1. P

    Panasonic Toughbook Diagnostic

    As I will be selling my car soon I will no longer need this Diagnostics laptop any more. I paid just under £300.00 and I am asking £200.00 plus postage of £145.00 next day delivery. Its a Toughbook which are very robust and its only for diagnostics. It comes with the Mercedes multiplexer and...
  2. M

    Diagnostic Trouble

    I'm new to the site so bear with me if I dont use it quite right to start off with! Does anybody know where I can take my 2005 E220cdi for an engine diagnostic check. Mercedes want way too much just to plug in a tool in my opinion. My financial situation is tight at the moment and need to find...
  3. B

    Diagnostic scanner code reader reset fault lights

    Hi all, I know there has been posted about this before I own a 2005 slk350 and I'm looking to buy a good quality DIY Diagnostic scanner/reader that will find/fix and reset all/most faults , I have had a look on the internet and there are so many on the market that the more research I do the...
  4. vijilants

    Diagnostic tool that uses the mobile phone

    Looks interesting: XTOOL iOBD2 on-board diagnostic tool | Auto Express
  5. D

    W245 - strange behaviour as of yesterday - Engine Diagnostic Lamp

    B180CDI - 2005 M/Y So the last couple of days have been very wierd. No change of use pattern, all has been well, until a re-fuel the day before yesterday. Millers Ecomax in the tank as always for the last 6 months. Yesterday, wife was driving as normal and she reported it was gutless, no...
  6. terry@yarmouth

    engine diagnostic light

    yesterday went to start car as normal. c200k 2002. engine turned over with lots of stuttering and backfiring. turned it off quick.checked under bonnet couldnt see anything obvious, loose wires, fuel leak etc. gave it another go, engine fired up normally.going down the road suddenly all dash...
  7. GlenQ

    Air leak diagnostic

    I've recently had a service on my LPG system and during the test the engineer informed me that the LPG control software was reporting the engine was running a little rich (petrol and LPG) and the likely cause would be a small air leak in the air intake system. This problem was not severe enough...
  8. mercedescl500

    Help with diagnostic MM13 Engine Mounts with pics

    Hi all, I just removed the engine mounts from my CL, pics attached. The mounts are not leaking and are still of equal height. However there is quite alot of cracking in the top mounting area around the rubber neck. Can anyone help with a definitive answer as to whether they are shot or not? I...
  9. L

    1995 w202 diagnostic socket pinout

    Hello i wonder if anyone have pinout diagram of the diagnostic socket on a w202 1995 C180? got a issue with connecting my star machine it does not react when i turn on the ignition on this car the machine works just fine with the other cars so that is not the problem :) Lars
  10. P

    ABS, BAS, SRS lights on Mercedes W202 1998 (Diagnostic Tool needed)

    I have a Mercedes C200 W202 1998 petrol estate. The SRS, ABS, BAS lights are on and the service mileage needs resetting. There is a 38 pin round connector under the bonnet, I don't think it has a 16 pin connector in the car (I could be wrong) I am looking for some diagnostic tools that will...
  11. Z

    a140 wont give any diagnostic codes

    Hi, I have a w reg a140. it has always shown diagnostic codes when i have taken it to my local garage. Recently wont start, however when plugged into garages diagnostic machine wont connect or show any codes, had another garage bring his delux equipment still wont give up any codes, in fact...
  12. T

    Mercedes diagnostic tool

    Hi all, I new to the forum, my Mercedes '03 C180K has just developed a fault, there is a problem with the idle, another post later !. I thought it would be the right time to buy a Mercedes diagnostic tool, can anyone recommend one from all the ones advertised on ebay ?. Regards Terry
  13. M

    C270 CDI EML on but diagnostic shows no fault codes

    Hi All, I am new to the forum. Hoping some of your experties may help me identify my issue. I have a 2004 C270 CDI. My engine management light (eml) came on a few days ago. I took it down to my local Benz specialist (not MB) and he ran a diagnostic on the the car; diagnostic showed no...
  14. GlenQ

    S500 38 pin diagnostic socket

    My S500L W220 (1999/2000) has an OBDII socket under the dash on the drivers side. I am informed that it should also have a 38 pin diagnostic socket in the engine bay but no matter how hard I try I can't find it. Can anyone tell me it's location on my vehicle (a picture would be nice)
  15. astamir

    Mercedes w211 e320 cdi diagnostic tool

    Hi I'm looking to buy a diagnostic machine for my w211 e320 cdi. Any advice which machine shall I buy would help. Thanks in advance guys
  16. S

    engine diagnostic warning light

    Hi All My engine diagnostic warning light came on, what does this mean? I have an SLK280 (2007)
  17. P

    Diagnostic: £103 (+vat) !!!

    Is this a record? My E270 Estate has been telling me to "Visit Workshop", with a picture of my car with an arrow pointing upwards, since before Christmas. I had to go to the main dealers for some more bits for the car and thought I would have a quick word with the service department to find...
  18. D

    Star Diagnostic In Dundee

    Hi there, I was wondering if someone had a star diagnostic system in the dundee area. My w220 S500 is not starting and I can't afford to hand it into a dealer just now. All the specialists wont come out to me. Will pay for the service. Thankyou
  19. R

    Engine diagnostic light after battery booster

    Rather unpleasant surprise this morning: car was left unused for just over two weeks, didn't expect battery to go flat like that, but it did :wallbash: Car wouldn't start, so had to call AA to get it going. Have to say: very impressed with them - turned up in less than 20min, recharged the...
  20. spinaltap

    REV iPhone Diagnostic App

    On looking for something else on the web, I came across the REV diagnostic app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Has anyone tried this on their car? DevToaster - Rev - iPhone app development, Great iPhone apps, and more
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