Priceless

    W204 Cold Idle Issues

    Hi There, Firstly allow me to apologise for asking a question on the day I joined the forum, I came across the page whilst searching for a solution to my idle problems. C220 CDi W204 auto, really stunning car but yesterday I started her up, and tried to reverse out of the garage, and she cut...
  19. L

    Unhappy cold starts w163 270ML cdi

    Hi As winter creeps in we're getting the odd frosty morning. My 270 ML cdi starts perfectly on a mild day and even if left for 5 or so days but hates starting when frosty. Ive changed the glow plugs buts thats not made much of a difference is any. Any other ideas? Cheers Louis
  20. thebig1

    Cold Steering Front End

    Hi Guys, Do you have the same sensation as I have on my C63s, guessing its the diff causing it. When cold and steering with full steering lock on, the front tyres feel like they are being pushed forward rther than steering? I had the same on an Audi S5 due to the 4wd system. As weather warmed...
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