1. S

    Help with diagnostic code

    hi all I have got a Code of P0705 - Tramsmission Range Sensor A Circuit Can anyone tell me what this is and how I can fix it . Thanks
  2. andrew-w

    Engine Diagnostic tool

    I have been looking at buying and engine diagnostic tool and have been looking at the ICarsoft CR Plus Has anyone got any views on this or used it? Andrew
  3. B

    Diagnostic Test advice Please

    Hi Folks, Just had the car at the garage and it has the following DTCs P2035 - Control Unit (ECU) P2036 - Secondary Air inlet P2029 - Road Speed Signal P200A - Throttle Potentiometer P201B - Random/Multiple Misfire detected C1024 - CAN Communication with the engine system is faulty C1210 -...
  4. T

    Star Diagnostic!

    Hi Is there anyone near Middlesbrough that has Star that could help me out with engine management light on??? Thanks In Advance!
  5. J

    Bromley Star Diagnostic Needed!

    My r129 SL500 is playing up (gearbox related) and I desperately need a diagnostic on a Star machine. Would take it to my usual mechanic but he's 40 miles away and it currently won't shift out of first gear when driving. Can anyone recommend an independent (reputable) who can pull off any fault...
  6. urgi

    Please need Diagnostic STAR COLCHESTER area V-series 447 (639/2)

    Hi everyone I would like to ask for help. We need to erase fault of airback at Mercedes V series 2015 W447 (639/2) We looking for someone in Colchester area have STAR diagnostic C4 hope so can do it. please email or PM ;)
  7. C

    Diagnostic port

    Hi, have a 2003 clk 320 I think its a w209 does anybody know where I would find the diagnostic port and whether its a normal 16 pin or different ? Cheers charlie
  8. zeemax100

    What can be done with Diagnostic tool?

    A friend of mine who runs a small workshop has just bought a Mercedes Diagnostic tool. I have a 2004 model clk55 AMG, standard apart from quad exhaust, fitted after secondary cats, pretty much straight through pipes after. When driving slowly in Auto, the gearbox changes so that at times I am...
  9. I

    Carsoft 7.4 Diagnostic tool

    Hello, I have a Carsoft 7.4 diagnostic tool for sale. Only used a handful of times on my 2002 E-class estate which I no longer have. All worked fine, mainly used to diagnose airbag fault and abs fault. This works fine on cars up to 2004 I believe. I ran this on a Dell D630 laptop...
  10. A

    Star Diagnostic in leeds?? Anyone?

    need to run a diagnostic on my E220 W211 in leeds? anyone?
  11. astamir


    Hi guys Looking for a good universal diagnostic machine that i can use on mercs and others. To save a bit I would go for the software with laptop to connect through OBD2 if that would work with mercs and other cars. Do you guys know where to get from or to download software for laptop from ? Cheers
  12. O

    420SEC Diagnostic Codes.

    420SEC (W126 046) In an attempt to solve some erratic revs problem on my 420SEC 1991, I have constructed a basic code reader tool and plugged it in to my diagnostic socket. HOWEVER: The 8 pin diagnostic socket on my car has only two terminals, 1 and 7 connected!! Also I get the codes 12, 30...
  13. C


    Hi I have the abs bas and esp lights on the dash illuminated. I had the car read on star and it needed a wheel sensor and a steering angle sensor. Question is, is their any other software I can use other than star to reset abs? Oh the cars a e320 cdi.
  14. T

    Autoaid diagnostic

    had a couple of issues with srs warning light on my 111 cdi vito w639 and thought I'd have a go using an autoaid diagnostic kit I bought off ebay last month from Germany great bit of kit , hadn't used one before , followed basic instructions and worked no bother first time , cleared srs ecu dtc...
  15. Pontoneer

    EOBD diagnostic tools

    Further to my thread in the 'engine' section ( http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/engine/181620-using-eobd-code-readers-merc.html ) asking about DIY diagnostic tools , which can be plugged into the EOBD port on newer cars and used to display fault codes , I thought it worth starting a more...
  16. M

    1999 clk430 diagnostic socket location

    Hi, As per title above. I know this sounds like a silly question but I've looked all over in the cockpit for the diagnostic socket location. Could someone point me in the right direction on where I can connect my diagnostic reader.?:wallbash: Thanks
  17. V8Rumble

    Diagnostic socket S430

    Started the S430 today and as I was driving it felt like it was only firing on four cylinders but picked up at 3/4 throttle, After stopping and restarting all was okay which I put down to the rain and damp(old school I know) so my question is where is the diagnostic socket so I can check any...
  18. M

    OBD Diagnostic Tool and Star?

    I have the Torque app and a bluetooth OBD II dongle.. Was just wandering, do all fault codes show on both the OBD scanners and Star scanner? Or is there some MB faults that only Star can pick up?
  19. J

    Fault code 0722 + engine diagnostic light ON

    The CLS250CDI is one year old, and the faulty (suspected)part was replaced under warranty. No speed sensor ref gear change. Higher RPM for change during acceleration, and no KiCK DOWN with full throttle. The car is now behaving normally, but the final passing shot was that should the problem...
  20. J

    Engine diagnostic light ON

    Light illuminated on start up. Intermittent problem code 0722 00. Speed sensor with gear change. Higher RPM to change gear during acceleration and NO KICK DOWN ; also poor acceleration. Are the two issues linked? Any other thoughts?
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