1. N

    W124 E300D Multivalve with Carlsson Wheels

    My Merc. On Ebay 1995 Mercedes W124 E300 Diesel E300D 24v Multivalve ~ Low Mileage ~ Carlsson | eBay
  2. tron

    S124 e300d 1996

    One of the good ones with a huge and expensive service history. I had wanted one for twenty years and twenty years later, it feels just a bit too classic for me. I prefer the C class so I bought one of those instead. Blue black metallic, eight hole alloys, black leather, electric ortho...
  3. S

    New w124 e300d owner

    Hi all just purchased a W124 E300D to start my new business with and I have to say for an old girl she has been lovingly cared for with only 3 owners including me and a super low mileage of 86000, I have had many mbs over the years but I have to say my favourite was my 500se , I'll be hoping for...
  4. Charles Morgan

    W124 E300d OM606 fault find question.

    After replacing the glow plugs on my OM606, recently on start up the following has been happening - ABS warning light on, Rev counter stuck on 0, and idle too weak to move the car when in gear. This is intermittent but becoming permanent. It either all happens together or no faults at all...
  5. M

    W124 E300D Air in Fuel Lines

    Hi - over last few months my 96 W124 E300D has started intermittently cutting out usually within a mile of leaving home. It all started after I ran out of fuel once. When it fails there is no fuel in the fuel lines, just air. Cranking / leaving for a few minutes sees it running again...
  6. swannymere

    Which battery for a 1994 S124 E300d

    This is going to sound daft, my car i think has air conditioning rather than climate control (any heads up on the difference and what to look for?) but when i enter the details in any online site it asks which battery? Non-aircon (096) or with aircon (019) the problem being that the 019 battery...
  7. T

    W124 E300D 24 Valve What is the correct gearbox code for the auto box?

    Anyone out there know what the gearbox code is for the W124 E300D 24valve automatic gear-box. I'm keen to source a replacement for mine as forward gears have stopped working on mine.
  8. T

    Automatic Gearbox for a W124 E300D 24V

    I'm looking to replace the auto gearbox in my W124 E300D 24V engined estate. Call me on 07961045260
  9. swannymere

    S124 E300d stuck in park no battery

    I need to move my S124 E300d and the battery is kaput, i'm not going to be using it in the next year and therefore don't want to buy another battery. Is there any way to get it out of park?
  10. carat 3.6

    W124 E300D autobox and torque converter

    For sale: 4 speed automatic gearbox (722.435) and torque converter from a 1995 w124 E300D wagon. Removed due to a manual gearbox conversion. Mileage was 137000 when removed, working perfectly. £250 ono, collection from Buckinghamshire or northwest London. Please PM me or send an email to...
  11. chilsta

    Wanted: Complete Cruise System for '94 E300D S124

    Am after a complete kit to retrofit to my multivalve 3 litre diesel estate. Need everything. Thanks
  12. carat 3.6

    Breaking e300d s124 744 silver

    Going to be breaking this one very shortly, if anyone is interested in parts please drop me a PM.:) 1995 e300d 744 silver, with grey cloth interior.
  13. K

    1995 E300D estate for sale

    What's my '95 24 valve 7 seater E300 estate worth to someone? It owes me £6k, which may or may not have been a wise use of funds. It was 1st registered 28.3.1995 and has now covered some 194,000 miles. It was Cat D in 2011 (n/s front wing and bumper). It has full cream leather in truly...
  14. P

    E300D oil leak

    I cleaned off the sump and lower part of the engine last weekend to pursue an elusive oil leak that's getting me into trouble with the Mrs....... It seems that the oil is leaking down the front corner of the sump from below / behind the alternator bracket - it's difficult to tell exactly. It...
  15. T

    W124 E300D gearbox replacement

    I'm looking to replace the broken auto gearbox on my E300D 124 estate 24v. Is it possible to replace it the gearbox with another auto gearbox from another Mercedes of the same era or will I have to get one from another 124 e300d? Can anyone advise.
  16. M

    Mercedes W124 E300D OM606 1994. low power,white smoke and high fuel consumption.

    Hi guys, this is my first post here. I bought a W124 E300D OM606 1994 about a year ago with 300k kilometers on it or 186k miles. Generaly good condition with lots of equipment. The problem is low power,very high fuel consumption 20 mpg! :eek:, couple of misfires during the first start of...
  17. B

    '91 E300D Engine problems

    Hi to all - New boy to this but I hope you can help me, I have had in the past a W124 300TE 4Matic which was fantastic until a sherpa van killed it while I stood next to it. I now have an opportunity to buy a '91 E300D It's done 119,000 from new bodywork and interior(via pictures) in great...
  18. P

    a few questions from a newbie 1995 e300d

    i have a few problems with my new to me mb e300d first off i have been stalking on here for quit some time and decided to dive in with some questions #1 my e300d glow plug light is wierd it will not come on untill after a minute and stays on for a minute and goes out but car will not...
  19. W

    e320 donor e300d om606 n/a to turbo conversion

    i have bought my first 2 benz 1996 e320 and a 300d with the om606 here is my plan e320 has perfect body with slk55 rims the 300d is a rust bucket but underneath a beauty both have blown head gaskets . now here is what i want to accomplish e320 pull motor put the om606 in it with a...
  20. D

    W124 E300D Estate vs GLA 220 CDI Hatchback

    I had the use of the more modern GLA whilst the w124 was having a water pump replaced. I thought I'd set out a chalk and cheese review. The GLA is a fairly nippy little beastie, but the 7 speed box changes up quite quickly and so there isn't really any aural feedback - it just goes quicker...
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