1. F

    C63 AMG Experience at Mercedes-Benz World

  2. MikeInWimbledon

    Experience of External headphone DAC's for Iphone?

    Has anyone got any experience (good or bad) of using an external amplifier / DAC on an Iphone 7, or similar? I'm getting annoyed with the headphone signal reaching my headphones when listening at home or out and about, and I'm wondering whether an external DAC / amplifier would be a sensible...
  3. shazzya45

    Buying An A45 My Experience

    Im a newbie to the Mercedes family and i have finally made one of my dreams come true by putting an order in for an A45 AMG. I made this account the moment i left the show room and i cannot explain the excitement. Im due delivery of the car towards the end of September. This order took me almost...
  4. flowrider

    AMG Experience at MBWorld

    Great day today at MBWorld on an AMG Experience. I drove a C63 around the driving circuit and had a turn, multiple turns really, on the skid pan. The C63 sounds nice and goes well, just doesn't sound or go as well as i thought it would, but i enjoyed myself anyway. Next time will be in an AMG...
  5. Palfrem

    My experience of a Home / Travel insurance claim

    Unfortunately, on holiday in Portugal a few weeks back my wallet was stolen by pickpockets. It rather took the shine off our holiday as you can imagine. Reported theft to (very helpful) local Police who didn't pussyfoot about regarding the countries of origin of the scrotes by the way. I...
  6. Alex225

    C280 (W204) - Experience?

    Afternoon all, It's me again going on about the C Class and trying to get to grips with the variety of different models and which is best suited to my other half. As you know she's selling her SL350 and would like something that's not a hell of a lot slower. If you'd have asked me this...
  7. P

    R231 - SL 350/400 - ownership experience.

    Hi all, its been a while and I haven't owned an MB since my GL was sold back in 2010! I am at the early stages of looking for a new car and want a roadster, preferably with metal hard top. In the running is a Z4, but have also started looking at the R231 SL - the SLK/C is a little too small...
  8. gr1nch

    The very best customer experience from a garage

    Today I turned up at my very popular local garage in Ashford at 07:30 optimistic that they would squeeze me asap for the MOT I was missing, so I could also get the Road Tax I was missing :wallbash: They did the MOT right away - no advisories - and they did it for free! and we were out on our...
  9. D

    Driving Experience for kids...

    Thought I would put up a quick review of this after today's experience. If your kids are into cars it's a good treat.... Back before Christmas I came across an advert for a Youth Driving experience off road. I have a daughter who I thought might fancy a crack at that... Today was the...
  10. F

    Advice Needed - Bad Service Experience

    Hey Guys, I am new to this so apologies if i have posted in the wrong place. Let me start off by introducing myself i am Fam and i have owned a c220 w204 63 reg for the last 18 months. My daily commute is about 90 miles through what is the UK's largest car park better known as the M25...
  11. F

    New Mercedes Buying Experience

    Hi - new member here. I currently drive a Mercedes E350 and went into my local dealer to order a new one. I have about £50,000 to spend on a car. Typically I'm a cash buyer and have no huge interest in finance. The salesman was extremely keen to sell me the car through a finance deal- I...
  12. BTB 500

    Main dealer service experience, including 'StarView'

    So the S203 (10 years old, 75k miles) was due for an A service. M-B Ascot is about a mile away but the cheapest option there (drop & go) was £320. M-B Guildford is further away but it was only £250 there; a £70 saving is worth a bit of inconvenience so I booked it in. First surprise was a...
  13. N

    W205 - anyone with 4matic experience?

    As in previous threads my c250 was returned 2 wks ago as a reject. I'm now considering my next car, and would be interested in anyone's experience with the new c and 4matic. Is it all that?
  14. EDDIE12

    Msl/eurocharged v5 experience

    Hi, just thought I'd put a thread together about my recent experience with my C63 AMG. I had seen and read a lot off threads over the last couple of months about the Eurocharged V series tune plus members experiences and I must admit I wasn't quite convinced that something that was simply...
  15. C

    Redex - Experience of its use on older cars

    My car will be 16 years old in March and I was considering using Redex. The engine is a 3.2 litre V6 petrol. Any good/bad experiences of its use out there?
  16. brucemillar

    Spooky Experience / Coincidence?

    A spooky experience/coincidence? I was just about to call Mercedes today (phone in hand) to order a new bonnet insulation pad and adhesive for my 124, when a member on here advertises the exact same part as I am looking at. Deal done in minutes. Spooky. A lady traveling in Scotland with...
  17. E

    Going through the change of car process - always a bitter-sweet experience

    Hi Long term Mercedes owner but not very techncial so a lot of the posts on here are way over my head. Have visited here a few times over the years, mostly when I change cars, which is where I am right now. It is always an enjoyable experience but also quite fraught! Moving from two year old E...
  18. RyanMuller

    My Eurocharged Experience: C32 AMG

    Just thought I'd share my experience with tuning a supercharged merc. The guys at Eurocharged are a great bunch of guys. My old man is thinking of taking his 63 there as he can't shake me off in a straight line! https://youtu.be/9buef2nYtKI
  19. D

    Disgraceful estate agent experience

    I'm absolutely incandescent with rage - got the estate agent out last Thursday to value the family abode etc and because I foolishly signed with them immediately, they arranged a viewing on the Monday with someone who had just missed out on a property near me. Lo and behold, the person...
  20. M

    Mercedes G-Class off-road experience challenging - Video

    Mercedes G-Class off-road experience challenging Ypu0guQl6Kg
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