1. M

    E320 auto est 2003 w210

    Hi. I have not used the merc for 6 months and battery had gone flat. I charged battery up abd everything good, it starts instantly. No fault showing at all. The problem is the gear lever appears to be locked in PARK. It will not move into any other gear. Ive tried parking brake on and off also...
  2. M

    W210 E320 diesel auto est 2003

    Front propshaft play in uj and center bearing. Does anybody know the sizes and cap diameter Of the uj. I want to purchase one and nobody seems To know. Mercedes were no help at all and wanted to sell me a whole prop for £870. If i can buy the correct uj Then i can get it pressed in. Or does...
  3. C

    Clonking sound from drivers side of dash when cornering sharply 2012 C220 sport est.

    HI, I'm just 2 months into owning my first Mercedes, I love the car (2012, C220 Sport Estate) but have noticed a slightly annoying feature. When cornering sharply I get a "clonk" sound from the drivers side of the dash, sounds like its around the light controls or just below, it almost sounds...
  4. M

    fitting tow bar to 2003 e320 est

    Hi, I want to fit a tow bar to my e320 est w210. is it a special fitting and does the vehicle have a factory fitted bracket for the tow hitch to attach to? I am not able to look under car till saturday. also does anybody have one for sale. regards S.C
  5. M

    W203 - C270cdi Est Elegance - shaking

    Hi folks, I have a C270 cdi Eleg 90k estate, it randomly wobbles or shakes from the nsf when doing between 50-70. The front passenger always comments that they have just sat in a massage chair. I cant see any bulge in the tyres, nor play in front wheel bearing, it will get worse if the nsf...
  6. P

    New used purchase - W211 E320CDI Est

    I went to look at an E320CDI Estate yesterday, 103K on an 07 plate. Bodywork very genuine and clean i.e. some minor chips and light surface scratches but very straight. Interior looking half its age / mileage. 1 owner and FMBSH, all good so far. The wheels had received an outer face refurb...
  7. J

    Wanted W211 Est front suspensions arms

    Hi I have a 2003 (53 plate) E320cdi Avantgarde Estate. I'm after some OE front suspension arms. The silver ones that look after castor. Anyone know of a cheap source? Thanks Jon
  8. Del80y

    C220D Est 2011 Servicing????

    Hi I have just purchased a C220D Estate Sport 125 model (10/2011) with 81,000 miles It has ASSYST PLUS which I was informed told you when the car needs next servicing It was serviced at 18039 on 28/03/12 by Merecedes of Plymouth(inspection2) then at 34968 on 17/08/12 by...
  9. H

    New MB Club Member & New E Class Est

    So my first ever leap into buying a brand new car and its with the new 2013 E Class Estate. Well, I might as well dive in the deep end eh? Had the car a few hours and absolutely love it - beautiful to look at - cracking to drive - feel very very chuffed Always said I would have one when...
  10. JohnnyLou

    brakes on a 220cdi est. 58 reg

    hi all, I'm changing my front disc and pads and want the best disc and pads possible, I've had a quote from a parts dealer to replace the worn disc with genuine Brembo parts or Zimmermann....all advice welcomed...
  11. JohnnyLou

    m/b 220 cdi est.

    hi...on my 08' reg 220 cdi is there a pdf filter fitted? or how can i find out by looking on the spec sheets or other paper work i recieved on purchase? thanks for any info.....
  12. P

    W212 - Injectors - E220CDI - Est

    Only had the car 6 months (11/2011) it has 27K miles on clock i have done 11K of them. Anyway got the car into MB to look at spare key as it looks like it needs recoding and they rang me to say they have given the once over whilst it was with them. They state the injectors are all "furred up"...
  13. Johnny-P

    Exhaust smoke 2004 S211 e320 AG est

    Hi all I have a 2004 S211 E320 AG Est with 170k on the clock. It has been serviced on the dot throughout its life,runs fine with no probs.. However when accelerating hard,sometimes not so hard i get a horrible plume of black exhaust smoke... As i said i have no engine running faults and the ol...
  14. Johnny-P

    S211 E320cdi est AG-Odd SBC Squeak??

    Hi all.. Got an odd one here and i hope someone has had similar and its not terminal... Right...I have a 2004 S211 E320cdi AG est.. In May this year i had a brake warning light come up on the dash and booked it into my local indy to have the front pads changed as they were an advisory on the...
  15. Barry-p

    Mercedes C32 Est MINT condition

    A very good friend of mine is selling a Mercedes C32 which is one of the cleanest ones I have ever seen. NO rust and you will be hard pushed to even find a stone chip. It is with a trader friend on SOR at the moment (link below) but if you contact me I no a deal can be had and you want have to...
  16. U

    W212 E Class Est Roof bars Anyone ??

    Looking for a set of W212 E Class Est Roof bars Anyone ??
  17. 230K

    07 E320cdi Est Sport Guess the price

    Hi I was interested in an 07 E320cdi Sport Estate 7 seater 59000 miles Black, she was up for sale today at Manheim in Colchester. I did a CAP valuation and the trade in value was £8300-£8900 so i thought she could be worth a punt so i asked a friend to check her out yesterday and all was...
  18. U

    Clean and Tidy C43 AMG Est

  19. Johnny-P

    E320cdi AG Est B service costs?????

    Hi all As per title i was wondering what the cost for a B service i should expect from my local indy compared to MB dealer?? I have been quoted £320+vat from my indy is that about right?? Do MB have a set structured pricing?? Only had the car for 6k and it's my first Merc so also the...
  20. T

    My new to me E430 w210 Est

    Hi all, Well I have a lovely old w124 estate but fancied some v8 in my life so went for a bargain barge w210 e430 estate. Yes I know about the rust pitfalls but even if it lasts a year or two I am happy. Here is the spec: 1998 Avantgarde 133000 miles, MB history until 103000, 11 stamps in...
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