1. T

    iPod 30pin to bluetooth receivers - anyone used?

    Hi All Was just wondering if anyones tried or had any luck with the variety of cheap bluetooth receivers that convert your 30pin iPod connector to receive bluetooth? I have a 2011 W212 with the Audio 50 interface, at the moment i've got an old iPod permanently connected but i've seen devices...
  2. markjay

    Headlamp Beam Converters for Continental Driving

    I mean these: Are they mandatory for driving in France? And also is it legal to drive with these when I am back in the UK, or would I need to take them off immediately after crossing back from France? Thank you...
  3. gramey

    R129 SL320 replacement catalytic converters?

    I'm told the rattling sound coming from underneath my 2000 R129 SL320 is the catalytic converters breaking up. Other than the OEM ones which are very expensive has anyone had after market cats fitted and if so would you recommend them or not? :confused: Any advice greatly appreciated.
  4. gramey

    SL320 V6 catalytic converters

    Does anyone have any recommendations regarding replacement of the cats on my R129 2000 SL320. I appreciate genuine parts are probably best but the price is a little steep. I didn't know if anyone has fitted aftermarket ones which were still a good fit? :)
  5. pnevesfoto

    Torque converters- how do they work!

    I found this interesting and worth sharing: Torque Converter Movie:
  6. T

    CL500 Catalyst Converters

    Both of my Catalyst Converters is broken inside. This is expected as the car is 10 years old. I took it to my local indi and I got a quote of £1700 for genuine MB parts and £1400 for after market parts. I found loads online total £400 for both. I do know that the quality will not be as good...
  7. Ratz

    Catalytic converters stolen

    The latest trend in Cheshire is to steal catalytic converters from cars whilst parked in quiet areas or public carparks. One of my colleagues had theirs stolen during working hours while parked in the company carpark. Evidently they just 'cut' out the relevant section and are gone! Not sure...
  8. U

    Its back......from the converters

    :bannana:Well i finally got my car back from the LPG converter..:bannana: been a week without the car and had been missed. As i mentioned way back in mid Feb I was going to get it LPG converted well it has been done and only had a few miles init, so far the car drives just as it dose on...
  9. KNU7S

    Scrap catalytic converters

    Hi all, bit of advice i have several old and 1 new catalytic converters what should I expecty for them as scrap 1 is new (non genuine) 2 are used (genuine) 1 is used (non genuine) I think if they are non genuine the amount of platinum is less? but i cocud be wrong. Thanks Tim
  10. I

    Headlamp Converters for B-Blass

    are the ones from Halfords compatible? thanks.
  11. GordonTarling

    W210 headlamp converters?

    My handbook says that headlight converters for continental driving are available from dealer and only these should be used in order not to affect the plastic lenses. Dealer is adamant that there is nothing available! Others must have come across this problem, so what did you do?
  12. D

    WANTED : W124 Headlamp beam converters for abroad

    Stealership parts department say that these are no longer available for UK cars for W124 . Can anyone help? I'd prefer mercedes parts to anything at Halfords... Cheers Les Extra bit - could I just change the glass lenses at the front for LHD ones or would I need to change the whole...
  13. R

    C36 Catalytic Converters

    Hi all, I've got to replace my cats on my C36 AMG, I've had 2 prices so far for stainless steel performance replacements, 1 is from a company called 'MIJ Performance' in Wallsall who are quoting £350 fully fitted and 1 from a local company called 'Torque Exhausts Ltd' for £700 fitted. The...
  14. D

    headlamps: protectors and beam converters

    Dear All I need to source the following for a 1994 300TD (estate)... 1 Beam converter / masks for driving an RHD vehicle on the wrong side of the road. 2 Some sort of protectors for the front headlamps to stop russian stones breaking the glass. These are "holiday" items so need to be...
  15. D

    W124 Catalytic converters

    Dear All Quick Question When were catalytic converters introduced for the W124 series? I thought about 1989 but now I'm not so sure... Any thoughts appreciated. Rgds Les edit:found the answer on another forum late last night. Cars made after 1 august 1992 must have cats, earlier cars...
  16. M

    Aerials GPS + GSM, adaptors, leads, converters

    I found this link to a company in Finland. Has a wide range of Wiclic and HRS connector adaptors. Would be a useful resource to any person wanting a wide choice of antennas and still wanting to maintain the MB connections...
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