1. brucemillar

    Ding Dong...

    I like this. fire engine
  2. Danny DeVito

    My Ding a ling

    Do you know it Chuck Berry ? My boy (9) heard it on Simpsons, promptly found it on youtube and then went in reciting parts of it to his teacher.
  3. G

    A ding

    Just had my previously immaculate 211 estate MOTed in Hampshire before traillering said car up north before UK registration. When the car came out of MOT station it had a ding in the passenger front door immediately in front of the door handle. :doh:The garage of course denied that they were...
  4. C

    Minor ding in A-Pillar

    Dent/ Ding in A-Pillar My E Class is due to be returned to Mercedes in about 7 weeks and someone has put in a ding in one of the most difficult places ever. Unfortunately the ding is in an area classified by mercedes as ''high profile'' and must be fixed before handing the car back otherwise I...
  5. poormansporsche

    any good ding / scratch removers bods in south london / kent ??

    alright peeps, like it says, dont want to spend a fortune just get rid of a few annoying dings and scratches anyone recommend anyone ??? cheers brett
  6. gurpz

    Panel/Door Light Ding Removal

    Some stupid vandal has made some light dings in the driver side rear door. There fairly light dings but visable, any one have any knowledge on how to remove if possible ? Thanks
  7. blackscooby

    MB loan car gained wing ding :(

    Doh darn it. Taken my C32 in for it's Intercooler to be replaced, and was given a loaner (Enterprise C180) whilst it's in. During the checks of the car they marked it down as having a dent in the front wing. I saw it and thought nowt much of it, this was on Monday AM. Tuesday washers were...
  8. portzy

    First 'ding'!

    It had to happen sooner or later but I'm beggared if I know how. After the ritualistic weekend wash-wax-hoover session I noticed a very small ding in Diana's bonnet in the strangest of places, about 12 inches forward of the windsreeen and right at the edge of the bonnet itself. I'm not...
  9. OGiii

    Parking Ding

    Park the car on a busy high street outside a pub with people outside having a lunch time drink, cam back 10 minutes later and............... needless to say no note on the windscreen, nothing :mad:
  10. Steve_Perry

    Yet another car park ding >:-(

    I was at our local Hellfrauds today for some screen wash, I got some Zymol leather cleaner too, and in my usual style parked in a space away from the maddening crowds. When I got back to the car some red/maroon KIA MPV had parked really close to me in the adjacent space and I had an lovely ding...
  11. Ian B Walker

    Another car park ding!!

    Took a pic of this earlier today. Yesterday the wife went shopping, parked sensibly, i.e. not near other cars. Came out after and found that some mindless twit had scraped the door. I believe there is a "Ding Doctor"? Does anyone know where I can contact him?
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