1. L

    Diagnostic tool for E63 biturbo

    Hi guys, I was wondering which scanner/piece of software you all tend to use please as I'd like to keep one in the car? I was looking at these but thought I'd see if anyone had any first hand experience? My budget is around £200 so no workshop machine recommendations please. ;)
  2. 190

    W204 C180K engine diagnostic light on

    The yellow engine warning light came on today approx. 1/2 mile after a cold start. The car drove perfectly for the next 10 miles but the light remains on. I've been meaning to buy a scanner anyway but I read somewhere that if it was fleeting fault the light will clear itself after 3 re-starts...
  3. D

    Advice and tips when purchasing MB Star Diagnostic tool?

    Thank you for reading my post, Are there reputable places to buy an MB Star? I have seen a lot of non-genuine ones in ebay, but I have read review that they tend to go wrong after awhile. How much should I be looking to pay for a new or used genuine one, and are there particular things I...
  4. M

    In the Market for a W211 E55 & diagnostic tool (Autel)

    Hi all I am new to this forum and hoping to get some advice So I have owned a Golf 1.4 and a BMW 728i, I realized after owning a big car i like bigger cars just because i drive them more civilized then a smaller car and they have a lot more gadgets then a smaller car. My mother owns an...
  5. Kip W211

    Star Diagnostic

    Hi guys Anyone know someone in Salisbury area who has Star Diagnostic? Of course, this person needs to know what he is doing. Someone worthy of recommendation. Many thanks
  6. Benzadrine

    Diagnostic codes

    Plugged my cheap £14.99 ebay diagnostic code reader in and found one code -P0172 which translates to ''system too rich (bank2)'' anyone know what this means please...?
  7. P

    Star diagnostic for my w203 c220 cdi c class

    Hello, please I looking for any guys who got star diagnostic and could be check my car . Close renfrew, paisley, glasgow. I got problem with my trunk light noworking. And lost power. I think when is bad thermostat because my temperature is low long time after I start engine. Maybe is wrong...
  8. kam05

    W204 diagnostic guides

    Stumbled across this link for us W204 owners: Mercedes C Class W204 DIY Guides
  9. Abcan

    MB Diagnostic

    Just came across this on gumtree. https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-tuning-styling/mercedes-diagnostic-computer-/1196288320
  10. JohnnyLou

    Diagnostic tool

    Hi, has any members have any advice or comments on the 'I-carsoft diagnostic' tool the I-190 model for m/b ?
  11. 4

    w211 diagnostic socket battery drain

    My E270 cdi 2003 had battery drain .When tested with amp meter it drops to 0.18A.then I followed the procedure of removing all fuses 1 by 1 .The fuse of "Diagnostic socket" seems to be the one ,it drops to 0.03-0.08A .Why is Diagnostic socket cause this problem ???
  12. t-dawg1

    iCarsoft i980 diagnostic scanner

    £65 to a good DIYer
  13. K

    mb star c4 diagnostic tool or anyone in manchester who could code CGW E250CDI C207

    As above, maybe someone want to sell/rent or help me to code CGW to E250CDI coupe? Currently car has no MOT/tax so it would be difficult for me to transport to MB specialist etc. Thanks
  14. A

    Mercedes Star C3 Diagnostic with laptop

    Hi, Not sure if this is the correct place to post this or not - I am wanting to check the "legalities" of selling my Star C3 and Dell laptop setup. I purchased it a couple of years ago but don't have a Merc any more and when I get another, it is likely to be a newer one so this won't work on...
  15. thomsonminis2

    diagnostic tool

    thinking of buying diagnostic code reader any ideas on reasonably priced one would be appreciated thanks
  16. W

    car diagnostic unit.

    Hi all, hope your well. I have a W211 E320 CDI 2003. im looking for a car diagnostic unit, (not a dear 1). so i looked on ebay, & there's 1's for £20 - under the £100. will these cheap 1's work on my diesel car, & im correct to say im looking for a OBDII.? any help please...
  17. J

    Cheap Diagnostic Scan Tools...

    Hi there, First post here, although I did join a few days or so ago! :) Also if this is in the wrong section then sorry, and I appreciate this type of thread probably gets asked a lot, but I couldn’t find any suitable threads online! Two weeks ago today I bought my dad a 2008 SLK200...
  18. S

    E 350 service record via diagnostic socket

    Just curious when the service indicator is reset after a service, is this date and time stamped in a way that is retrievable. In other words does the car store it?
  19. M

    What is the best diagnostic tool?

    Hi, new to the Mercedes thing, and I'm wondering what is the best affordable bit of kit to read, reset and program a 2000 ML270 CDI ? I have a Range Rover L322 and I have after a bit of trial and error got a fantastic bit of kit called a Gap IID tool, I can virtually do everything with it that...
  20. A

    Star diagnostic in north london

    hello can anyone help cheers need to get my roof looked at :)
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