1. M

    W203 Engine Management / Diagnostic Light

    My 2005 W203 C230 V6 has been running cool for the last week or so and I suspected that the thermostat may have gone. It takes 4 or 5 miles to warm up and even then doesn't quite reach the 80 degrees it normally runs at. On a downhill run with not much power on the throttle the temperature drops...
  2. BlackC55

    Star Diagnostic machine for sale

    Only 8 months old running 08/09 sofware Comes complete with all cables including Sprinter Van. In fanstaic order and works well. Comes with WIS/ASRA too. Bargain at £750 I sold my last one very quickly (within hours) so be quick
  3. Uncle Fester

    Has anyone used one of these diagnostic tool>

    If so, do they work, and are they a worthwhile investment? Code Fault Diagnostic Reader for Mercedes A C E S CLASS on eBay (end time 13-Jul-10 22:44:51 BST)
  4. scorpie

    Acronyms of Diagnostic Codes

    Hi All, I hope this helps to decipher the DTC's codes you may get, Regards, Scorpie Mercedes-Benz Technical Acronyms These acronyms are related to Mercedes-Benz vehicles. You can see these acronyms while using diagnostic software and automotive diagnostic tools like OBD scanners or...
  5. dave.partridge

    Diagnostic Fee

    Is the practice of charging £58 or so for a main dealer to even look at the car now business as usual? That's sad if so. Almost as worrying as the description of the DC1103 training course on the MBUK web site which has the following amongst its objectives - To develop a "sell not...
  6. L

    Ml270 Diagnostic Scanner

    Can anyone tell me which scanner would be ok to buy for an ML270. So I can diagnose a few faults and clear them. Cheers
  7. Howard

    Can someone point me towards Wills guide to the air con panel diagnostic

    As above I remember Will posted up a guide on how to interogate your climate control panel on the w208 to get various info. I can't find it for the life of me.
  8. markjay

    Recommended code-reader / diagnostic?

    Can anyone recommend a code reader or diagnostic tool, either hand-held or PC based, that covers current Mercs? Ideally something that covers more than just engine and transmission, i.e. also ABS, SRS, etc.... thanks.
  9. christopherwk

    Engine diagnostic warning lamp on - is it to do with the fuel I buy?

    Today, the engine diagnostic warning lamp lit up, and the engine is not running at full power, although it's not a cause for concern, the car can still safely travel at motorway speeds. Over the past week or so, I've been filling up with diesel from Sainsbury's (to cut costs), and wondering if...
  10. T

    star diagnostic lead

    Hi all, thought this might be of interest to someone. Mercedes-Benz Star Diagnosis Lead on eBay (end time 27-Apr-10 00:04:47 BST) andy.
  11. LTD

    (W220) Engine Diagnostic light on

    Well, I suppose it had to happen some day ....... I got my first warning light on the W220 - the yellow Engine Diagnostic indicator. Handbook suggests 'fuel system, ignition system, exhaust system problem - consult dealer' So I'll be phoning the Indy to see if he can look at it tomorrow...
  12. HughJarse

    DIagnostic code reader

    This is a diagnostic code reader for mercedes. It has the quadrilateral type plug. THis is the kind EXAMPLE Mercedes Benz S E Class Code Reader Scanner OBD2 c/clk^ on eBay (end time 13-Apr-10 19:59:49 BST) To be honest, I dont think ive used it ( I really cant remember) £15 free delivery to...
  13. J

    Where can I get a four gas analysis diagnostic report?

    Does anyone know whether I should be able to get a four gas analysis diagnostic report done at any mot centre, or do I need to go to mercedes specialist/dealer?? I have a CLK 230K and need the report to try and cover warranty on failed cat converter. Help please, starting to pull my hair out...
  14. flat6buster

    engine diagnostic light

    E430 Yr 2000 Wonder if anyone has advice for me please? My Engine Diagnostic Light came on yesterday and I'm not sure where to take the car to be inspected. I'm in North Cornwall and the only specialists I've heard of are in Exeter and Newton Abbot, the nearest being over an hour away. It...
  15. BlackC55

    Star diagnostic machine for sale

    I have my Star for sale as I have bought a new one. It is running 2008 software and works perfectly. It has the 16pin, 32pin and sprinter cables and will work straight away. It will read and help you diagnose faults with ease. I will also offer some help using it. It also has the Porsche...
  16. P

    Diagnostic Tools -w211

    What is the best (DIY affordable) tool for fault finding the electronics on the W211? Obviously a Star/Xentry system would be favourite, but is hardly affordable for the DIY enthusiast. I would like to be able to see whats happening engine, gearbox & driving systems wise and also reset fault...
  17. cipijoint

    Is it some ignition signal to diagnostic conector?

    I have some Mb units on my desk and i want to experiment Das Dev. on it. I experinced on people cars but its not a wise to do that often because some mistake can damage software.. so now Using the correct OBD2 conector and wires , can hi can low, Kbus,power and wired to the ECU of an E200 CDI...
  18. dervdoc

    snapon ethos diagnostic scanner

    i am selling this one as i am upgrading to the modis, its on 8.2 software,it cost me over £1600 little over a year ago, have looked about to see what there making and i think £750 ono is very cheap for the full kit that i am selling http://www1.snapon.com/ethos ETHOS is an affordable...
  19. K

    Engine diagnostic indicator lamp on E320

    My car is a 2001 petrol E320 Avant garde. I drove it to work this morning and all was fine, started it to come home at 4pm an the Engine diagnostic indicator lamp stayed on. when i got home i popped the bonnet and had a general fiddle, unplugged things and pluged them back in etc, then i noticed...
  20. F

    Engine Diagnostic Warning Light SLK200

    Any advice to help solve my problem would be gratefully received! On my way home from work today the engine diagnostic light illuminated on the dashboard. My SLK is a 200k, 2001 model, manual gearbox with 81,000 miles. I have never had any problems with it during my 4 years of ownership until...
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