1. Psilonaught

    Questions about the ECU controlled exhaust on E63

    still early in my ownership of an E63, so still getting used to it. Today i noticed that the exhaust volume on start up, and for around 10 seconds was nice and loud, and then it dropped by about half. I sounded like a flap or valve was suddenly closing. I have read on here and elsewhere...
  2. B

    OM642 ECU swap

    I have a 2008 280CDI with the OM642 engine spec'ed to 190PS. I understand the 320CDI is the exact same engine but at 235PS or thereabouts. I have also read that the 280CID ecu has some portions "locked" and cannot be easily modified, but the 320cdi ecu can be upgraded further. What would it...
  3. D

    W124 ECU refurbishment advice

    After a fairly intense trouble shooting episode I have isolated the cause of the misfire on my E320 to the engine ECU I now need to get my ecu repaired, it apparently needs the transistors that fire the coil packs (another language to me) replacing , common fault. I have found a guy on the...
  4. J

    Position of ecu pms on C180 facelift

    Hi,in the w202 C180. '97 facelift where is the ecu pms?under wash reservoir is noting. Thanks
  5. estate-agent

    All ECU pinouts for CLK 270

    As above, anyone have a diagram of pinouts for CLK270 CDI ? Can't seem to find info anywhere ! Thanks in advance. .
  6. B

    M156 6.2 AMG engine, loom, ecu and gearbox wanted

    Anyone got this lot for sale? Someone possibly breaking a car? Will most likely need a few more bits as well.
  7. C


    Hi So I have had the wiring and everything burnt in my SL55 in rear boot because of this issue, managed to locate wiring from a breaker however just require the split charging ecu module. If anyone can help advise where I can find. I will be enquiring main dealers tomorrow and keep you posted...
  8. R

    M271 Ecu failure

    Hi everyone. I thought i had previously posted on this problem but can now not find the thread. I don't know if it was removed or i just dreamed i had posted it. So excuse me if i'm repeating myself or posting in the wrong area. I have a ongoing problem with my c200 Kompressor. It previously...
  9. mcshape

    Cut cable into ECU , HELP!

    Hi all, Had to remove the engine cover today as I was looking to see if I had a coolant leak anywhere (mysteriously loosing coolant for the last few months) As I was inspecting everything , just looking, no touching I noticed one of the cables going into the ECU (left connection point) has a...
  10. M

    Where is my ECU

    Hi Does anyone know where the ECU is on my a208 clk 230 kompressor please? i have oil in the loom and need to check ECU but can't find it or maybe i'm blind. Thanks Mathew
  11. R

    W211 ecu

    Hi has anyone ever had to have their ecu refurbished? ... As it looks like mine is playing up just wondering if its a so called common fault with the W211, although the garage is paying for it under warranty but just curious.... Thanks in advance
  12. Doc matt

    Already mapped? [ECU picture]

    I wasn't sure if my car was mapped, other than seeing if the speed limiter was reduced I thought I'd have a look at the ECU. There looks to be evidence that it's been tampered with as the metal is a little bent where they've tried to separate it? So I guess it's been mapped then? I know...
  13. M

    Vito 111cdi ECU/fusebox fan fault

    2004 van (215k miles), the ecu/fusebox fan seems to be sticking on and flattening battery, managed to find and unplug the fan. (unscrew fuseboard lift it up and on the vertical piece on left side below you will see red and brown wires twisted round each other into a plug, pull that its the power...
  14. poormansporsche

    Anyone after a M104 Manual ECU ......

  15. c32pilot

    ECU Refurb

    Hi all. Having a few issues with my C32 at the mo. The dash lights up and throws up a couple of errors & the gearbox goes in to what seems to be a limp mode where it won't change gear. The speedo also goes to zero. If you pull over & restart the car drives fine for another few days untill...
  16. O

    Gearbox ecu

    Star has just let me know I have a defective gearbox ecu. Where is it located in the car? Does the replacement just plug in or is any additional work such as reprogramming needed? Thanks in advance for your help
  17. F

    CLS63 W219 headers and ECU tune?

    In the not too distant future, I'm thinking of some long tube headers and ECU tune on my CLS63, looking for the most aggressive sound and ideally the best gains. Had a look at eurocharged and MSL performance, also header manufacturers such as MBH, anyone any experience with having these mods...
  18. E

    '94 SL500 - Gearbox? Ecu? Here we go again...

    Strikes me as rather odd, this one, but possibly someone on here has had the same problem. The car is a 1994 SL500 - M119 engine, old hydraulic four-speed auto box. Engine and gearbox warm. The car started fine, but the throttle seemed rather flaccid - plenty of travel and nothing, then it...
  19. S


    I have a 55 plate medium wheelbase sprinter which went in the garage for a light stalk replacement. After replacement they took it for a daytime drive and blew the ecu. New ecu blew up after three weeks and now they say the new replacement for that needs reprograming from a different 55...
  20. D

    W204 ecu

    I suspect a dirty connector somewhere relating to the ECU and want to simply try removing and reconnecting everything electrical associated with the engine that I can see. But before doing so, am I likely to upset anything that will need Star to reset? The issue I'm getting is very high fuel...
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