1. S

    E320 CDI power figures

    I'm looking at getting an E320 CDI (2003 - 2007 ish). According to Autotrader, the later cars have a higher power output. I've found Autotrader to be less than accurate in the past especially concerning the performance stats hence my question here. If there was a change to the engine with...
  2. markjay

    UK New Car Market - figures

    From a promo for Money Box (Radio 4 today 15:00): 2.7m new cars purchased in the UK last year 85% of new cars were purchased on finance £18bn total amount of finance taken 50% of new cars were bought by private individuals
  3. Z

    Mercedes C230 (w203) remap figures & low torque figures

    Hello all, Had my car remapped and the numbers were good but no amazingly great. The car sometimes has a mind of its own and occasionally won't pull as hard or give full torque. This showed on the dyno with the first run the car pulled 206bhp and 300 ft lbs of torque. Much to my dismay as...
  4. J

    Real World ML250/350 Fuel Figures.

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of picking a new/nearly new vehicle and recently test drove an ML350 (15 plate) and was very impressed. However I have read through dozens of reviews and forum posts and the opinions on engine size and real world fuel figures seems to differ quite a bit. If you...
  5. ash59fifty-uk

    Audi, Mercedes & BMW figures

    Well this is surprising, Audi more expensive to maintain/repair work than Mercedes and BMW Few other figures mentioned in this...
  6. T

    W246 Performance figures baffle/Question

    Since I got our W246 B180 petrol last year I had a question in my head about the performance figures. Not that performance was my criteria but it baffled me since then The B180 petrol was quoted as 0-62 as 10.4(10.2) with top speed at 118 while the almost identically weighed A180 (20kg...
  7. K

    what is your highest fuel consumption figures to date

    I have a S212 E220cdi, took 1 hour 20mins to cover just 8 miles, OBC 26.2mpg with eco mode on, pretty sure it would dip to low 20s if it was off! :eek:
  8. The _Don

    Mclaren confirms p1 performance figures Rapid !
  9. I

    LPG M103 300 SEL MPG figures

    Hi All, I bought a 1990 300SEL recently and I've just got round to checking the LPG mileage. It returned around 19 mpg on gas. It's the first 12v M103 I've had and I have to say it's a really obliging motor and the ride seems better balanced in the long version rather than the SE...
  10. M

    Wheel alignment figures (picture inside)

    Hi all, I found a place very near me that has a John Bean wheel alignment system and they said they would do a free check on my dads W211, just had this done earlier. The chap said the front toe is miles out but he also stated that the front and rear camber is within spec and there is no...
  11. Sp!ke

    Real long term average MPG figures

    I know that manufacturers claim all sorts of outlandish MPG figures and under the right conditions some people are able to get pretty close to them. However, almost every vehicle I've checked on recently gets somewhere in the 30's range over the long term average. A much lower figure than I...
  12. I

    Probably the most accurate Fuel Consumption Comparison Figures anywhere!

    Overview: Mercedes-Benz - E-Klasse - Only in The Fatherland!! Browse by model, browse by make. It even has trucks on there. It's in litres per 100km - not too difficult to work back - or google the calculator! Some very interesting LPG results. Cheers, Paul
  13. ringway

    Vito Fuel Consumption Figures.

    Having at last completed the installation of the Highline instrument cluster in my Vito 120 Sport, (don't ask - the complications and sheer incompetence from the main dealer really do beggar belief) I thought I would test the MPG on the way home from the mileage adjustment guy. The figures...
  14. M

    At last - real world mpg figures...

    I know this is an old chestnut, but manufacturers have been getting away for far too long with monstrous mpg claims. I see that WhatCar are now compiling a real world table of fuel returns, and hopefully buyers will get a far more realistic expectation of what they can expect. First knockdowns...
  15. D

    CO2 figures v wheel sizes

    When I bought my new C350 recently I was delighted to discover that despite it having a 3,498cc petrol engine, the published CO2 emissions were 164 g/km, thereby keeping me just inside a slightly lower price category for the annual road fund licence. But even at a higher rate I would still have...
  16. BaldGuy

    Wheel ET Figures

    When an wheel ET figure is high, does that mean it'll stick out more or is it the other way around?
  17. W

    Autocar journalist fails to achieve claimed mpg figures - shocker

    The 88mpg Kia fails to do 88mpg shocker! - Green cars How many times do we hear people saying their car doesn't match the claimed fuel economy figures? Groan...... 1 - you never will if you drive at 80mph 2 - the government test is for comparison purposes only If there is a genuine...
  18. jumperjohn

    MPG figures RANT!

    My father in law commutes to work, 2 miles. He makes the occasional journey oop north from Surrey to see us, a 400 miles round trip. That's all he does in his ML350, around 5k a year. He want's to replace his ML for something different, another Mercedes, but he's preoccupied with MPG figures...
  19. Sp!ke

    Wahay - I've managed to hit the claimed mpg figures.

    It has taken a while to figure out how to drive the little Smart in an economical manner. I must say that it is really quite hard to get over 70mpg in town. But last night on my commute across west London in less than ideal conditions I managed to hit my target despite the engine still being...
  20. Gollom

    Any well known figures?

    Looking at a few posts recently set me thinking - do we have any well known faces on the forum? Some threads have hinted at it (musicians in particular) and of course it could well be that they want to remain anonymous. I am still curious though!
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