Torque wrench or elbow grease?

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Jun 23, 2006
A160, zo6

My E55 seems to have a very fine leak from the Oil filter housing cap. I had mobile 0/40 put in a few weeks ago so i suspect that it could be the viscosity being too thin that's the problem. Im changing to a 10/40 but wanted to know whether using a torque wrench to tighten the housing was actually that important or should I just tighten to a reasonable strength.

Any thoughts?

Just use reasonable strength but make sure the O ring is in good condition first otherwise it'll carry on leaking.
I have Mobil 1 in three old MBs, with no leaks. A very fine leak would manifest itself first with hot oil; at high temperatures, the viscosity of Mobil 1 is better -- "thicker" -- than most oils; at low temperatures its viscosity is better -- "thinner" -- than most oils, because its relative cold thin-ness allows it to get around a cold engine more quickly and effectively. I doubt very much that the leak you describe is attributable to the oil. Mobil 1 is often blamed for causing leaks, but more often than not it exposes weaknesses pre-dating its use.

I believe the tightening torque for the filter-housing lid is 25Nm, which, as with the spin-on filters, is no more than hand tight. Overtightening can cause damage and leaks.
Thanks Roger..

I didnt change the O ring so now I hope its just that.

Im still very confused about the Oil and the official Oil budget for one oil change in Oil alone now stand at £220....8 litres of mobil 1 0/40..then bought some mobil super 5/40 as was told that the 0/40 is too thin..earlier today I bought 8 litres of castro 10/40!
Definitely do not overtighten. New 'O' tout suit

cheers john..

tmrrw morning..may just have saved me an oil change
I would also suggest that you apply a thin layer of grease to both sides of the o ring to help the seal and make it easier to remove.:)

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