1. HB

    Defecting B4stard

    You know who you are.
  2. John

    XJ / XF - not necessarily defecting!

    I will be moving the E55 on but I have no idea when really at this stage. However, I like to look into possible alternatives for the future. I am a bit bored of the usual German offerings and am considering something a bit off the beaten track. I quite like the current XJ shape and...
  3. L

    defecting BMW owner

    After 16 years of trouble free motoring in BMW 5 series including an impressively quick E34 540 manual, i have crossed the line after being seduced by a stunning 06 CLS 320cdi with a MB service history and only 26k on the clock and all the toys, all mine for a snip at £12,900. A bargain, or is...
  4. Gollom

    Maybe defecting...

    The CLK is totally sweet as a nut engine-wise, but I suspect it will need some work very shortly on the suspension/bushes area, a/c sorting, couple of new tyres and perhaps more costly, rust sorting (edges and corners but also some patches on one door) I am guessing that little lot may come to a...
  5. S

    Defecting and not before time

    Hi. Had enough over 11 years and 3 MB E320CDIs. Dealers are arrogant, dismissive bunch and after 11 years I've had enough of the .... from them, so much so that I'm changing from MB to Jaguar and BMW. I've put some £120k into MB over the past 11 years and now I've broken the MB spell...
  6. D

    Half defecting

    Pick up a new motor tomorrow, will still have the Mrs SLK320 so only half a defection. Actually I defected 2.5 years ago to a 3 series estate for a few months but kept it quiet - seemed to have got away with it! Really looking forward to a new (to me) car and might even give it a clean...
  7. jonnyboy

    defecting? well, sort of, sort of not !

    Been kind of forced into selling the q7 and downsizing for a while - the ankle problems and loss of ability to earn have really impacted, and there's at least another 6-10 weeks of it. Add in the economic climate, fuel costs, blah blah blah. Gutted but it is the right decision. My mate and I are...
  8. markjay

    Another ex-loyalist defecting to the opposition

    Er... no, this is not about the Middle East. Today my car has officially defected from the Mercedes Benz service network, where it was a loyal follower for a number of years, to the wonderful world of Indie service. Yes, I went to see Olly (Black55) today for my B Service, and I am not...
  9. BIG Sean

    Defecting to the dark side

    I'll say it quick - got a *** 523i coming tomorrow, same vintage but less rust! Dad is having the C280 so at least I'll still see her.
  10. SilverSaloon


    Looking likely i'll be buying an Alfa Romeo tommorow :ban: had a 146 a few years back. nice car. :bannana:
  11. Colin_b

    Not really defecting, as such...

    Our trusty Clio 182 has gone, and been replaced by a 75bhp Vauxhall 1.3 turbo diesel. The idea being cheap to run - economical, £35 tax, low insurance group. Nice and green, she says, probably to assuage guilt caused by the SLK:) The idea of a 1.2 ton car with a 75bhp engine didn't lead me...
  12. Bobby Dazzler

    Defecting to the increasingly bright side?

    Everyone speaks of defecting to the dark side. Well I like to be different, so why not defect to the bright side? Well if the sun rises there, then it must be increasingly bright. ;) Over recent months I've mulled over a switch to the Porsche Boxster, Mercedes C63 AMG, SMART ForTwo, and...
  13. Tony M

    Still Defecting

    I defected about 30 monts ago and bought a Porrche 996 Turbo. It has now been sold and replaced by this 997 Turbo.:bannana: Yes it is Brown, or in Porsche speak... Macadamia
  14. D

    I'm defecting!

    After a fairly short stint in my CLK 320, I have just ordered a new BMW 123d M sport. I love the CLK it is a really beautiful car, it is just I am having to use my car more now for work and with the fuel prices being what they are and some very attractive deals from BMW, I am crossing to the...
  15. JJM

    Defecting to BMW

    Sorry guys but ive just bought a new shape BMW 525d M Sport which I hope will live up to expectations. Unfortunately I feel very let down by Mercedes, having owned my car for 18 months I have just experienced too many problems to ever consider buying one again. Such a shame for my first...
  16. wobbly

    Part Defecting.

    I have owned my 320ML for three and a half years, the longest I have ever owned a car. I know there is a lot of people who critisise the ML, but I must say I have enjoyed the time with the car, and has given me very little trouble over the 45,000 mile I have covered. But Its now time for a...
  17. G

    I may be defecting

    After much woe with my (1st) Mercedes, a ML270Cdi - Loved the car, hated the probs and poor reliability and build quality.... I am currently looking at a 2004 Volvo XC90 Exec 2.4 D5 Geartronic, and a 2005 Toyota Landcruiser LC5 3.0 D-4D Auto.... Shame on me.... Mike
  18. SportsCoupeRich

    So then. Defecting am I?

    As many of you are aware, the C class coupe has been up for sale and the Porsche Boxster S was on its way in. Great, I thought. I have always loved Porsches and really really want one. Then I got offered a 04 clk320 so I am having that instead....guess I couldnt leave the marque just yet!
  19. scumbag

    Gone Mad!!! (defecting)

    how stupid is this?:confused:,17,159 I will let you know when it arrives next month!:crazy:
  20. kbhogalW126


    Right, As you have probably seen, I have been trying tsell our little Peugeot 206 to allow us to get something a bit bigger. We were looking for a good W124 or a W203 C-Class. In the end I got a good deal on a December '03 Volvo, yes Volvo S60 which should be delivered this week...
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