1. jim_bob567

    Mercedes diagnostic equipment

    Anyone think this could work? I'm wanting to do some coding for mirrors and lights etc... but I'm sure STAR is the only way. Any help? Car Diagnostic Tools + Tuning + Remapping Mercedes 38 PIN + BMW 20 Pin + VAG OBD | eBay
  2. poormansporsche

    300 24v diagnostic port - does it actually do anything useful ?

    and what do I need to read from it, as my mechanic now thinks I may have a electrical problem which is causing random stalling cheers Brett
  3. D

    Computer diagnostic equipment?

    I wanted to get some affordable diagnostic equipment to check my car, my dad's car, and help me with the search and purchase of a new (used) car. It need not be new, as long as it supports 5-6+ year old cars, including VW, Skoda, Toyota, Merc, perhaps Ford. Used is fine. Thanks in advance.
  4. M

    w208 clk diagnostic socket location?

    Hi, Where is the diagnostic socket on a uk car rhd 1997 clk 320 ? I looked under handbrake realase area but couldnt see anything and also under bonnet at fuses box ? Any idea ? Thanks.
  5. I

    OBD2 Diagnostic Program's

    Hi All. Does anyone know of an OBD2 program that will fully work on Mercedes cars? I have tried numerous different ones, some will not even log on, and some will not recognize the ecu. However, I have two that will work, but only give the very basic readouts, ie: no more info than you can get...
  6. N

    SL55 Diagnostic Trouble Codes

    Anyone know where I can find a list of DTC's for an SL55?
  7. C

    CLK Diagnostic Problem

    My CLK200 Kompressor, year 2000, has a 38 pin diagnostic connector. There appears to be no voltage at pin 3 (12v?). Does anybody have any suggestions as to why?
  8. Borys

    Diagnostic problem w202

    Hi guys, I owe a 1995 c36. I had a problem with srs,abs and ets lights on. I connected the diagnostic tool and did solve the airbag no probs. It seems that diagnostic tool doesn't want to link with any other module on the car.Cannot get to the engine,gearbox or the abs. Tool worked on other...

    M272 Engine Diagnostic Light

    Hello all I have just bought a used W203 c280 estate with 26.5 k on the clock from an independent garage. After a few days the check engine light came on !! I took it to a local indy specialist in East London (Hainault) where the tech told me that their Star diagnostic machines did not have...
  10. T

    Diagnostic software

    hi All I was thinking of getting my own software to sort problems out with the car. Anyone got any experience/knowledge of this, never done it before. I was looking at buying Carsoft Mercedes-Benz 7.4, seems like it does all you want it to do. Your comments are appreciated. Thanks
  11. K

    Diagnostic Port Location

    Hi, Can any one confirm that the diagnostic terminal is located at the right hand side of the engine compartment fastened to the bulkhead infront of the fuse box with 16 terminals ? The car is a 1995 W124 e200. I thought the conector was a round socket affar, but cant find one on my car...
  12. amg3.6

    Comand to diagnostic port W202

    What colour wire should it be from comand to the diagnostic port? Is this wire all ready in place? I think i have read some where its grey and the wire needs to move from 33 to 34 in the diagnostic port is this correct? I have w202.
  13. BenzedUP

    Mercedes Diagnostic device

    I have a Diagnostic device, 4 months old, very handy.:thumb: £20+5 P&P PM if interested, thanks.
  14. englishdas

    OBD2 Universal Diagnostic Scan Tool Auto code reader

    Do these work? OBD2 Universal Diagnostic Scan Tool Auto code reader on eBay (end time 09-Jan-11 07:02:24 GMT) Is it one of those things that in the wrong hands is... well, bad?
  15. F

    Which Diagnostic Software and Lead for C180 2002?

    I use VagCom for my VW which is a simple OBD lead plugged into my laptop and tbh is awesome.. Is there anything like it for Mercedes? I don't want to be buying a diagnostic tool and any software I could download for free or a purchase would be ideal. The lead I use for VagCom is a 9 pin...
  16. R

    Diagnostic codes 300CE-24

    Hello All, Back to my 300CE-24 type W124.051. Bosch KE injection with EZL, 5-speed 722.5 box etc. etc. Started reading some codes today. Please bear in mind that I've already used my home made box to read and clear a gearbox fault that prevented 4th gear remaining engaged and generally made...
  17. ronka30

    star diagnostic

    hallo all! i want to know how much price used and original "star diagnostic" ? Where is i can to buy it , ebay only ? thank you for reply.
  18. C


    can anyone reconmend a cheap and good diagnostics fault reader so i can clear my srs warning light, its for a w203 coupe
  19. W

    Any VAG owners here that have used Ross-Tech diagnostic software?

    I'm struggling a bit and would appreciate some help. Car is a 2004 Auid A2. I'm using Windows 7. I have a KKL+CAN BUS USB 409.1 compatible cable. After installing the Ross-tech VCDS-Lite version I plug in the USB cable, then launch the application. I check in my Control Panel Device Manager...
  20. D

    Engine diagnostic warning light

    Engine diagnostic warning light came on this morning after filling up with petrol? No malfuction message and running fine ? How do I cancel the warning light?
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