1. D

    W204 cdi conversion to c63 ???

    Hi guys ive been offered engine and running gear for a c63 My car is a 2008 W204 Donor parts are from 2013 W204 Does anyone know if i can do a powerplant swap if i change all the other bits to go with the engine? Obviously i know its going to be a big job Fuel lines/tank/ etc Just...
  2. B

    W124 seven seat conversion kit

    Not sure if pimping my own auction is allowed, and I wouldn't normally, but thought someone here might be interested. I've got an Ebay auction for a 7 seater conversion for W124 estate, mushroom leather, facelift pattern. Buyer to collect from E2. Mercedes Benz 7 seat kit for W124 estate...
  3. C

    M104 300-24 in a W201 conversion

    I've been reading many posts on this forum and others regarding the conversion and fitment of a 3.0ltr engine into a W201. Having been toying with the idea of fitting a bigger lump to my M103 2.6 engined W201 for some months, a good condition 300-24 engine has come available local to me...
  4. flango

    LED headlight conversion

    Has anyone done an LED headlight conversion by straight swap out of the bulbs? If so what bulb manufacturer did you use also what wattage and lumens. Did you get heat accumulation problems at the back of the bulb giving shorting issues etc. Don't want to get into the legality debate as have...
  5. K

    W204 facelift light conversion

    Hi there I've got a c class w204 that has had a full facelift conversion, the only problem is the front lights don't work properly, looking for someone who could point me in the direction to have the new plugs wired in right? Preferably in Manchester nw area but will travel Thanks in advance
  6. M

    New member after some DRL front fog conversion advice

    DRL on W204 C220 CDI saloon front fog lights replacement Hi Does anyone know of the best place to buy DRL to replace the W204 standard round fog lights to give my car a kind of face lift look. I've seen the odd ones on eBay but am abit sceptical! Any advice or ideas would be much...
  7. R

    My SL55 project / conversion.

    I have been on here for some time and this place is a wealth of good information and advise. I have a 2003 SL55 which I bought after looking at a few so as to find the right car as it's going to be the subject of a major transformation. The car will have a wide body conversion, with bespoke...
  8. B

    Seat conversion

    :crazy: hi guys new to the forum so yeah whad up. Just in the process of purchasing a e320 Cdi sport w211 fell in love at the first drive (gotta love German engineering) I want to turn it into a 7 seater in the boot. I'm sure people on here have done the conversion just wanted some advice pls. I...
  9. chilsta

    S124 Van

    Happened upon this for sale in Austria: Gebraucht Mercedes W124 in 5101 Lengfelden on ? 1.750,00 ? Shpock Have done some searching around and can't find anything like it. Looks like a non MB coachbuilder's conversion of an estate. Was wondering whether it was originally a hearse, but doesn't...
  10. The _Don

    C63 507 amg black series conversion

    Why oh why would you!
  11. S

    7 seater conversion for e-class estate

    Hi, I have a 5 seater w210 estate. Wanted to convert into a 7 seater so needs seats, seatblets, footwell carpet etc. All the parts to convert. Must be clean cloth or leather with no pet hairs. Can come down and remove. Thanks
  12. G

    W211 SLS spring conversion done but questions.

    I had the rear SLS on my 2003 wagon replaced by the Arnott spring kit after an airbag failed. The ride seems so much better now. I have two questions now though. The garage that did the conversion for me use AutoLogic. Is it possible with this to stop the error message I get now to 'visit...
  13. D

    W124 auto to manual gearbox conversion

    Good afternoon I think I have all the parts to convert my 300ce from auto to manual, these being; W124 manual box, clutch and flywheel from a 6 cylinder petrol Gear linkage and lever Manual box cross member Manual pedals Wood trim I haven't got a new propshaft but have a company willing...
  14. gurpz

    W124 V12 Conversion Unfinished Project

    Unfinished Project Mercedes W124 E320 with 600 V12 For Sale (1993) on Car And Classic UK [C663569]# Now that would be cool finished and working :devil:
  15. Virgovirgo71

    MB SL R230 coilover conversion for ABC

    HI. I'm in the process of changing this worn out ABC suspension to a SL suspension. It's the same as a SL350 but there's 5 important things to complete must be done. 1. Front torsion bar 2. Rear torsion bar 3. Replace tandem pump to a single pump 4. ABC delete and data card. 5. 20 hours labour.
  16. M

    US Import R107 to UK - Headlight Conversion RHD

    Hi, I have just imported an R107 380 from the USA to the UK. I was hoping to get some advice \ instructions on how to convert the headlights for RHD. I want to keep the US twin head headlights. Also if anybody has any clever advice for how to neatly create a rear fog light. I would...
  17. Druk

    Rack and Pinion Conversion

    Hypothetically (at the mo) if Dave were to strip the old steering box system from a pre-90's Merc and replace it with a rack from a 2000 car can anyone foresee any problems or objections? :dk: :D
  18. L

    Abc coil Spring conversion

    First off hello to everyone lm new on here so I'm just finding my feet Has anybody converted their w215 to coil springs and if so how did you fix the electronics Also the 2green wires that come from the abc module in there own plug could some one tell what voltage they carry with no warning...
  19. DanMorgan

    Unfinished W124 V12 Conversion (CAC)

    Unfinished Project Mercedes W124 E320 with 600 V12 For Sale (1993) on Car And Classic UK [C663569]
  20. U

    SEC Wide body conversion HELP

    Hi All, Thanks for the welcome in to the family. I am working towards building a wide body replica, mainly from the outside but I could be tempted to do interior too, just have to keep an eye on the costs. If anyone has any parts or contacts that could help me source the bits I need it would...
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