1. Iceash

    Air elbow

    Hi all, I need to purchase the air elbow that connects the air pipe to the headlight for a w208. Where can I get one? Thanks, Ash
  2. A

    Radiator overflow elbow

    Hi, For no obvious reason the overflow return pipe elbow on the top of my radiator disconnected itself today spraying pressurised water all over the engine. This is on a '93 e320 straight-6 engine; there appears to be a plastic boss set into the top nearside of the radiator with 2 vertical...
  3. N

    5 Hours worth of elbow grease....

    After polishing my car a bloke pulled me and asked me why it was so clean. I told him because I polished it with the right stuff in the right order. The following weekend I have his car outside my house for a full wax/polish. Not bad for £50. Sorry didnt take any before pics but the car was in...
  4. R

    Torque wrench or elbow grease?

    Folks My E55 seems to have a very fine leak from the Oil filter housing cap. I had mobile 0/40 put in a few weeks ago so i suspect that it could be the viscosity being too thin that's the problem. Im changing to a 10/40 but wanted to know whether using a torque wrench to tighten the housing...
  5. P

    Radiator elbow on to RH corner pops off occasionally ?!?

    After driving merrily along for about 15 miles, the coolant level warning lamp lit. Pulled into layby, popped the bonnet & saw that black plastic elbow that just push clips onto top of radiator had popped itself off! This elbow forms part of header feed tank (connected by 4-5 feet 1/2" tube)...
  6. S

    W124 Radiator Plastic Elbow Over Heating

    :) Hi, i wonder if anyone can give me a little help. I've just bought a second W124 320 Coupe (1993K (uk)) Drove the vehicle home, 200 miles, all working fine and please with my purchase. 2 Days later i'm travelling down the motorway with the cruise on at about 75mph and the temp gauge...
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