1. rusty55

    Water dripping under R129

    Hi Can any one tell me where i will locate air conditioner water discharge under the car as after a 70 mile run on sat there was a constant water drip from the rear gear box area. checked water coolant tank and that appeared ok. Thanks:confused:
  2. P

    W203 Estate Rear Screen Washer not spraying, just dripping!

    Not very polite forum etiquette for my first post to be a problem, but that's better than spamming nonsense! I've recently bought a W203 C270 CDI estate, but I've got an irritating problem. The rear washer gets water to the screen, and if I pull up the plastic cap at the base of the arm and...
  3. M

    Water dripping from rain sensor

    Hi all When I bought my 320CDI I knew I had to have some rust and paint work done, not much but some. The worst was an area the size of a fist just above the windscreen in the middle. I got a new windscreen seal for the top and one of my friends got me a good deal for having the work done at...

    Diesel dripping out

    hi all, i have diesel dripping(slowly) from a black pipe a the rear o/s just behind the wheel, and just below the filler, is this an overflow pipe from the filler or is there too much diesel somewhere and its expelling it? if you know please let me know and if you have a cure then please tell...
  5. s88

    Water dripping from somewhere

    Hello, I have recently purchased a 350 SL, 2006. I notice that there is a wet patch under the front left tyre area after parking in the garage! Is this something to do with the air con? rad does not appear to be losing. The windscreen washer bottle also appears bottomless, and after...
  6. gt-83

    water dripping from car

    took my lad to snetterton today, when i arrived home i noticed water dripping from the centre of the car!, im assuming its to do with having the aircon on?, am i correct, is this a drain......only reason i ask is that i already have a very slight water issue, but this was clean water and not coolant
  7. KLP 92

    Headlight wiper dripping water

    I have just retrofitted Xenon lights onto my SL600. I swapped the lights from a 2001 SL into mine which was a relatively straight forward job. While i was there i saw that the 2001 model had a different design of wiper to mine. So i changed over the wipers as well. Was just going to take a...
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