1. P

    CLK270 Fuel Consumption; What to expect?

    I've had a CLK270 for a few months now and the fuel consumption hasn't been great. The on-board computer indicates I'm doing between 35>40mpg on average over a combination of town driving and straight runs. All the tyres are good, levels are fine, 8000+ before next service, not driven with a...
  2. Coxyboy123

    How much discount to expect of an AUC C63?

    I'm looking for a C63 facelift model 2011 - 2013. Not sure if anyone here has bought one approved used recently, but what sort of amount should I expect to knock off the asking price at a main dealer? I'm seeing posts that dealers are adding £5k onto part ex prices. Now, they can suck my fat...
  3. M

    What to expect at first service -E220 CDI AMG

    Hi. I'm due to have my first car service in January on my E220 diesel. It has 7000 miles on the clock, so I'm presuming a service will be prompted on its 1st anniversary. I'm wondering what to expect from the garage. Is it just a basic oil and filter change or could there be other add ons ...
  4. C

    What to expect....

    ....from a Rebellion remap on my C63?
  5. WDB124066

    What could I expect to go wrong with this...

    Mercedes-Benz S320 S-Class S320CDI 2001 | Trade Me
  6. B

    What discount would I expect on a new CLA

    I have never bought a new car before as I have always bought a 2 to 3 year old car from a MB dealership. I was therefore just wondering if anyone new what sort of discount that I should negotiate on a CLA for £29,000. My current C Class is worth about £9K and I would need the dealer to take it...
  7. LTD

    When driving - expect the unexpected

    How lucky was the driver of the dark estate car ? LiveLeak.com - Dashcam footage of passenger jet crashes into highway outside Moscow :eek:
  8. G

    Getting an idea of what to expect?

    Hello guys, I have got a Mercedes E280 Elegance R Reg in silver. A really nice car with 117K miles. Interior in mint condition and the outside rust is at a minimum level If I ask £1,400.00 sounds a lot? I think it is really reasonable for a car of that age and mileage. Cheers Vasilis.
  9. S

    E280 CDI What sort of MPG would you expect

    Hello, I have just purchased 2006 E280 CDI with full merc service history and 25k miles and am really pleased with it. My mate has also just bought a 55 plate E320 CDI. What seems strange is he seems to get 40 mpg all day even running around town. My 280 is not bad on a motorway run where I can...
  10. T

    How much would you expect to pay......

    Just been ringing around dealers and indys get a price for the service B and extras on my C55. So how much would I be expecting to pay for the following: 1. Service B including oil change. 2. New spark plugs. 3. Change Rear Diff Oil 4. ATF change including new filter and magnet etc. Dealer in...
  11. I

    Would you expect a discount on a used Mercedes?

    Today the folks went to the dealer to test drive an E220. Basically they loved the car, a price was agreed for their Px (£200 less than Vauxhall offered against an Insignia) and the chat came round to the business of a cost to change figure. To cut a long story short the salesman went back...
  12. R

    Possibly caught doing 90mph, what should I expect?

    Hi Possibly caught by a copper sat on the side of the motorway with a speed gun. I was doing about 90 or less, quite a few cars ahead closer to the police and around me. But I think he'd of seen me before I saw him and slowed. So if I do get caught what punishment should I expect? Cheers
  13. AnilS

    SL320 (R129) - What can I expect?

    I am a new to the brand, and very new to the SL320, which I have owned since Tuesday. I've always liked them and I think I've got mine at the right price, but the driving experience has been a little disappointing, namely handling and noise. These two issues may be linked. On my drive back...
  14. T

    What discount can I expect

    Now that I have made the decision to up grade to a 56 or newer 280 or 320 CDi Sport Estate if I can find one what sort of discount can I expect with NO PX and possibly CASH. Anyone seen one of these models for sale locally?
  15. mercedescl500

    what to expect on 3/4 panel respray ?

    Hi could anyone give me a rough idea on what to expect. My car needs to have its bumper and bonnet resprayed due to stone chipping and also 1 rear 3/4 panel (due to rust around the bottom of the arch only). The car is a cl500 (w215), any help would be great as Im hoping I dont get ripped off...
  16. darrellr

    What COMAND can I expect?

    I've just got back from the Cheltenham/Gloucester dealership having ordered one of the last seven 320 CLK Coupe's in the UK :) I agreed a price of £26,250 on an agility finance scheme for an Obsidian Black 320 CDI with COMAND sat nav unit as it was the cheapest of the 7 left. I understand the...
  17. A

    Selling car but i expect a problem.

    Im selling our non running Smart car (02 Passion Covertible) to the garage that were going to fix it for £1,150. It was £1,500 to re-condition the engine so decided to get rid of it. Obviously the buyer is buying so that he can sell it on for a healthy profit. The problem i think i may have is...
  18. C

    How do Car dealers work? How long do they expect to hold stock for..

    2002 W210 I went for a mooch around this dealers stock and saw the above car (not my postcode in the link btw) back in February when it was on (and still is) Pistonheads for £6995. I called the dealer again today to ask if they could do anything on the Autotrader £5995 price as I felt that...
  19. smillion

    E55 - what can I expect ?

    From another thread some will see that yesterday I bought a 2004 E55 saloon .with all the options. Perhaps it will surprise some to learn that I have never been in an E55 and nor have I seen the car. I did a "buy it now" on ebay. I am comfortable with the decision and collect the car on...
  20. jeremy156

    Gearing - up-changes are later than I'd expect

    I've just moved from a V6 petrol E320 (W210) to a I6 diesel E320 (W211). In the old petrol car, the revs were always low around town, idle at 600rpm, gentle acceleration from standstill would see it drop into second at around 1200-1500rpm, all very very relaxing. Naturally with a bit more...
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