1. cws196

    What does your local main dealer charge for a diagnostic?

    As per title, interested to see how rates vary.
  2. B

    mercedes star diagnostic

    Hi does any one know whats the best way to buy a star diagnostic kit.and how much.i got 2 jobs to do
  3. J

    W215 Star Diagnostic possible central gateway issue

    I have some unexpected test results on Star and would like to find out if they are a problem. When I connect star it says it is unable to connect to the central gateway and asks me to enter details such as steering mode and VIN. After running a quick test I get this: I am expecting...
  4. Jim G

    Diagnostic Tools

    I've read a lot of post on the forum regarding diagnostic software + scanners. My question is: I'm looking for a pretty comprehensive device that will obviously code read but also give some live data feedback. Star would be ideal but not at the £000's retail price. As most of you are aware...
  5. kalvin928

    TCS DS150 Diagnostic Tool

    looking at getting basic diagnostic equipment to use with w211 Eclass, I say basic but may not be the case I suppose on what I want to achieve. Mainly to diagnose faults and erase and SRS being one of them when it occurs. I have seen the dell 630 setups with C3/C4 etc. going for around £650-...
  6. ChrisA

    Full Diagnostic Trouble Codes List

    OBD II Fault Codes Reference Guide The Diagnostic Trouble Code numbering follows a standardized structure. All Diagnostic Trouble Codes have a letter followed by a 4-digit number (e.g. P1234). The first letter indicates the type of code: P = Powertrain C = Chassis B = Body U = Network...
  7. Z

    Wanted- star diagnostic machine

    As title really, let me know
  8. M

    Diagnostic cost

    What is a Diagnostic plugin on my W202 likely to cost ? Are there ant recommended garages in my area ? I haven't had to put a car in a garage for many years but it's looking like my C250TD needs the fault codes read to get to the bottom of it's low power.
  9. Benz270cdi

    Gearbox diagnostic info 722.6

  10. S

    diagnostic tool?

    hi, is there any Mercedes based diagnostic software that I can purchase, I used to have an audi and have a fleet of caddy vans so have the vagcom/VCDS software and lead. same spec as the dealers and cost £250, runs of a lap top. on the audi owners club site that I was on, there was a guy selling...
  11. johncook109

    Diagnostic Software recommendations

    So, I have bought myself one of these (universal OBD2 EOBD CAN BUS Fault Code PC Diagnostic Reader Scanner UK)data cables to attach the laptop and want the members recommendations on software to install so as I might run diagnostics on the car. It came with some software but its very basic and I...
  12. S

    Diagnostic software for MB

    Hi all I've a BMW E39 for abouit 4 years now and am seriously looking to change to a C-Class diesel estate in the interests of getting something more economical and practical. With the BMW it's been pretty easy to get all the BMW software working on a laptop and a modified sub-10 quid lead of...
  13. S

    cant find the x-11 diagnostic block on a 300E..help

    an trying to give the old bird a tune up by adjusting the mixture, but cant locate this little block, which i originally mistook for the EZL. can anyone help? M in Beirut
  14. J

    2006 CLS Autobox diagnostic - software updates

    Hello – need some help/advice The gear changes on my 2006 CLS 320 are very jerky changing up, not just when cold, seems worse changing down just before the car comes to a stop. I recently noticed some hesitation when driving at around 65 mph when taking my foot off the pedal and gently pressing...
  15. Simzy

    On board Diagnostic ???

    I am looking to purchase my own diagnostic computer for my mercedes. The previous owner for some stupid reason has removed all emission stickers from inside of driver door and engine so I cannot tell which obd my car will accept. I also cant find any info in the driver manual :doh: From...
  16. S

    Quality Mercedes STAR / OBD / Diagnostic offerings?

    Afternoon, Could anybody tell me if there are any quality alternatives to diagnostics for Mercs? Obviously STAR can be purchased at a high cost, and there are plenty of clones about, but I am wondering if there are any high quality alternatives available. The example of an alternative...
  17. bobven

    Diagnostic tool to verify Vehicle past data

    Hi all I have seen many OBD2 scanners from Autel / Launch. But do any of these OBD2 scanner can tell the past history of the vehicle like how much was the original mileage the vehicle clocked? or the odo is tampered etc.. Any advise is appreciated from Merc Sifu's
  18. D

    Star and OBD2, diagnostic stuff - C250td

    Hi all, How electronicised is the W202 C250td in terms of being diagnosed/programmed. I think I'm right in thinking it's a CAN system, what works on this network? (engine, autbox, alarm, lights, locks, windows/mirrors, command (not on mine, but if it did?)). What off the shelf tools could I...
  19. panason1c

    OBDLink SX EOBD OBD2 Diagnostic Interface

    Anyone know if the above code reader is suitable for my 2002 diesel ML, W163? The reviews of it seem very good, any opinions on it?
  20. J

    W124 ASD light, diagnostic help please

    The ASD light (lower right hand side of dash) has been on for a few weeks now. It used to come on for an hour or so after a car wash and then turn itself off. The last time this happened, each time I pressed the brake pedal, another light would come on in the middle of the dash too. Now the...
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