1. st13phil

    Common Sense Not Required... Tower Hamlets. Girl, 5, fined £150 for lemonade stand It appears that there is at least one person with a brain present in Tower Hamlets council, just a pity that they're not on the front line :rolleyes: Stories like this fill me with confidence that the enforcement powers vested...
  2. J

    Clk amg 55 common problems

    Looking at getting a clk 55 amg with 60k, wondering what the common issues and what the price mark is? Cheers
  3. Lenny63

    The very common keyless door entry issue

    A bit like a ticking time bomb I suppose , my drivers keyless door handle stopped working after a heavy freeze yesterday ! Late last night it worked twice but then stopped working again It will Neither lock or unlock the car - all remaining 3 including boot are working fine Car was plugged...
  4. M

    E Class 220 cdi common faults

    Hi all, I'm thinking of getting a e class around a 58 plate auto 220 cdi but will have to be one with high mileage 130k plus. Can anyone tell the common faults with theses cars please. Thanks Mark.
  5. A

    Mercedes-Benz SLK - Common issues / things to look for?

    Hi all, As above, looking at an SLK250 for a family member The one in question is a 2012, 26.6k mile example SLK250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY AMG Sport 7G-Tronic Plus Questions (if someone may know the answer, haven't got round to visiting the dealer yet): - Do they have sat nav, heated...
  6. JoeyM88

    Common w204 fault??

    Had my 2010 c350 serviced at an indy today. They rang an hour after i dropped it offand said they had done a health check on the car before the service and spotted a common fault in the c class. The rear wiring loom starts to melt on either side apparently. They quoted 102 per side to fix it Is...
  7. MB James

    Are prop shaft issues common with Viano?

    I've got a 2011 Viano 85000 miles and its making a droning noise at low speeds, seems to be when its warmed up, then when I'm turning right or reversing. I thought it was coming from the rear, suspension or electronic suspension adjustment. But now I think it could be more to the middle. Would...
  8. Ultrarep

    SBC H not working any common issues to check?

    Hi all. The SBC H is not working on my 2004 S211. No other issues with the brakes at all and no warnings etc other than this which says unavailable see owners manual. Which is singularly useless and of no help at all. I know i can get it in star but before i go that that level of...
  9. N

    Is there a common point of failure?: Coolant warning light and heater fan controls

    Hi, I have an N-reg C180 (w202), and have recently had 2 issues spring up either together or within a short timeframe: - The coolant warning light has come on. I've checked the coolant level and everything looks fine, plus I've driven from Reading to Edinburgh and back without issue, so I...
  10. D

    Auto Boot release issue? Common?

    Greetings all.. Newb:D here. Only really lurked up to now. Thought i'd say hey and jump straight in with a question. Loving my new Coupe however finding that the boot release/assisted open can be quite temperamental? It unlocks and then very slowly opens up. However if it rains (i...
  11. C

    W202 catastrophic suspension failure how common?

    Hi Has anyone had a Merc with a catastrophic failure? Which caused a crash or could have been very serious? A front suspension arm on my W202 sheered in half luckily at low speed. At high speed it could have been fatal. Whole left side of the car sunk down and the wheel was hanging off...
  12. W

    M Class W164 - What should I look out for when buying? What are the common problems?

    Hi all, Basically I'm looking to replace the missus' car, and found that the second hand value of the W164 seems to be much better than the X5 and Q7. But are they cheap for a reason? What should I look out for when viewing them? And what are the common problems that I should pay...
  13. Rashman

    The Queen's arrival at common wealth games..

    Man, was that Bentley on hydraulics or do you reckon they were sampling abit of hippie hop as they rolled in?! That Bentley was literally rockin' ! :rock: lol
  14. markjay

    Various fault codes - common factor?

    My trusty 2006 W203 is not happy.... after 8 years of faultless service. It came-up on a couple of occasions with ABS / ESP faults, Tyre Pressure Monitor Unavailable etc. The fault codes behind these error messages seem somewhat spurious, and when erasing them the car then behaves for a a...
  15. S

    Cl63 - common problems?

    I'm looking for a 2007/2008 cl63 at the moment - they have around 40k - 50k on the clock at my £30k price point. I was wondering whether there are some common issues that I should be looking out for when I look at privately sold cars. I've only looked at 1 so far. It was at a dealer. It...
  16. S

    C270 CDI common rail torque values

    Can someone point me in the right direction in my search of a document that contains torque values for high pressure fuel lines attached to the common rail and the cooler line bolt (at the far end of the rail)? Car is C270 CDI with the OM612 engine. Cheers!
  17. zoffhayward

    ML Common Faults.

    Hi All, I am thinking of buying an ML430, I have a W210 Estate and a CLK convertible, both with this engine. I'm usually pretty good at picking decent cars, we have been running older mercs for 15 ish years back the 123 series estates, are there any areas that I should pay special attention...
  18. Timster

    S210 Rear Wiper - Common Fault - Solution?

    Hi Folks. I've searched the forum, and the WWW and can't find an answer although can find a lot of people with similar problem. Basically the rear wiper on my S210 Facelift has stopped working. I don't think it's the motor. Switch still illuminates, washer still works (without wiping...
  19. N

    General info needed about 2008 E Class 220 Classic - things to look for, common pobs.

    Hi there I'm thinking of buying a 2008 E class 220 Classic. I currently own a lexus 220D, and, while it's been reasonable good to me, there are some common problems people on the lexus forums would be able to tell anyone about. So the question I have is, are there any specific common problems...
  20. sprinterich

    oil leak after oil change, is there a common fault 2148cc

    Hi Guys, i'm hoping someone can help, I just had a garage change my oil, got home and spotted some drips, thought it might be just where It was changed,, no such luck, took it back to garage and can see it dripping from behind the filter housing, is there some kind of cooler there? cant really...
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