1. A

    External 250 GB Toshiba USB powered drive (NEW)

    I have another one.. Will post for £50 all in or make me an offer. Thanks
  2. CE230

    External temp

    Is the external temperature a standard fitting on my 230CE? There is nothing showing in the space provided and I've not been able to locate a sensor that I would assume is at the front bumper somewhere.
  3. GrahamC230K

    Domestic lighting: Double programmable light switch or programmble external photo-cel

    Time to call on the resourceful folks here. Does it exist? I am after a double light switch, that has a programmable timer for at least one of the switches.. I can find programmable single switches, but only basic light sensing/delay timers so far as double switches. The manual double...
  4. S

    External Door Handles W203 Estate

    I have a W203 Classic and want to paint the external door handles, has any one done this, how much effort etc..... I have been searching the breakers for a set to no avail. Thanks
  5. A

    Computer bits having a sort out, Hard drive, memory, graphics, external Hard drive

    Hello Having a sort out and have some parts available for sale before I try flea bay. 1) Toshiba 250GB external USB 2.0 Hard drive, powered by USB so no need for extra power. New un used. £50 or offer plus postage 2) Sapphire HD 2600 pro ATI 512mb Graphics card dual DVI, can include...
  6. mercmanuk

    external hdd password protect??

    is it possible to password protect an external hdd so if stolen the information cant be accessed.if yes how is it done cheers all
  7. F

    External temp reading glitches

    I've just bought a 1994 E320 cabrio. The external temp reading is all over the place - goes up and down 10 degrees every few seconds. It isn't a big deal but if I wanted to sort it is this likely to be a problem with the external sensor? If so where is it sited, can you get replacements, are...
  8. imadoofus

    Dell with External Monitor

    I've got a Latitude D620, with a PR01X Port Replicator, and a 19" 4:3 aspect LCD monitor. Up unitl a couple of days ago, all was well. The monitor happily mirrored the laptop, and displayed 1280*800 resolution, with black margins top and bottom. Over the weekend, I had the laptop off th...
  9. Dovedale1508

    External Temp Display (SLK)

    Apologies if this is in a FAQ somewhere - I have looked (honest) but it's always difficult navigating around a new forum and wondering why the "Search" function doesn't instantly find a gazillion answers to the question... SWMBO's SLK (51 plate) shows 58 degrees on the external temperature...
  10. Howard

    Where is the best place to buy an external hard drive from ?

    As above ... Don't need a massive one , just to bung all my photos on from my laptop as it's filling up quick .... Can anyone tell me the best / cheapest place to buy one , or does anyone have one they want to offload ? One more question , I have a big fat drive in my desktop PC ...
  11. R

    External temperature gauge fault

    Hi, can anyone point me towards a cure for the fault on my '94 W124 E280's outside temperature gauge? When I first turn on the ignition, the temperature display reads correctly. After starting up and running for between five to ten seconds, the display flashes and drops to about half the...
  12. D

    W163 External Spare Wheel Retrofit

    I have acquired a complete external spare wheel for my MY2001 W163. Has anyone retrofitted one of these? Is is hard? What are the pitfalls? Thanks in advance, Dave
  13. pluggers

    Sale of 320GB External HD

    A bit of a heads up if anyone is on the lookout for more storage space.I have just bought one of these today and well pleased with it.Comes complete with USB 2 cable and power supply.Just plug and play.Sale ends 4th Sept http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=217654&TabID=1&source=1&doy=28m8
  14. A

    W124 external fusebox

    where is the external fusebox located? The owners handbook says it's next to the main box (is it the box directly behind the main box which has it's cap held on with 4 screws or is it somewhere else? Reason for asking is that the heated front seat and tow bar fuse is supposedly in there -...
  15. J

    External Temperature Sensor.........

    Hi all, Im new to the world of Mercedes so I apologise in advance if i'm asking a stupid question! .......... Does anyone know if it is possible to replace the External Termperature LCD in the dash on a 2001 W210 E320CDi and how much it will cost? I have recently bought my first Merc and...
  16. Swiss Toni

    External Hard Drive?

    We have a large quantity of family photos and mpegs on our PC Hard Drive and I *think* it is time I made arrangements to back-up what is there on some external device. Can anyone advise what might be most appropriate? I am guessing an external drive - if so, any suggestions? Cheers...
  17. BenzComander

    500gb external Hdrive for £92.99+VAT

    Not sure if this is a good deal or not??
  18. D

    External hard drive

    I'm after one of these any recomendations, just to save pics music etc without clogging up my computer?
  19. C

    Interfacing COMAND to external video (not TV tuner)

    I've been looking around at the interfaces which allow you to pipe video into a (D2B) COMAND - i.e. they act as a fake TV tuner. The ones I've seen so far seem to plug in via the C1 and C2 connectors (with just a few wires connected), but there is no piggy-back/daisy-chain - so does this mean...
  20. scotth_uk

    Anyone need another 320GB of external for 80 quid?

    Hi All, Just noticed a good deal on an external Seagate USB hard disk today in Curry's Digital (formerly Dixons)..... http://www.seagate.com/products/retail/external/usb The 320GB model is going for 79.99 which I think is absolutely excellent value. Interesting to note that Seagate are...
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