1. merc85

    E55K Fixed or Clutched S/c Pulley

    Whats the pro's and cons of a Fixed S/c Pulley over a clutched one? Just asking:D
  2. D

    S211 Airmatic - Scanned fault fixed - wont rise ?

    I had my car scanned today after the rear dropping when drivingCarit wasn't quite on the stops but close. During tests with a mates RAC scanner ( hes an RAC guy ) we got the rear to lower but wouldn't rise. Pump error was found, Ive just been out to the car and the pump is like new Id eat my...
  3. Davycc

    Parktronic fault (not sensor) FIXED

    Like a few others I was getting an error warning from my drivers side front parktronic system (really annoying) would go off as soon as I reduced speed enough to engage it,guaranteed to happen within a few hundred yards . It would happen in dry or wet conditions so today I decided to jump in and...
  4. M

    W211 ABS EPS defective fixed, but still malfunction

    Hi all, my S211/W211 E240 -2004 started to show these in autumn, on and off: ABS, EPS defective, Service brakes. Later became constant. On top of that Brake wear in Winter time. Autel MD802 showed P0500A, left rear speed sensor/wiring fault. Changed it, noticed a damaged ABS/ reluctor...
  5. L

    W163 2003 Comand 2.0 Fixed

    Hi Just thought Id share some news. My Comand 2.0 wasnt reading discs. All fixed now. New laser off evay for £10 Then my local TV Repair place charged me only £45 to replace!! MJ TV Repairs Limited near Ammanford, South Wales. 50 Saron Road...
  6. Trickythemerc

    Rain sensing wipers fixed

    Having put up with the erratic wipers for two years and convinced myself it was the sensor :fail I decided to change the wiper blades,even though they were clearing the screen well enough just a bit of chatter now and then. So a pair of Bosch aerotwins of amazon for £22.00 and of I go to...
  7. F

    DAB issue fixed!

    Thanks to the information on this forum I was able to sort out my DAB radio problems. Radio kept dropping signal even in towns where signal is strong. Others on forum informed that Mercedes now have a fix. Car went in and was fitted with new antennae and amplifier plus a software update...
  8. maxypriest

    W124 vibration at speed -fixed!

    I had a vibration from the rear of the car that appeared by 70 mph, by 85 it was very Noticeable. All 4 wheels had been recently re shod and ballanced, however when I replaced the 3:27 diff with the 2:87 one I noticed that one of the rear wheels had a slight buckle in it. I moved the rear wheels...
  9. Bigrichw

    All fixed under warranty

    Just had my CLS55 back from MB Nottingham with a bill of £2300..! Work done: Dynamic seat pump replaced Vacuum tank replaced Hydraulic oil lines to oil cooler replaced Cam covers re-sealed V belts replaced Reseal leaking breather boxes Now she is 100% fault free, and was all done...
  10. B

    W202 2.3 Kompressor M111 High Idle (Fixed)

    Recently bought a Mercedes C Class 1996 230 Kompressor with a high idle and wanted to share my experience as I believe I have fixed it (long term/temporarily). I had a constant high idle (around 1400rpm no matter what temperature), checked all vac pipes, air intake pipes, etc, even changed...
  11. Dogbreath

    Clutched or Fixed Sc pulley

    I've searched but can't seem to find a definite answer.... What's the pros and cons ? Is one better than the other, last longer? Make more/less power Lee
  12. A

    Fixed SC Pulley

    Anyone in the UK running one on an E55? Where did you get your car tuned after fitting? And how does the car drive without it?
  13. MSG2004

    Fixed Price Service Menu/prices

    Hello I've been seraching the net for couple of hours, can't find example prices for MB services, EG, service A, B, Etc A few yrs ago there were prices shown on MB sites, fixed prices for servcing and brakes/etc Thanks:thumb:
  14. Andrew W

    Cls 55 airmatic pump fixed

    Just fitted the new piston ring & O ring to my pump , 30 mins job done . She now lifts instantly and the pump is quieter too. I used the kit from BagpipeAndy (eBay) £25 I didn't even remove the pump ,just remove the 2 bolts holding the cylinder head on and drop it down ,replace piston ring and...
  15. Jay2512

    W205 - Dealer say they fixed the interior?

    Think I have the worlds nosiest W205 C Class interior. Caught these with my phone but the phone doesn't demonstrate just how loud these creaks and rattles are! Many others including the passenger door rattling and the burmister speaker buzzing. This is the air vent...
  16. K

    W215 Fixed Phone - Upgrade to UHI

    Hello guys, would you be able to help me to upgrade my dads car telephone system to UHI? Car is from the end of 2002 and it has wired Nokia telephone. VIN number of my dads car is W2153762A031727. I have found few topic about that but I am not to sure what exactly I need t get it to get job done...
  17. S

    Active park assist and fixed towbar.

    Hello all. New member :thumb: Just got my lovely new C220 Sport Estate and loving it. Had a fixed towbar fitted today by a third party recommended by the dealer. He used the dedicated wiring kit and did a good neat job. He also coded the car, but is it right that the active park assist is...
  18. N

    How to get a pothole fixed lickity-split.****syRoadArtist **** = w a n k (- the spaces)
  19. jaymanek

    The 500E went in to have a Stone Chip Fixed

    Went in for some bubbling around sunroof... ended up doing the whole car. Now the rear screen is also coming out to do it properly. New screen on order from MB.
  20. Pitts Pilot

    Uncomfortable seats fixed!

    I visited C E Moore, a car upholstery firm in north London yesterday. Put a special 'Gel Pack' on the drivers seat to provide more cushioning. Aaahh, improved comfort for my b^m. Wonderful! I've been using DIY foam seat cushions in both my SL350, and more recently my replacement...
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