1. developer

    WMV and MP4 Files for FB and YT

    My camera records videos in a Sony version of AVHD, producing some large files, but I usually edit them using Movie Maker, so end up saving them as either .WMV or MP4. Here's the stats: Original file from camera 750MB Import to Movie Maker and virtually no edit to overall length, just...
  2. Londonscottish

    NTG 2.5 - how do I copy files to the hard drive?

    Hi, I've got as far as loading some MP3's onto the card in the dash but can't see how to then copy them over onto the hard drive. Can someone tell me where the option is? Thanks
  3. mpc

    USB - Maximum amount of files?

    When using the USB in the centre console for music files is there a maximum amount of music the stereo can handle? Also, what file format will the command system read? My car is a 2011 plate C250 S204 sport (12 button steering wheel).
  4. artyman

    Can't see shared files

    I previously watched MP4 videos stored on my PC on my TV which is connected via the router. Attempting to do so now brings up the message no storage device available. I've been back in the ensure the Folder is shared, but still no joy. This is since the upgrade to Win 10 as I haven't used the...
  5. A

    My X Files

    Took this when I climbed up to the top of Whitby :dk: Nothing in the time of taking it (nowt) That was taken about 10 years ago now and still baffles the brain power out of me. What's your strangest picture you have taken :confused::eek:
  6. Gollom

    Play MP3 files?

    SuzyCute has a R171 with standard Audio 20 (option 523) and a CD changer (option 819) What is the least expensive way for her to play MP3 files (CD or USB stick), preferably with details displayed on the Audio 20 screen Thanks
  7. flying banana

    Comand NTG1 (S211 fitment) CAD files?

    I am nursing a crazy idea to potentially completely re-engineer the multimedia/entertainment environment in E320, with a tablet main interface and a couple of backend Raspberry Pi's handling things like Bluetooth connectivity and media server duties. One element will include mounting an...
  8. OJLane

    NTG 4 Not playing iTunes files

    Hi all, I have recently purchased a 2009 E350 cdi with the NTG 4 comand unit. I have many tracks purchased on iTunes however the unit will only play tunes ripped from CDs and nothing that was purchased through iTunes which is quite frustrating. I have also tried Bluetooth streaming from iPhone...
  9. N

    OM642 Map Files

    Hi All, I'm looking for map files for the OM642 Viano 204BHP to do DPF and EGR delete along with performance increases. I'd be more than happy to pay a reputable person to modify my file send it back. Can anyone suggest any well known tuners that might be able help? Thanks, Rob
  10. alzieboy

    PDF Files

    Could somebody help me , I am trying to reduce the size of a PDF file , I only have the free edition of Adobe , are there any free software downloads out there to do this that can be recommended .
  11. Druk

    Transferring music files?

    An idiots step-by-step needed please for ripping music from CD's and loading them to a USB stick. Puter is on W7. In the dim and distant past and on XP I used to copy CD's using Nero. Now when I load a CD it opens in iTunes and that's where I'm stuck. Grrrr :dk:. 1st attempt: load...
  12. grober

    James Garner, Rockford Files star, dies aged 86

    James Garner, the US star of hit TV series The Rockford Files and Maverick and films including The Great Escape, has died aged 86.:( BBC News - James Garner, Rockford Files star, dies aged 86 yg1Cx26-928
  13. I

    MP4 - MP3 video files

    I have just taken delivery of my first Mercedes in nearly 30 years (CLS 218) my question is: Can comand play video files from the SD card if I convert them from MP4 to MP3, I know that the video will be blanked out during motion but should still play the music?
  14. L

    RTF Files

    I recently went to My Documents to retrieve a letter, only to find that it and many other documents had become RTF format. I don't recall doing anything to bring about this change. How do I get the documents back into HTML format? ( I tried getting back the originals by using wordpad but it...
  15. B

    Copy MP3 files FROM the Comand hard drive module

    Yes - I know this is a strange request! But - I'm about to trade in my E class Cab for a new one and have about 2000 MP3 tracks on the car's Hard Drive. Is there any way I can copy them back onto a USB stick (i.e. the reverse of the normal process) in order to transfer them to the new car...
  16. E

    Recover files from iTunes backups

    Rather than restoring your equipment you can browse the backup file and retrieve Tex's, Contacts, Photos Apps, ..etc. And its free.... iPhone Backup Viewer to browse and manage iPhone backups. 100% FREE :thumb:
  17. 219

    .lnk files ?

    My daughter has an HP PC running I don't know which version of Windows Vista . The computer is maybe a couple of years old , so I guess reasonably up to date . While I'm reasonably competent with Macs , I must admit to not knowing much about Windows . Anyway , Gill has had this machine for...
  18. camerafodder

    Compressing MP4 movie files (how do I?)

    To avoid a 600 mile round trip to a meeting I've made a 5 minute video demo of some technology I'm developing. The file is nearly 600MB and I would like to compress it to send it to a hosting site or via email. Can anyone recommend any free compression software for this? Thanks.
  19. E

    Help! needed

    I have 3 music cd's ripped to a folder, problem i have is they are numbered 1-20 three 1. 1. 1. 2. 2. 2. & so on is there an easier way i can label them 1-60 on a Mac? TIA
  20. socloudy

    i need help to install XENTRY....not sure about the files i need

    hello friends’ recently bought Newest MB STAR C3 Software to work on my laptop and i have no idea how to install it. they send my a hdd with vmware player i run it but when i try to connect to the car it says so connection and something about sd toolkits and also im not sure if i need xentry day...
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