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    W124 E300TD, stunning example

  2. S

    1998 e300td auto box surge at low speed

    Hi guys I have a 1998 E300TD estate with an Auto box. Recently I have had a problem which I think comes from the gearbox. When I am driving through town the car seems to surge almost like the gearbox has decided to change up and then decides to change down again straight away. Just like a manual...
  3. C

    Just a rant. e300td. MOT. Honesty etc.

    I thought I was onto a good buy when I purchased another E300 a nice tidy and surface rust free example, only 145k on the clock and nil advisories on the MOT. However after two weeks and nearly 1000miles driven the list of problems is growing! electrical issues, glow plugs need doing, now...
  4. L

    W210 E300TD for Sale £1000

    I have an S Reg 1998 W210 E300 Turbo Diesel for sale. Lots of good parts, but also some bad bits. Pros: Number plate is S300TDE – very apt for this car. It was originally a display car at the dealership. New front wings New battery New alternator 4 new tyres 4 newly refurbished...
  5. R

    W210 E300TD Running...sort of.. coolant temp issues?

    Having finally got it running yeterday, I drove to work in it today... Up at 5 and start car ...cough splutter miss but running...running rough but that's not unusual till a bit of heats in it (blame the missing no 6 glow plug and the continuing saga of air in the system) Anyway finally leave...
  6. R

    W210 E300TD 98 Not starting.

    I am having a problem with my 98 E300TD (several actually but this is by far and away the most pressing.) As as result of killing my Ford Focus in floods last week this is my only other form of transport for work. And I need to be able to work otherwise no pay..... So I have carried out some...
  7. 91dm

    W210 E300TD Ending Today

    Spotted this E300TD ending today LINK Currently at £82 with 7hours left. At that price it would be a cheap source for parts. Only one picture of the outside but it looks like it has e36 bumpers?
  8. M

    e300td w210 remap advice

    Hi this is my first post here I've just got a e300td 1997 and looking to get it remapped has anyone had this done ? And also what other mods are worth while as this is my first diesel so don't want to do anything that will do more harm than good( I was thinking about induction kit and exhaust...
  9. R

    98 W210 E300TD Wiperand indicator fail

    Urget Help please! The latest woes to affect the car, a '98 S210 E300TD, is the indicators and front wipers have stopped working. Indicators not working Front wipers not working at all No intermittent or at any other position. Washers not working. However the main beam and flash...
  10. S

    E300TD 1998 - what is a reaonable scrapping price including alloy wheels?

    Finally replaced my (formerly) superb Black E300TD. Best price offered online is £230. The car comes with original alloys is £230 a good price. The car is an MOT failure.
  11. C

    w210 E300TD Cylinder Head

    anyone got one or know where to get one (other than ebay), is ebay trust worthy enough for such a thing???
  12. E

    W210 E300td Low fuel light

    The light came on the motorway and it was another 20 miles before the next fill up point. Does the light change from solid to flashing at any point? (I have read there's a small round dot that lights up just before cut off) Thanks
  13. R

    S210 E300TD (Not CDI) Glow plug replacement

    I suspect looking on here that that Title may just have got a collective groan..in which case I do apologise. However I need to replace my glow plugs. I do understand they can be a bugger to get out and have read several threads to this effect. Anyway what I need advice with is this..Which do...
  14. horatio

    E300TD drone 1500rpm

    Sorry for yet another question! My E300 makes a drone at about 1300 to just under 1500 revs, from the engine (definitely not drivetrain, it does this while parked). Otherwise it drives very nicely, no smoke at all and very smooth. My initial thought is the exhaust manifold gaskets -...
  15. horatio

    Nice W210 E300TD

    1998 MERCEDES E300 TD (W210) - Owned 11 years has FSH & 156k (Bought new E280!) | eBay I know first hand how tricky these are to find in respectable condition so thought I would plop this here!
  16. S

    e300td s210 number 6 glow plug and oil filter housing

    Hi, Just wondering, on the s210 e300td can the oil filter housing be moved without draining the engine? I was wondering if it was possible to maybe undo a couple of bolts and rotate it a little - or will I have to drain the oil and take the housing off completely? Reason is that the number 6...
  17. johnsco

    W210 e300td classic

    Not an Avantgard Not an Elegance. Does anyone know anything (good or bad) about this model ? Thanks.
  18. Laters

    W202 C250TD, w210 E300td Diesel Tuning Box

    For sale is the tuning box I had fitted to my w202 c250td. The tuning box is made by speed buster from Germany but was sold to me by TD performance tuning in the UK. Its the later type tuning box for the c250td/e300td with the screwdriver adjuster for the power setting you want from the tuning...
  19. johnsco

    E300td - glow plugs, diesel delivery valve seals , etc

    I've been putting off a couple of jobs on my old friend for some time. 1. There's been a glow plug (maybe 2) not working. The car fired up OK, but with a fair bit of smoke and a stink of diesel and a bit of grunting and farting for the first few seconds. Unfortunately, one of the glow plugs had...
  20. E

    W210 E300td New Rear Exhaust

    The exhaust is blowing just behind the rear silencer. I have been quoted an EBS exhaust from my local garage. (Looking on ECP I see they offer an Eberspacher which I am guessing is what the EBS stands for?) Anyone have experience of these exhausts or recommend another source please? Thanks
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