1. Felstmiester

    Facelift parts for pre conversion

    Apart from the obvious. Bonnet, bumper, lights, grill. What else is needed? Also would go oem with bonnet and bumper but would go with the plug n play eBay headlights.
  2. M

    2015 W212 Partial LED headlights conversion

    Hey all, I am the proud owner of a 2015 E220 AMG Spec. Love this car however it didn't come with the FULL LED headlights only partial ones. I love the design of the FULL LED headlights which are on the 2015 and 16 models. (W212) does anyone know if they would fit as a direct...
  3. Lipsylee

    Big front brake conversion - are what pads are they !!!!

    Hello hopefully somone on here can help me , I have some big brakes on my merc Clk apparently there from Euro car parts and cost £2600 ! Anyway the front pads are in desperate need of changing so I took the pad off and drew round it . I can't see any numbers etc . I have left this with...
  4. Max Shine

    Facelift Bumper conversion?

    Does the 2013 E220 Estate Facelift Rear Bumper fit onto the 2012 E220 Estate?
  5. L

    W163 7 Seat Conversion advice

    Hi, I've a C180k sports coupe (hatchback) and a third baby is forcing me to get a bigger car. I'm thinking a 2003 ML270. I've seen a nice one locally however it's a 5 seat and I really want a 7 seater. There are no 7 seaters for sale locally at the moment etc. The seller of the local 5 seater...
  6. biturbo

    w211 7 seat black conversion

    Hi, I have a 5 seater w211 and after converting to 7 seat. Anyone know of anyone breaking a 7 seater and will swap out the components needed for 7 seat conversion. Cheers
  7. B

    W639 VITO - Barn Door Conversion

    I have a Vito LWB. Up and Over rear Door. Would like to convert to barn Door type. Has anyone tried this. Is it complicated ? Any suggestions on where to get parts or what costs would be.
  8. astamir

    w209 clk500 conversion to clk55

    Hi guys! Friend of mine has a clk500 that he wants to convert to clk55 if it's not a big job to do, I mean if it's only an engine swap and few other bits. He wanted to know what exactly he would need to swap if anyone from here ever done it or any tips and advice from the experts here would be...
  9. W

    W639 111CDI DMF to SMF conversion?

    Hi, Anyone experienced Vito 111CDI DMF to SMF converion? I Think I have to replace mine soon and I'm think about a conversion to SMF. The symptoms are trepidation in 1st gear when starting away and sudden stop when stop the engine.. not a smooth one. I use to drive smoothly. The price of a...
  10. daveenty

    My Garage Ceiling Conversion

    I posted a thread HERE asking about a structural surveyor a bit ago, regarding altering the ceiling height in my little garage at home. It ended up with several responses, mostly encouraging, so thanks for those. I promised there that I would write a quick report on the build, though this ended...
  11. A

    w210 super turbo conversion

    Hi to all, just wonder how much will cost to convert my e300 TD 1998 into superturbo beast , or will it be easier just to buy e270 cdi, 2003 -2005 with manual gearbox, stick in it OM 606 engine, and buy e300 non turbo diesel mechanical pump advice needed please
  12. S

    R Class conversion to & seats

    Hi Not been here for years, sold my trusty rusty C230k 3years ago, still drive a Mercedes Vito for the last 4 1/2 years, now looking to buy an R class, now there are many 6 seaters out there but I need 7, has anyone converted one, I was thinking I might need a full middle row of seats from a...
  13. D

    Vito W447 DRL's conversion?

    Hello, I've just taken delivery off a Vito. Nothing special but a nice van all the same. As it was a van from stock I couldn't opt for any extras. The standard DRL's are comparable to a couple of candles off a child's birthday cake. (See Below). Does anyone know if these bulbs can be...
  14. rangy

    205 c class 250d sport,conversion to c63

    I have purchased a C Class 205 250d Sport 2015 (bought outright 3 months old) I was not happy with it,the trim was a disgrace coming from Mercedes with its fake exhaust trim and see this on lots of models. However,I thought i would change the look myself,so i did some research and came up with...
  15. P

    Face Lift Conversion W207 to C207

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and looking around seems like a nice place. I have an E Class convert and have been thinking of doing a face lift conversion. i have tried to find someone on this forum that has already done it but had no joy. I have found a bumper and a pair of headlights going...
  16. Abcan

    LED interior conversion

    Hi I'm looking to swap the interior bulbs on my S212 to LEDs. I've seen Killerhertz name mentioned as someone who can supply decent LEDs. I'm unable to PM him as I'm a fairly new member and don't have enough posts. Hopefully he'll read this and contact me somehow. Thanks
  17. brunotxu

    W123 turbo conversion

    Hi there, has anyone thought about converting their diesel W123 to a turbo? I saw this ad on Car and Classic, which piqued my interest. I could do a lot with 200 BHP (wasn't sure about the 20K price tag, mind you...) Mercedes W123 300TD With Turbo Upgrade For Sale (1983) on Car And Classic UK...
  18. B

    S320 W220 LPG Conversion ??

    Looking at purchasing an older W220 S320 and converting to LPG for Taxi work, have run several converted vehicles in the past with very little in the way of issues with the LPG covered around 70k on LPG in 2 E39 525i’s last one was written off a month ago when someone felt the back of my car...
  19. T

    Wheelchair Conversion Citan Traveliner

    Need some help please you wonderful MBClub people. So the aim is to convert a Citan Traveliner (latest model) into a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Basically it needs all the features of a Peugeot Partner Horizon - video here.... Question...
  20. T

    Wheelchair Conversion Citan Traveliner

    Need some help please you wonderful MBClub people. So the aim is to convert a Citan Traveliner (latest model) into a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Basically it needs all the features of a Peugeot Partner Horizon - video here.... Question...
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