1. G

    2012 C Class Comand USB Stick Hidden Files

    Hi, Another comand/UMI related question from me - I've got a USB memory stick attached to the UMI, but in each directory it seems to display the hidden files, so for example if I've got the folder "Alicia Keys - The Diary Of" and copied across the following tracks: 01) Track 1 02) Track 2...
  2. I

    .odm files

    After many years I finally took the Mac plunge some months ago and I have to say I am, mostly, very happy with them. However, I've recently joined one of these book listening sites (they are wonderful!) but disappointingly the majority of their titles don't like Macs. Indeed with a PC one...
  3. verytalldave

    Police trawling through old files

    It has come to my notice that our local force are scouring old files and issuing fines on misdemeanour's that took place over 4 years ago and sending out demands for payment. So its quite possible other areas will be doing the same. So if you were D&D or were caught dropping litter many...
  4. developer

    MP3 files - legal download for email.

    I've been asked to email a couple of songs to someone as MP3 files. Where can I get them as downloads legally, and preferably free please?
  5. ringway

    Problem encountered when copying Recorded TV files to DVD and SDHC.

    I have a lot of 'Recorded TV' files on my external hard drive that I would like to be able to play on our television. I've not had much success to date. I've tried copying the files to DVD, but after a successful 'burn', the files fail to play in the stand-alone DVD player. Our television...
  6. M

    Help moving files from many folders into just one folder

    Hi all I am looking for some help please with the following with my windows system- I'm looking to export data to a new database with a different file structure. Filed mapping is fairly straightforward but handling attached documents is giving me a headache... many thanks in advance ...
  7. Gucci

    How do you convert .MOD files to .AVI or .MPEG on a Mac?

    As the title suggests, I have a Panasonic Digital Camcorder. Nifty little thing, but outputs .MOD files. I've searched online, but not getting the right result. A few suggest simply renaming the file to MPEG - which didn't work. I also downloaded a converter on free trial - app wouldn't open...
  8. Gucci

    Converting .MOD files into AVI or MPEG on a Mac

    I have a tidy little Panasonic SDR-S50 Camcorder, but it outputs .MOD files. My Mac isn't impressed. I've seen some third party software that promises to convert the files, but they all look a bit 'toilet'. Is there an easy solution, or recommended piece of conversion software out there...
  9. ringway

    All files have lost their way.

    Dear knowledgable members. The files on my laptop have been behaving strangely recently. It's as though the destinations of files including Music, Pictures, Word, Access and even those sent to cute PDF for printing have lost their way. The files are there if I search for them (some are...
  10. W

    Convert WMA files to MP3 (for free)

    I have loads of ripped CDs stored on my PC as WMA files. I'd like to play them through the spotify application, but they must be MP3 files to do this. Does anybody know a free application for converting WMA to MP3?
  11. A

    MP3 music files to iTunes

    Hello I'm sure I have done this before... Can someone please remind me how Thanks
  12. Tan

    Converting AVi files

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good piece of software for converting AVi files to DivX format that can be played on a DVD player. Thanks Tan
  13. N

    CSV files..

    how or what do i need to open a CSV extension file, any ideas.
  14. I

    Registry Editor - Files Viewed

    My other half has an issue at work at the moment where she has basically been accused of accessing some files on the work computer that she shouldn't have. Obviously she's denying these claims having not accessed the files at any time. What her works IT dept have provided is a print out...
  15. crockers

    What format for movie files

    I am trying to convert a file of a film to play on a dvd - what format should it be in? Keep getting back unable to read disc etc but it works ok on the iMac. Should it be Mpeg 1 , 2 or 4? Or should it be something different? Spent half a day so far and no luck.. Am using iSkysoft iMedia...
  16. Colin_b

    Editing video files.

    I have a stack of .MPG files, as a result of transferring a collection of 20+year old videos to my hard disk. No problem, so far... but the files are up to 4GB! But I now have to edit them. Remove some duplication, move sections from one file to another, and re-ordering scenes, make the films...
  17. KillerHERTZ

    Cannot delete files off an SD card

    Hi have a 2GB SanDisk SD cards that has a handful of old pictures made by a camera I no longer have. I cannot delete these files as it says I do not have permisson. I have tried formatting the card (wont allow me to) checking the permissions on each file and doubled checked the manual lock...
  18. W

    How to convert DVD/video to iPod and transfer iPod files to iPod/PC/iTunes

    This guide includes three parts: Part 1: How to convert DVD to iPod Touch/Nano/Classic with Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter Part 2: How to convert popular video to iPod Touch/Nano/Classic with Cucusoft iPod Movie/Video Converter Part 3: How to transfer iPod files to iPod/Computer/iTunes with...
  19. Tan

    RAW files

    Hi I have taken some shots on my Canon 400D in RAW format, and now can't view them on my PC. I have installed the Microsft update, but still no joy. Is there any software, preferably free that I can use to view these photos? Many thanks Tan
  20. ringway

    Advice on transferring old files to new laptop.

    After an uneven struggle with many problems on my 2 year old HP DV9088ea laptop, I have succumbed and ordered a new Dell laptop. If my old HP laptop has any dodgy files/registry/software/system settings can I mess up the new machine by performing a wholesale transfer to the new machine. Any...
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