1. Nik_Endeavour

    pre-loaders and external swf files - please help

    Hi guys I am desperate for help so I thought if I could pick the brains of the clever people in here. I am trying to complete a website for a client but I am really stuck with a loadmovie action that I cannot find the solution to. I have a website that I had to split up as the loading time was...
  2. R

    Loading mp3 files to music register

    Not sure what I am doing wrong here so can anybody help? I have loaded several normal CDs onto my music register (2008 W204) by converting them to mp3 on a laptop. They work fine. For the first time ever (guess my age) I have downloaded an album as an mp3 file from a legitimate website. This...
  3. M

    opening MDI files

    Hi Have been sent something in this format and my pc (Vista home) will not open it. Anyone recommend a safe download site for viewer software? cheers matt
  4. R

    Mercedes dealership files for bankruptcy?

    Hi, I saw a thread on another forum (non-car) that Greenoaks Mercedes has filed for administration. As yet this is an unsubstantiated rumour, but I wouldn't be surprised given the current economic climate. I really hope this is not true. Does anyone have any further information?
  5. M

    Bernie's missus files for divorce

    Mrs Ecclescake's PR company announced today that she is filing for divorce. Bernie's comment was that he didn't know she had a PR company and that "you learn something every day". Of interest is that, for tax purposes, many of Bernie's holdings are in wifey's name including large parts of...
  6. Wookiepelt

    Adding POI files to the COMAND SatNav System?

    Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea or have a procedure for adding a set of POIs into the COMAND SatNav system? I'm assuming that there should be a way to upload safety/speed camera data into the system similar to the way we add safety/speed camera POI files from third-party...
  7. gbjeppm

    Where are the files?

    Ok PC Gurus. I have an XP machine that won't boot, I can get it to the Recovery console, but cannot copy files off the machine due to XP security, and I need the outlook PST file from the C drive, all of the remaining data is on the D partition. I am happy to reinstall on the C drive, once I...
  8. D

    How do you store files in DVD+R?

    I have no problem writing files in DVD+RW using the File Explorer. It works just like a hard disk drive or stick memory or floopy drive. But how do you store files successfully in a DVD+R? Do I have to use DVD utility like Pinnacle or Roxio to do so successfully?:confused:
  9. N

    Playing MP3 files on CD

    Another Q : has anyone had any success trying to play MP3 files on CD in their car ? In my A Class (2005 A150) I have tried all different kinds of CD's, different software and even different PC's but the CD player still does not recognise the CD. The owners manual has some vaguely worded get...
  10. 230K

    How do i make files on a memory stick random

    Hi Got the wife a picture frame for christmas and a 4Gig memory stick and copied approx 500 photographs onto it. Problem is all the pics come in the order that they are on the stick. Question: How do i make the pics random as opposed to coming in the order on the stick??? Picture...
  11. gina2201

    Copying files to CD

    Trying to copy some files to CD, it starts ok, and copies 2 tracks and then pops the CD out, put it back in again and says put in a blank cd or one with room, I don't know why?! It's very frustrating as I now have 2 useless CD's with 2 tracks on each?!:mad: Not sure what to do or why, may...
  12. M

    ASP files

    Could anyone point me in the right direction as to where I can download a (free) asp file viewer please. thanks
  13. I

    .wav files

    This maybe a silly question, but does anyone know if it's possible to "clean up" .wav files? I have a few that I'd like to make more distinct....clean out background noise, enhance foreground etc. Is this possible for an amateur to do or is it best left to the pro's. If so does anyone know a...
  14. SEM

    PDF Files on TV

    Is there any way i can get my in-law that has no PC to view a PDF manual on his telly via dvd rather than printing 1000+ pages Ta SEM
  15. splang

    pdf files used for merc training.

    Worth a look! (beware it is American) (the above is for my w211 - idea about servicing times and hidden menus for service items etc) the homepage is below:
  16. Mozzer

    Deleted files help

    Now I may or may not have deleted a PST file from my missus' laptop recently and she wants it back because its full of important e-mails. What I do know is that when I delete file from the desktop, I generally press SHIFT Delete so that they don't go to teh recycle bin - bad habit I know :(...
  17. grasmere

    how do I copy video files to DVD please

    I have a few video files that I would like to put on DVD but it seems they need to be special DVD type files :confused: - is this correct and can I 'convert' files like mpg or avi to go on DVD, thanks anyone. . .
  18. Howard

    NEF files ?

    Hi everyone... I've just been given a DVD of the photos from my wedding and when i open it , they are all NEF files.... which i can't see ... an example of a filename is ' DSC_0658.NEF ' what do i need to be able to view them ? many thanks in advance .. H
  19. mercmanuk

    nzb files

    has anyone used nzb files ,seems to be the latest file compression used on the net.what programme opens these files cheers all
  20. wallingd

    Images found n kids' files And Piggy 203:
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