1. clk320x

    Distronic retrofit?

    Anyone done this?
  2. F

    E class w211 Distronic

    Hello, I was just wondering, is it possible to change the grill on the w211 without affecting the functionality of the distronic? I just wanted to know since I prefer the look of the AMG grill to the standard grill. Has anyone changed it before? Thanks.
  3. merc85

    211 E CLASS Front distronic grille

    As above finally decided i want to get rid of the Black distronic grille on brutus and replace with a Std distronic Chrome one. So if you have one to sell or want to swap please pm:thumb:
  4. jih2000

    retrofit blind spot assist / distronic plus

    Hi, Anyone had blindspot assist or distronic plus retro-fitted? I have a 2013 c63 facelift model I want to fit this to
  5. merc85

    w211 Grille with Distronic

    Hi after the above Pre facelift Grille with Distronic, must be in good condition and in chrome.
  6. kopkid

    W211 e55 amg distronic

    Morning all need help retro fitting distronic for w211 e55 amg I need to know where the square silver module box goes please,,, many thanks
  7. X

    MB coding for Distronic Active Steering Assist

    Hi Does anyone know Xentry coding values to disable or increase the time of Distronic Active Steering Assist warning when the hands are off the steering wheel for 10 seconds? Thanks
  8. Ray1888

    Can you have ordinary cruise when you have distronic plus?

    Have a cla 45 and can't seem to be able to get ordinary cruise control without The distronic engaging? Getting used to it now but ordinary cruise I can't seem to engage ? Cheers
  9. Y

    Distronic, Distronic plus

    Hi everyone, What is the easiest way of finding out if my car(c220 2014) has Distronic or Distronic plus? Many thanks in advance!
  10. M


    I have a 2006 low mileage W221, S500 with everything on it except for Distronic. looking at the parts schematic it appears to be a grille, a radar sensor, control box and different column stalk. harness of course. I assume it will require coding once fitted. anybody else out there attempted...
  11. C

    How to change the distronic cover

    I have a bad history with plastic parts so would appreciate some help here. My SL63 has the "radar" front on the star emblem i.e. it's flat and houses the radar sensor behind it. After 9 years it's crazed badly so I bought a new one. Question is I can see it's just a press fit but how to get the...
  12. N

    Advice buying a 2012 E Coupe with Driving Assistance Package

    Hello, After years of aspiring to own a Mercedes E Coupe, I'm finally looking to make the plunge and have found a 2012 model that includes the driver assistance package: Distronic Plus, Blind Spot Assist, Lane Tracking. Now here's the Q: Does the Distronic Plus on 2012 models automatically...
  13. Bill.

    C350cdi amg sport plus. Huge spec. Inc Distronic!

    For sale my c350 7g diesel with only 22,000 miles in fire Opel Red. Excellent spec includes the following Half leather heated electric seats with memory package. Comand online sat Nav DAB radio AMG 18" bi colour wheels and boot spoiler. Distronic plus adaptive cruise control Lane assist...
  14. S

    R230 2009 SL63 AMG Distronic Retrofit

    Hi all, Trying to find all of the parts to retrofit distronic to an R230 SL63 AMG (2009). Anyone aware of anyone breaking a car that has the parts required? Thanks, Simon
  15. SargeBenz

    S212 Distronic Plus help

    I've searched for web for some help and failed to find anything obvious so I am posting here... When I engage distronic plus, the graphic changes in the cluster, and I am able to change the distance between myself and the car in front. After a couple of seconds the graphic reverts back to...
  16. M

    Issue with Distronic Plus

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and I wanted to know if anyone had this issue before with Distronic Plus. I'm driving an A Class W176 from 2013. The distronic plus worked very well, until a few weeks ago, it doesn't show me the 2 red bars on the tachymeter even though it is working fine...
  17. M

    Distronic on S Class 2006

    Having replaced the ECU with a new one the car shows ABC BAS PTS not working on several occasions. This can be reset by shutting the car down for 15 seconds then the car searches for the stored fault once it finds no faults the car displays normal operation. Can anyone shed any light on this...
  18. andy27168

    WANTED CLS 219 Distronic sensor

    Hi, As some of you maybe aware I am currently assembling the parts required to retro fit Distronic. I am having great difficulty in sourcing the correct sensor/control unit, a need pt. no. A 230 540 01 62, the previous pt. no.s for this unit are A 230 540 09 17, or A 230 540 14 17, or A 230...
  19. H

    Thoughts on Driving Assistance Package. Distronic etc

    Hi, Ordered a new E Class. Got pretty much everything with exception to the Driving Assistance Package. This contains: Distronic Plus with Pre-Safe® Brake Active Blind Spot Assist Lane-Keeping Assist PRE-SAFE® PLUS DISTRONIC PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist (DTR+Q) Enhanced Brake Assist...
  20. H

    CLS Distronic plus retro-fit

    Any one know if I can retro-fit Distronic plus to my c l s 2013
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