1. G

    Cable location for the External Temperature Sensor (W203)

    Hi mates! It's about 3 months that I bought my big star. When I did it, I knew that the front part was replaced when the old owner crashed; and looking on the panel, the external temperature indicates +85ºC, so, or the sensor was defective or absent - an easy thing to fix. When the old owner...
  2. D

    External temp for W124

    Hi, I am struggling to find a W124 replacement temperature sensor for front bumper anywhere in UK- has anyone any ideas?
  3. O

    W203 (clc220) External Modifications. Images / Ideas

    I've been searching everywhere to find images of the CLC 220 with external modifications. I only want ideas at the minute and would like to see what is available to change / swap / modify. I have a black 59' standard one. I was thinking of painted alloys, C63 grill, tinted lights front and...
  4. Twistedmind

    W211 External temp sensor location

    Hi all Where is the External temp sensor location ?? The display on the dash is reading a lot higher than the actual temp I was thinking the temp sensor might have popped out of its bracket, and sitting near a hot engine part. Cheers ! :doh:
  5. clashcityrocker

    replacing external b pillars

    on my w2o2 i replaced the b pillars with black carbon fibre ones they were easy enough to come off i am hoping to do the same to the w203 how easy is the removal and wheres best to buy new pillars
  6. K

    W124 external panel rust

    Despite several attempts to hide recurring rust over my O/S rear wheel arch the old devil is back again with a vengeance, extending rearwards to the petrol filler area. Mine's a 1995 Estate and my local man now recommends we find a replacement panel from the waist down Euro Car Parts have sent...
  7. petermansell

    Problem accessing external disk

    Hi, I bought a new disk to back files up, but instead of the disk showing as another disk on my system it shows as a device in my network. This wouldn't be a problem save for I can't access it. the second attachment image shows that my pc can see the disk but I can't populate its volumes - the...
  8. shanksy

    W124 External Temp LCD + Sensor

    I'm going to be taking my instrument panel out soon and thought while I was at it I may as well put in the missing LCD temperature sensor. Does anyone have the LCD display with the loom and the sensor ? Or some multiple of those parts ?......... Cheers
  9. A

    500GB external Hard drives Mac / Lacie / WD

    Hello WD passport 500GB usb 2 / 3 £55 posted Lacie 500GB rugged USB 2 / 3 / firewire 800 £75 posted Please pm me,
  10. LTD

    I know for a fact there are a few AV enthusiasts here ...

    I've recently bought a nice LG 3D TV. I now want to connect it to my existing hifi to give me the soundtrack from my DVD / Bluray in a 2.0 format via my preamp. There is only an optical digital out on the TV (no line audio phonos) and my preamp does not have an onboard DAC to accept an...
  11. mercmanuk

    wd 2tb my book essential external hdd

    wd 2tb usb 3.0 my book essential external hdd main unit unmarked still has plastic on usb 3.0 lead plug top transformer"2 pin type so using a shaver socket supplies" £90+postage ono
  12. AlanWilliams

    External temp sensor SL350

    I am getting crazy readings of 30c plus on the instrument panel, as a result the A/C thinks it needs to keep me cool :doh: I would assume the sensor needs replaced, anyone know where the sensor is located and is it easy to source one and change? Thx
  13. Darrell

    External hard drive

    I am off to see my brother next weekend and intend to download all his music (about 8000 songs) onto an external hard drive. The most popular size on e-bay seams to be 500GB. How many songs will this hold? Cheers
  14. mercmanuk

    external cd/dvd rom needed

    has anyone an external spare cd/dvd rom going cheap cheers all
  15. mercmanuk

    external dvd rom needed

    has anyone got a spare external cd/dvd rom going cheap. cheers all
  16. A

    External Hard drives and Harmon Kardon Drive and Play All new Boxed

    Having a sort out, Will probably find more stuff for now I've these drives and the H/K Unit. The H/K unit has been taken out of box to look at and also includes the FM transmitter lead that was extra at the time. USB external 500GB WD Silver USB 3 (£36 posted) USB external 500GB WD...
  17. M

    external bluray player

    for your laptop or pc only used 4 times a samsung usb bluray player plug and play , cost £80 sell for £65 inc postage ........
  18. U

    External light switch

    Help me please. I have problem with external lighting switch give me for wiring diagram . My car w202 c180 1996. Thank you.
  19. U

    External lighting switch

    Help me please. I have problem with external lighting switch give me for wiring diagram .
  20. A

    500gb WD USB hard drive external

    For sale £40 delivered.
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