1. T

    External plastic trim on W126 500 sec

    Hi all, This is my first post, so wish me luck!! I am currently restoring my 1988 500 sec, I would be most grateful if someone can give advice on the following:- i) How do I get the external plastic trim/cladding off which is on the wings,doors and rear of car? ii) the rear wheel arches are...
  2. S

    Adding external devices to command sat nav

    I've got a 04 e320 with he command sat nav It's the full screen version. How can I get it to play DVDs iPod? Tv in motion? Cheers
  3. markjay

    External drainpipe needs repair - recommendation please?

    Hi all, There is a problem with one of the external drainpipes (the one at the edge of the roof) in our building, and it seems that a small section (a bend) is leaking and probably needs to be sealed or replaced, or perhaps just unblocked... I was wondering if you may have any recommendation...
  4. Charles Morgan

    External wall damp treatment

    I have a multi-level patio at the back of my basement flat with high London brick walls all round, and a number of brick walls supporting the different levels. All are painted white and needless to say, a number of damp patches are apparent. I am busy tidying it all up and giving it a good...
  5. A

    Various Computer Bits for Sale (External H/D 500GB, Graphics Card, Dock)

    External 500GB H/D for sale USB powered. New and Sealed. £35 Posted Dock for Sata 3.5 and 2.5 Hard drives, with built in Card reader. £12 Posted Graphics Card. £12 Posted. PM me or make me an offer.
  6. Palfrem

    External hard drives

    I need some back-up facility for music and photos Amazon shows dozens of items and the choice is vast Got some Amazon vouchers for Christmas so I'd like to spend them - budget about £50 - £60 I suppose. Any ideas on best make / reliability please chaps? Many thanks
  7. U

    W210 E200K elegance external temp guage

    Hi, Have just bought a E200K w210 model on a y plate.All is good but have noticed that on the instrument cluster there are 2 faults... 1) The external temp guage to the left side of the dash is blank...no display at all 2)The gear position and clock guage to the right side of the dash is...
  8. Benjy

    C63 External Car Cover

    Sorry guys but this snow and weather is really worrying me leaving the car outside and I want to invest in a really good quality cover for the C63. Ive had a look online but not sure what would be the best to go for, so Im asking my MB Club chums for their wisdom and advice as to what to go...
  9. P

    Display external temperature

    Does anyone know how to permanently display the external temperature on a UK car (ML 300 CDI)
  10. A

    Silver Parking sensors and 320GB External Drive

    Hello Couple of items for sale, Parking sensors as fitted to my car and work a treat, coloured in Silver already and a perfect match. Was going to install them on wifes A class but since sold it. Display shows how near / which side and beeps. £35 plus £3 postage...
  11. S

    Sound proofings external french doors/juliet balcony

    Dear all, Exceedingly off-topic, I know, but thorough Googling has failed to yield any useful results so far. We have a set of grey aluminium balcony doors that face onto a park - once summer arrives, some idiots usually decide to scale the park fence (it's locked at night) and make...
  12. ringway

    Nasty Virus. Can I copy to external hard drive?

    My son has a bad virus on his laptop (the last time he'll let his mates use it I suspect). Countless pop ups and now the dreaded one that has taken over the machine. Can't even alter firewall settings etc. I think this means a trip to our local computer shop. However, he has a lot of...
  13. reflexboy

    External hardrive...Wireless???

    The other half wants an external hardrive (prob 1TB). The ones I have found online seem to be USB. Do any of you knowledgeable people know if wireless external hardives are available? Having a USB wired one sort of defeats the object of a laptop! TIA
  14. A

    External A pillar plastic trim for A Class

    Hi all, I am after a pair of the triangle black plastic trim pieces on the outside of an A-Class door, a pair as mine have rotted. Its where the little badge sits infront of the door window. Email me if you have some or have seen some in the MK/Bucks area. Thanks.:thumb:
  15. JumboBeef

    W124 external temp sensor wanted

    This is a job which I keep meaning to get around to! My external temp gauge tells me all sorts of weird temps, and I've been told it is the sensor which needs replacing. Does anyone have one please? Will one from another model fit my W124? Cheers!
  16. Nik_Endeavour

    pre-loaders and external swf files - please help

    Hi guys I am desperate for help so I thought if I could pick the brains of the clever people in here. I am trying to complete a website for a client but I am really stuck with a loadmovie action that I cannot find the solution to. I have a website that I had to split up as the loading time was...
  17. A

    DAB Aerial, Internal or External?

    Anybody had DAB in their motor, and if so what type of aerial did you use? Three options I'm looking at are: Internal, Stick on the window jobbie. External, probably glass mounted to remove the risk of any leaks. Aerial Splitter, to use existing aerial Would be interested on anyone's...
  18. G

    External passenger side pillar trim ( Windscreen )

    Sorry for not knowing the correct name :o On the passenger side of my 1998 W208 CLK the trim which clips on the outside pillar of the windscreen flew off on the motorway :( It just clips into place - Anyone got a silver one they could part with ? Thanks in advance. Gareth
  19. S

    Location of External Temperature Sensor on W202 C280

    Hi Everyone This is my first post. I hope someone can point me in the right direction. The external temperature does not display correctly ( showing +11.5 when its around freezing ). Its probably either a loose wire or the sensor has gone faulty. Does anybody know where the sensor is...
  20. Swiss Toni

    Good external memory?

    Hi I have 30GB+ of phots and video on my PC hard-drive and want to back them up onto an external drive - with confidence that it will serve this need for a good few more years. I need to allow for at least 200GB, probably more - looking at the price of 500GB external hard drives, that...
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